Selena Gomez Rushed to Hospital; Will be OK!

Selena Gomez Rushed to Hospital; Will be OK!

Selena Gomez jokes around with host Jay Leno in this official still from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Thursday night (June 9).

Right after the show, the 18-year-old actress/musician was taken to the hospital after experiencing “nausea and a severe headache,” according to TMZ sources.

But don’t worry, Selena is fine and is re-cooperating with friends and family. E!News reports that she is definitely “on the mend.”

Be sure to check out her interviews below! Get well Selena!

Selena Gomez – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Part I – 06/09

Selena Gomez – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Part II – 06/09
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Credit: Paul Drinkwater; Photos: NBC
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  • Michelle


  • Chloe

    thank god selena is doing better now!

  • ana

    it’s a small thing called a migraine….

  • Tammy

    Oh, come on! She had a headache and a little upset stomach! Get over it! Was it really necessary to go to the hospital? If I went to the hospital everytime that happened my parents would be drowning in medical bills! That’s why they make Asprin!

  • Bob

    Do you find that everything’s smaller here?

    That cracked me up.

  • teenstarsworld

    Thanks god selena is alright

  • selenapck

    @Michelle: Just becayse your rushed to the hospitarl doesn’t mean your pregnant. I mean people can be so rutheless, the poor girl is in the hospital and your concerned abt her being pregnant! GOSH… ppl like u really disgust me!

    I’m sending my prayers to you Selena! #GetWellSelena !


    WELL jb sang ……..BAAAAAAAAAAAAABYYYYYYYYYYYYY………………N herz the result….!!!!

  • none

    I thought the same thing when I read this article. I’ve searched everywhere and there are news sites reporting that she is pregnant and Justin is the daddy. I don’t know what is going on with her but if she is pregnant then there goes her promise to stay a virgin until marriage. She already threw away the purity ring. lol. Get well Selena and if you are pregnant then you forgot to use something. lol

  • maria

    Um, there are plenty of OTHER REASONS to be nauseous, people. Have YOU ever been sick, maybe even just eaten something bad, and felt sick to your stomach? Did people IMMEDIATELY assume YOU were pregnant?? Geez, give the girl a break. I’m not a fan, but the girl has seemed to have a non-stop schedule, and has been everywhere. She’s allowed to JUST BE SICK.

  • Adam

    Apparently Selena was diagnosed with stomach intoxication. You know, food poisoning.

  • sarah

    Gosh. She’s the worst live singer that I have ever heard of. I happened to be at a free concert when she sang. Really don’t understand why so many good singers don’t have a chance, but someone like her with the weakest voice and a temporary Beaver girl still sings.

  • Erica S.

    Awwwwwwww, my baby girl!

  • Erica S.

    PLEASE READ THIS: For all you people that are hating on her just remember, thats someone’s kid your talking about. Im not even speaking as a fan right now. If Mandy (her mom for those of you who dont know) was standing face to face with you Im pretty sure you wouldnt be talking crap about her.

    What if you were a mom and people were sending your child death threats? I dont think people understand the power of words sometimes. Do you know what it means to say “I wish you were dead?” Thats exactly what happened to Demi. She got bullied by people, people called her fat and now look what happened?

    You might not think its a big deal but it starts with a simple comment. Dont walk around saying “people need to stop bullying and blah blah blah” then hate on Selena cause thats EXACTLY what your doing. Your being a bully! So stop the hate and RADIATE LOVE!

  • Erica S.

    And for those of you saying she is pregnant, that doesnt even make any sense. If that were really true she would’ve been throwing up days before that. She wouldn’t have just thrown up once out of nowhere, it would have been multiple times for a couple days. She didnt even have all the syptoms of morning sickness. A lot of people dont even know the entire story. She actually fainted thursday night.

  • Troy


    I’m nipping this iin the bud there are NO news sites “reporting that she is pregenant” what is happening is that people are postinh “PREGNANT” in the comment sections. But there is no reputable site “reporting:” any such thing.

  • LACY

    @Erica S.:

    Great way of putting it!! i totally agree


    Guys, have any of you thought to consider that she also has a lung infection now? I mean, Jim was sick with that and they shared a big hug when she came out on the show. Before then, they were probably breathing the same air. And if it’s not a lung infection, then it’s probably exhaustion. She’s got a hard job and the paps hunting her down. Neither Justin nor Selena would be that stupid. Think before you talk, people!

  • Angie

    @Michelle: Aweful B*tch that somebody’s kid. Could’ve been yours. Or you, how would that feel?

    Some people have no feelings at all– that means they’re not human. Get well Selena. Lucky folks like me actually care about others peoples’ health and concerned called generous decent person.

  • carley Grissom

    Omg i hope shes okay i mean if she was really hurt i would be crying my eyes out .shes my idol .shes the one i would love to sing with and i just want her to be my big sister .Get well soon Selena .I love u!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • http://twitter carley Grissom

    i hope u get well soon selena!!!!!!!!!<3

  • none

    @Troy: Dude look up Selena Gomez Pregnant and you’ll see what I’m talking about. She is still in the hospital. If she isn’t expecting then she has something seriously wrong with her.

  • Macey

    We love you Selena and we hope you feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get well soon selena

  • tiffiney

    i luv selena and i hope nothings rong but thank goodness shes ok

  • tiffiney

    i hope selena is ok ’cause she got things coming up. but your fans
    and i luv you get better. oh paparrazzi stay out of her face jerks shes in the hospital.

  • tori

    hey number 12 shut up selena not a bad singer u r and if you don’t shut up i will shut up for you now zip it num.12 ’cause shes my fav. singer

  • kayla

    guys selena’s not pregnant she’s only 18 and justin hadn’t propose her yet. shes just sick. we love you selena we hope she is ok ’cause she has a lot of things coming up.but thank goodness she is feeling better i hope you read mine selena and i’m hyspanic. oh paparazzi stay out of selena’s face she not feeling good and how would you feel if they were up in your face so yah thats right or i PUNCH YOU WITH MY FIST so yah get aother pics. of peeps jerks. bye Selena we luv u get better

  • Emilie Korn

    Where did she go to the hospital in the movies?