Vanessa Hudgens: Bar Basque Beauty

Vanessa Hudgens: Bar Basque Beauty

Vanessa Hudgens catches up with pal and costar Neil Patrick Harris as they attend the Innovative Artists’ Upfront celebration presented by SVEDKA Vodka at Bar Basque at Eventi Hotel in New York City on Tuesday night (May 17).

The 22-year-old actress mingled with the crowd and even met up with Nikki Blonsky. Nikki tweeted, “And my old freind I haven’t seen in a while @VanessaHudgens good to see u love! Xoxo.”

Earlier in the day, Vanessa was spotted doing a little retail therapy at 25 Park, wearing Bird by Juicy Couture Basket Weave Slouchy Trousers.

Vanessa just returned from attending some parties and enjoying the 2011 Cannes Film Festival in France.

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Credit: Astrid Stawiarz, Dave Kotinsky; Photos: Getty, WireImage
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  • lauren

    i thought she’s in nyc to ”prep for her movie,
    not going to events and shopping?

  • Haters Suck!

    is there a reason she can’t do both? I actually heard the movie stuff doesn’t start for a couple more weeks why don’t you run it by your pals at that drAma blog thing. Btw I find it both hilarious and scary u and others actually believe the absurd crap they are telling u.

  • lauren

    @ haters suck.
    if the movie doesnt start prep for another few weeks, why is she in nyc then?
    also why dont u go fuck yourself.

  • kerri

    Love Nessa!!!! More pics at and you can also check out Nessa’s Funny or Die video on that site too.

  • Haters Suck!

    ow that hurt, I mean not sure how I can ever recover from that one. Just answer this why the hell do u belive them?
    And why make two trips when u can make one. No point in flying all the way home only to fly back on such a short time.

  • Lauren lipkin

    I’ve kinda figured those ppl are either bitter fans or ex friends of them

  • Haters Suck!

    Uh hu, they could be your next door neighbor for all you know and just nobodies. But u believe whatever makes u happy i guess.

  • Jenny

    She is gorgeous

  • peggy


    Lauren she is doing prep for the movie – today there are auditions for some other roles and she will be present. She arrived on Monday from France and they gave her (AS THEY DO ALL ACTORS) a few days to settle in.

    You obviously don’t know what you are talking about – You never do.

    As for Drama Journal what a bunch of pathetic losers but what goes around comes around – you included. – and the coming around is always worse

  • lauren

    i just said a sarcastic comment, clearly none of you dont understand me.

  • peggy

    @Haters Suck!:

    Hi HS:

    ‘Actually I heard her and Brendan start around Monday – not sure if it’s true

    And of course people forget that you also sit around a table a do script reading as prep and it doesn’t take but a few hours and I’m sure she’s going to speaking to unwed teen mothers and worker who service them as well.

    All of which will leave you time to spend a hour in ONE STORE in NY.

    Isn’t it funny when Zac was in NY going to all those Broadway shows and shopping while doing NYE people (Lauren) said nothing

  • gracemarie

    For those of you interested Bar Basque is a rather well known Spanish, Basque cuisine restaurant that only caters to a very refined crowd but is popular place to rent out for a dinner event.

  • Haters Suck!

    oh that’s for damn sure nobody understands u and I’m not sure what you’re deal is or why u gotta be so negative not just to Vanessa but everyone all the time.
    Anyway enough of this crap sorry I brought it up.

  • blah

    She looks really good, especially at the event with NPH. & I have a whole new respect for her for taking a pic with that attention seeker.

  • gracemarie

    Oh and I just thought I would add this if you guys don’t mind. Prep for a movie happens during the day and then when filming stars you may have to work nights.

    They are still putting the final touches on casting for Gimme Shelter so though her days may have prep work in them – in the evening you are pretty much a free agent until filming starts.

    She’s holding what appears to be a lollipop – WOW what a wild night NOT!!!!!

  • sophie


  • sophie

    she is with a new agency, so she HAS to go a couple of events… it´s her job

  • sophie

    you are really obsessed with vanessa

  • lauren

    im not obsessed with her,
    its called i like to fucking bash her you stupid bitch.

  • sophie


  • lauren

    looks whos talking,
    your spending alot of time on here bashing me, ?

  • Rachael

    @Lauren. Get a life sweetie. Just because she has a job doesn’t mean she can’t go shopping does it? Or go out with friends? Or do you not do that (if you have a job), do you just go to work, come home and do nothing? She is in New York City, a place she doesn’t get to visit often so is obviously going to make the most of it when she isn’t working. God you must be so F*cking boring.

  • magda tenÅ¡ek

    @Lauren im sorry but you are just a stupid BICH i mean c mon leave vanessa alone what the hell have she done to you every single post upppsss youre here get a life jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I A GOOD GIRL BUT YOU JUST PISED ME OFF !!! BTW .Vanessa looks great love her <3

  • http://BELENC0 Belem

    look that, a funny video with Vanessa Hudgens, i smiled a lot with it hahaahahahaa “cool baby, lamed baby” ;P nice!

  • aly


    Haha, they are “freinds”, haha, in your dreams Nikky

    Guys, shouldn`t you just ignore Lauren? She only posts those comments because you answer to every one of them. Didn`t you find out who she is already? She`s the girl that ALWAYS went and asked the media and from all the people asking E! people questions she is the only one that gets answered, and then deletes her tweets. Another fact, did you know that we got all those crazy rumors about Josh because she asked Ken Baker not once but TWICE if Josh was with Vanessa when nobody said she was with him and they ALWAYS edited their reports after Lauren here asked about Josh… Don`t believe me? Follow her for some time and you will see it with your one eyes…

    I know you are smart people, what those facts did tells you?

  • Katty

    Love Vanessa. This movie looks so interesting, I hope it is released in at least select cities and one I can go to. Some indies don’t go to every theater, so we never know, but I would love to see it. I can’t wait to see Journey either!

  • Angie

    I love that Vanessa and Neil met up with each other again.

    I’m I the only one who is kind of annoyed about the Nikki part since when is Vanessa her friend she’s too obsessed with her ex remember? Unless it was all for attention-still whatever.

  • Angie

    @aly: So she works with the media or a reporter? Isn’t it like stalking? As much as I like to ignore her I have for awhile but lately it’s really hard not to.

  • Haters Suck!

    no you aren’t the only one annoyed. I’m actually not annoyed as much as I am surprised. I thought the last thing Vanessa would want to do with that person is take a pic. So it just surprised me.

  • tara

    @lauren: So now she can’t go to NYC? if i had the money that vanessa had, of course i would go to NYC, there’s nothing wrong with shopping there or going to events, let her f*cking live. & no, you were not sarcastic, do you even know what it is?

  • ehryle

    Vanessa’ s rocks.. enjoying life to the fullest! go girl V rules!!!

    btw LAUREN again every post of Vanessa her name always exist to the comment of other! well guyz she really want attention!!! and she love to be always in Vanessa’s trend a good follower isn’t she.. a big fan of bashing her!! LAUREN cannot live without Vanessa’s trend.. lol

  • aly

    I don`t know, i`m just saying the things i saw in the past 2 months, and yeah, i`ve been stalking her twitter, haha, but those were all facts, Ken Baker only answered and E! edited their stories only after she asked them. Go to some report about Vanessa on E!, you will see lauren there commenting, heck, she is on like every site, Hollywood life, E!, gossip cop, every blog that posts some story about Vanessa, lauren is there…

    Btw, because last time i was here there was another aly, i`m the old old old girl that left some time ago.

  • e

    We all know that there are few people in the world that are bigger name-droppers then Nikki Blonsky, I mean she still, almost 4 years latter still talk about zac and john (travolta) and HS in every interview she does so her sudden claim that her and vanessa are great friends isn’t that surprising, also Vanessa is one of the kindest people out there who is nice towards everyone no matter how they are towards her in return (wether it’s to her face or not) so I’m not surprised that if Nikki asked that she took a picture with her (the pic itself doesn’t look any different from any other fanpic I’ve seen with her and the smile looks a bit forced and she doesn’t look nearly as relaxed as she does in the pics with Neil), she was also really kind towards perez to the extent that he was even surprised by it but that’s who she is, she never let’s anyone or anything bring her down or ruin her mood which is great for her and saves her a lot of headache. Besides Nikki is probably thrilled about the break-up so she probably tried to get the scoop on that, now I dunno Nikki so I can only go on what I’ve seen of her in interviews and this is the impression I’ve gotten of her, well, one can hope that maybe she have grown-up now and doesnät do it anymore, but I have the feeling that next time she does an interview we might get to hear about this and maybe even hear her version of the break-up since she is such a “great” and “close” friend of V and Z and speaks to them everyday and knows everything about them *lol* and *sigh*, oh well, Vanessa does look great, and the lollipop is cute, I also mlove NPH and I love that Vanessa seem to have hit it of with him during the filming of ‘beastly’ and also of ‘RENT’

  • Angie

    @e: Exactly that’s how I see it with her But yes V is too nice she’ll still be kind to everyone even though some don’t deserve it that’s the type of person she is and that is exactly why I love her so much.

    @aly: I rather not go and see myself I don’t look into in that stuff I believe you. I asked if she was stalking not you, after what you said it sounds like she is. Thanks for answering.

  • aly

    Oh, her, she knows every story about vanessa, there are stories she talks about and i never heard about them in my life… So, to answer you, she is like the person that knows the most about them, sadly, she believes every story they write…

    Your welcome btw^^

  • kerri Stella and Laura. Stella looks just like Nessa:)

  • http://4everstories Nessa’s fan

    Best girl in Hollywood (turning into a beautiful women BTW) :D

  • Allie

    Love her and Neil together – he’s so supportive of her and he’s just so .. awesome.

    If Nikki, at the age of 22, could learn to spell friend properly, I’d be very thankful. That is not text/twitter speak, it’s just wrong.

    And I’d just ignore Nikki if you don’t like her. She can’t hate/be jealous of V that much if she’s following her on twitter. She’s irrelevant now that the “problem – Zac” is no longer an issue. Although it must be crushing to Zac-Nikki fans that there’s a picture of Vanessa and Nikki and there’s not been one of Zac-Nikki together in over 3 years :)

  • lauren

    @ aly
    i dont go to fucking E and shit, i delete my tweets because its none of your guy’s business to know what i say or tweet, why the hell are you guys looking at my tweets in the first place?

  • lauren

    also why the hell are you guys bashing me? because i have an opinion and i’m a bitch? i know i’m a fucking bitch.

  • re

    k so people aren’t going to like this and i mean no offense. BUT i HATE what she’s wearing she’s normally stylish, so why would she wears this. There is just too much going on that don’t go. But that’s just my opinion.

  • aly

    Really? because i`m pretty sure i saw lauren lipkin commenting there and maybe nobody told you this before, but you are one of the most stalked persons on twitter, people are following you but stalking you there to see what you would say…

    And if it none of our business what you say or tweet, then why are you tweeting and saying them if you don`t want your followers to see them?

    Why are we bashing you you ask? Because we ended up not being able to stand you anymore, the only thing you can do is make mean comments about Vanessa. At some point they were funny and sarcastic, but it`s been half an year and you are still posting the same comments… People asked you not once or twice but dozens of times to stop with it but you didn`t, you just go with it more and more.

    The thing that annoyed me was that you hurt some really nice persons and a girl here even wanted to commit suicide because of the rumors, sorry to say this, you started when you decided to ask E! people if Josh was with Vanessa at Laura`s concert and when you asked hwoodpartygirl. I know you want everyone to know the real story, but there are things in life that are better to not be told than to be told and send lots of people in depressions because of it, even if they were there as friends, you still hurt some really nice people who were heartbroken because of the fact that they edited the story and added Josh. Maybe i`m 21 and i can accept things easier, but think about a poor 14 year old girl who was about to kill herself because of something you started…

    And no, she didn`t managed to accomplish her plan, her parents saved her at the last moment.

    And can you please stop talking that rude and using those words? i`m trying to have a really nice chat here without bad words or name calling yourself or anything…

  • Angie

    @lauren: If you know it do you like it? You like being that? Again they are not mad because you have opinions they’re mad because your opinions are so negative it’s like nothing anyone does or says pleases why? NO one’s opinions can be that negative I am going ask this question and please answer honestly (don’t repeat the same thing over and over): Why do you always look up people you don’t even like nor care for instead of the ones you actually do like?

  • Angie

    correction pleases you sorry.

  • lauren

    i look up because people because i’m bored and having nothing else to do? why are you asking me questions and taking time out of your day to bug me?

  • lauren

    @ aly
    what did i start?
    all i asked hwoodpartygirl was whats the real fucking reason? why the hell would a girl want to try to kill herself? im asking questions because these people at E! know the truth to these stories and shit,

  • Angie

    @lauren: I don’t know I’m bored? Up until now you’ve been bugging me and everyone else and I know there’s something going on with you personally using sarcasm is defenes machanism—but I’m not going to butt in on personal issues. Or maybe I will.

  • Miranda

    @Lauren lipkin: No. You are no fan of either Vanessa or Zac, so keep your rude comments to yourself.

  • Miranda

    @lauren: Just go away. “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” Especially about celebrities, like Vanessa and Zac, who don’t deserve it.

  • Haters Suck!

    It’s kinda funny watching Nikki back peadle a bit saying her issues with Vanessa were a complete misunderstanding and she always liked Vanessa and they’ve always been friends. Uh hu, right whatever she says I guess.

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