Nick Jonas & Delta Goodrem: Holding Hands at Henry's Hat

Nick Jonas & Delta Goodrem: Holding Hands at Henry's Hat

Nick Jonas keeps a hold on new girlfriend Delta Goodrem as they head for a bite to eat at Henry’s Hat on Sunday afternoon (June 12) in Studio City, Calif.

The new couple actually just returned from a vacation in tropical Bali. Not only were they there to relax in the sun, but the two also attended a songwriting camp, People reports.

Nick, who appeared on The View last week to promote the Quaker Chewy Superstar Search, remained mum on his relationship status with the Aussie singer.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Nick and Delta?

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Credit: DS/RR; Photos: Flynet Pictures
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  • vanessa

    why? just why? she’s 8 years older than him! ughhhh -.-

  • Nati

    WTF nicholas?

  • Emmy

    gag me.

  • SunLight Princess

    She is so old.

  • chrissy

    i can’t believe nicks holding hands in public thats a good sign!! i’m SO happy for him to be this happy

  • Dani

    Nati that’s the same thing I was thinking

  • Rain

    First Jelena now them? This year seems like the year for these Disney stars to finally show the world their significant others. Except I think the only reason Nick is showing off Delta is only b/c he wants Selena to see it; kind of like revenge

    I am not a nelena or niley fan

  • lala


  • Liby

    They seem happy together

  • danielle

    Someone please tell me what a 18 year old would want from a 26 year old. No wait, someone please tell me what a 26 year old would want with a 18 year old. Nick hasn’t been public with anything before, and now he decides? she and her fiance broke up not even 5 months ago. Someone please tell me, cause I can’t seem to believe that all of this is legit stuff.

  • JAy

    This can’t be true?? She’s 26 and he’s 18! I can’t believe Delta would jump into another relationship after dating/being engaged to Brian McFadden for like 6 or 7 years.

  • Georgie

    OMG Delta is 26! and Nick is 18! what is this!!!??!! Thats 8 years different i dont know how i feel about this :/ is she even a Christian???

  • christina

    damn she is hott…lucky guy haha

  • http://iadorenickj1 Sarah

    Wow:3 Im surprised nick is dating her…But we have to respect his decisions:)

  • J

    Don’t you guys think it’s so weird for Delta to date Nick? She’s 8 years (!!) older than he is. In my opinion that makes Delta a cougar. I mean Nick is still a TEEN. What else they have common than music? Delta is probably starting to think of settling down and Nick.. hah he hasn’t even got to change to live the life to the fullest yet. C’mon. This is just so wrong.

  • http://ALexgomezplant Alexgomezplant

    she is like 27!
    is very old to him….
    but he looks happy…..

  • Chrissy

    I just don’t know how I feel… I want to be happy for him, but… she’s 26. I know he’s always been a bit more mature, but Nick, you’re only 18! I just wish he’d LIVE A LITTLE. GAH! I guess if he’s happy…

  • Jolie

    awkward. I will stay with Miley & Liam, thanks

  • canosa

    LMFAO nicholas are you dating your babysitter?
    lol she’s pretty but TOO OLD FOR HIM!

  • patricia


    OMG. I think I just vomited at the sight of this. He looks gorgeous and handsom but HER? ARE YOU SERIOUS? OMG. my love for him has gone down the drain.

  • julie

    I’m happy for him and unlike other fans I will not bash Delta. It’s obvious he really cares for her, he’s never held hands with any girl in public ever. I think she’s a beautiful girl and she’s super talented. If they are both happy then who am I to judge that?

  • pAT

    HMMMMM maybe Delta want to feel young again. She was in a long term relationship for years, with kids, starting probably when she was Nick age. She may want to get back to feeling like a young woman again and the best way IS to date a young guy.
    NJ is just a guy. He will accept and go after a very attractive, nice, not scandalous girl/woman if she gives him the BIG green light. What guy wouldn’t? LOL

  • Niley Jonas

    OMG Nick Jonas is killing me with this girl. She is frician FRICIAN 26 years old. Date someone your own age. Nick date Miley Cyrus. She is always giving signs she needs you.

  • horsegirl61

    This is just awkward for everyone! She is way too old for him, I mean she is older than Dani and Kevin…am I the only one that finds it weird and uncomfortable??

  • horsegirl6194

    This is just awkward for everyone! She is way too old for him, I mean she is older than Dani and Kevin…am I the only one that finds it weird and uncomfortable??

  • jess

    Woah. Feel sad for some of these decisions theyre making. They were once inspirational. I feel like they’ve lost sight of the platform that they’ve been given and now follow the same patterns of this world. Praying that they can be used as a light again :)

  • Abby

    I still can’t understand what a woman her age would want to do with an 18 year old teenage boy but whatever.

  • -trepveter

    @julie: He held hands with Selena for a little bit at that Chinese restaurant haha

  • luss

    awkward…next ..trololol

  • Deborah

    I would have no problem with their relationship if Delta was not 8 years older than him, She was not only engaged to someone for 6 years but she has also just experienced so much more in life than Nick has in his life at this point. It is not a matter of why Nick is dating Delta(we can all tell she is super pretty so why wouldn’t he) but why Delta would want to date Nick.He is only 18,still a teenager and still growing up.

  • jess

    I feel sad that they are not taking full potential of the platform they were given.

  • lexie

    i just find it funny, nick and selena were the most secretive about their relationships and now this year they’re flaunting their new girlfriend/boyfriend.
    anyways, nick has always been into older women. i think the only girlfriend he had that was actually younger than him was miley. yes, delta is WAY WAY older than him, but if she makes him happy it should be all good. he’s an adult, he can make date who he wants. don’t be so rude.

  • MASH


  • Lauren83

    OMG! Get ova it people. So what if she is older. Age is just a number. Did u all Tut Tut about Demi and Ashton?? She is very pretty and they look like they are having a lot of fun. If you were a true fan you would be happy for him.. Also if you would get your head out your a## You would find out that she is also very talented Youtube her…AND a cancer survivor.. leave her alone. Wake Up and smell the coffee Nick Fans you don’t own him

  • tess

    oh god!! she could be his mother come on :/

  • Kandace

    Wouldn’t be my first choice. But he’s happy so I’m going to be happy for him. Cute pictures too.

  • BRB

    Hmmmm. Most 26 year olds would not do something like this. Not just the age difference, but that he’s a teenager. He can’t even get into a club for 4 more years. He’s just starting out in his dating life . Very strange. And it makes him look younger cause she’s a few inches taller than him. She keeps her head down to hide it. He looks soo much younger than her.

  • stella

    revenge on miley.

    enough said.

  • Maria

    Delta has always been a fame chaser. Her career is barely surviving back in australia her last 2 albums have been sub-par and her popularity has diminshed. She has been trying and failing to break America for years and now here she is dating a Jonas brother. Her showbiz mum must be thrilled she’s dropped the dead-beat dad Brian Mcfadden she’s only just broken up with and jumped PR-head first into a relationship with Nick Jonas.

    People keep asking what a VERY experienced and not so “innocent” woman would want with a 18yr old teen? Simple answer = exposure/fame. She Delta may care about Nick a little bit and think he’s so sweet and talented…. but ultimately this ‘relationship’ will go nowhere but she’s going along with it because she’s getting more publicity and notority in the US then she could ever dream of.

    Poor NIck thinks he’s “blessed” to be with Delta… no Nick yo are being used and should run far, far away from Delta and find a nice wholesome girl who doesn’t care for publicity!!!!!!

  • Bob

    Do the math and note she signed her first record deal when Nick was 9yo.

    She was engaged to Brian McFadden born 12 years before Nick was born.

    Bring on Tay & Jake, 20 yo versus 30 yo. Bring on Selena & limp wristed Justin. Center stage Laga and let the freaks roll.

  • Jancis

    Nick Jonas is 18 and is an adult and can date whoever he wants. Delta Goodrem is a very sweet, loving and caring person who radiates something special. Anyone who has seen an interview with her can see that.

  • El

    I was in shock when I first saw this!!! I mean please common Nicholas !!!! She is like 8 years older than him!!!! It’s ok if a guy is 8yrs older than a girl but a girl 8yrs than a guy?! I don’t think so.!and it’s weird seeing nick holding a woman’s hand in public! I think she’s using him!!!! Gosh!!!…… I don’t know what to say I’m sooo ………ugh! But if he is really really happy i will be happy for him too but at the same time I feel like angry!

  • Queen jonas

    See Selena, Nick CAN show off a girl to the public, just not you. You can go cry in your little song you wrote about your boy toy Bieber. But as for personal opinion, Nick and Delta are whatever to me.

  • Ella

    SWEET BABY!!!!! I adore Nicholas so much more with all of these. He’s more comfortable when it comes on relationship now. It’s a good sign. I’m so proud of him. I am so happy for him. Let them be happy, please.

  • Danni

    Such a random couple. But they look happy :)

  • blugee

    Although Delta does come off as a cougar, I don’t think people would’ve had the ‘wtf’ reaction to a 26-year-old dude dating an 18-year-old chick. Having said that, I thought Delta was smarter than this, I don’t get what she sees in him (actually, I didn’t get what she saw in Brian either, but I got used to it). Nick is two years younger than I am and I thought her dating someone my age would make me uncomfortable but boy, this is something else. I genuinely think Delta’s a smart girl and she has made good decisions in the past. She can do MUCH MUCH better, I just hope she realizes that.

    On another note, Nick has been SEVERELY miscast as Link in the Hollywood Bowl’s Hairspray production. He WILL suck and I WILL enjoy mocking his weak performance. But, he will play the love interest to Marissa Jaret-Winokur as Tracy, who is 38. Maybe, Nick’s practicing building chemistry with an older woman. If he’s not, I hope he starts now because that 20 year age gap will be VERY apparent on stage.

    On the bright side, Diana DeGarmo will be playing Penny (SHE IS AMAZING!), and Darlene Love will be playing Motormouth (SHE IS AMAZING!).

  • Mrs. jonas

    I’m so happy for him, if he’s happy i’m happy…but Delta? Is he serious? :/ well, yeah, <3

  • http://@syu93 syuhada

    yeah,auu so sweet,isnt delta so pretty,they seem happy,auu

  • Elyse

    all of you haters can gtfo. nick and delta are ADORABLE together. your opinion is invalid kthxbye.

  • Elyse

    all of you haters can gtfo. nick and delta are ADORABLE together. your opinion is invalid kthxbye.