Selena Gomez: A Good Charlotte For 'Sex & The City' Prequel?

Selena Gomez: A Good Charlotte For 'Sex & The City' Prequel?

Selena Gomez‘s good-girl vibe always reminded us a little of Sex and the City‘s Charlotte York–and author Candace Bushnell also sees the resemblance!

Candace has just published the second Sex and the City prequel, Summer in the City, which depicts Carrie in her teenage and early 20′s, and told The Daily Caller she thinks Selena would make a really good young Charlotte when the books get brought to the big or small screen.

“I’m going to get into trouble for this, but I was looking at some pictures of Selena Gomez today and thinking ‘she’d make a really good young Charlotte,’” Candace said.

The conservative, hopeless romantic Charlotte in the Sex and the City show and movies was portrayed by Kristin Davis.

DO YOU THINK Selena would make a good Charlotte?

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  • good-one

    No. I don’t.

  • mellz89

    YES! Of course..why not!
    Shes gorgeous just like charlotte :)

  • Emily

    i think selena would be great for Charlotte
    we need someone else besides Miley for Carrie though..

  • craigh

    Well, so far in the first 2 prequel books, Charlotte doesn’t even appear…soooo, I think everyone is sort of jumping the gun. If Charlotte appears in the third book, Selena might be too old. It doesn’t come out for a year or more.

  • A

    okay first miley was in sex & the city…now selena…really?

  • lerner

    She’s perfect!

  • The Voice of Reason

    She needs to be sexier and this would be perfect for Selena.

  • Marc Evan Aupiais

    She said herself it wasn’t her type of role about a year or two ago. Hope Selena has integrity. Its not. I saw one Sex and the city and I refused any other. It’s like pornography for girls, but worse- not that I’d know. Just, it really freaked me out.

  • Troy

    Considering what little I knew of the character of Charlotte I think Selena could be good in the role. And would probably provide the much needed break from the “Disney girl” image. The problem is if this were to come to pass right now it’s nothing more then Candace Bushnell just thinking out loud there is no way in heck I would ever watch it. LOL

  • samy

    ok miley and selena in one movie ahha that will be nice

  • Po


  • ar

    I think she would be great, by if she was asked if she wanted i think she would say no. She has actually taking a distance from disney, so maybe later on: ) LOVE ON SEL<3

  • sam

    Yees (:

    she’sas a great actrees much better than cyrus

  • ka

    @Emily: yes i agree with you

  • Heather

    OMG!! yes!! she would be perfect!! :)

  • bella

    SHE ABSOLUTELY GREAT!!! She would make a good charlote!! I can’t wait if that’s come true!!

  • lala

    its the opinion of the author! if she images selena as young charlotte, its her thing^^

    i never watched sex and the city, therefore i dont know!

    “first miley was in …and now her….”yes so copying really, evrything! (ironic tone)

  • Hey

    @A: Miley did a cameo, that different than acting a real part, nerd!

  • none

    The character is a s.l.u.t. and there will be n.u.d.e. scenes in the movie so if Selena is a christian and morally sound as she claims to be then I don’t think she’ll take the roll. If she does then it will show how fake and what a lie she really is. It’s not a movie for 7 year old’s to watch.

  • chloe

    yes, sex en de city is for adults! selena would never (or she say she would never) do something to ditch her younger fans o make her morally incoret. dey talk abot sex, they go with no clothes, and they fake, sex, and dey act like suts.
    (sory if my english isnt very good. i come from france and im trying to practice my english)

  • Truth

    @none: Selena is 18 years old; she’s going to need to start doing more mature films anyways. This is a good step in the right direction.

  • ali

    i think Lea Michelle would make a better Charlotte!

  • ella


    Charlotte is not a slut. She is the most conservative out of them all. And none of the women on the show are sluts? Have you even Sex and the City?

  • ella

    Also, it is not Selena’s job to make movies for seven year olds. She makes films and if seven year olds can watch them, great. And if no, whatever. She’s growing up and taking more mature roles (if she wants).

    Also, I didn’t mean a question mark in my last post after the third sentence.

  • lulu

    @ali: i thought that! Lea would be fab! But Selena’s not really sexy or funny so I would have to say no…

  • V

    @ella: Agreed completely.

    Just cause she says that she’ll stilll do movies for her younger fans doesn’t mean she’s not going to do mature films. Think a little people! You have to do a variety of films if you want to become successful in the film business. She can’t do kiddie films all her life.

    People keep trying to find flaws in her for no apparent reason (not saying that she doesn’t have any, we all do), but stop taking her words and twisting them into something else.

    Anyways, this would be a new, different role for her. It should be a good career step for her. And Dakota Fanning was doing more mature roles than Selena, and Dakota started when she was a lot younger than Selena! And she’s a great, successful actress now.

  • adela

    its not about doing mature roles its about ruining a franchise. so heck noooooooooooooo

  • Star

    Selena wants to shed he Disney image and I personally think it’s a good way for her to do that. Reasons for that being is

    1. It’s a PREQUEL!. Pre means BEFORE. So this movie would be taking place before Sex and The City so the characters are all going to be TEENS. There might not be any sex scenes because of that and because if that’s the case some of the people they cast might be minors so that would be a problem in itself.

    2. Selena is going to be 19 in a few weeks. That means she’s a LEGAL ADULT! Which means she can do whatever she wants to do. If there are sex and nude scenes in this she might not do it because she might not feel comfortable doing that but if she wants to she can.

    3. She will NEVER be a great all around actress if she never steps out of her comfort zone. She was built on kiddie shows/movies so that’s her comfort zone. She was good at it because she was comfortable doing it. She won’t grow as an actress if she doesn’t allow herself be come out of this box and experience new things and do something that she has never done before.

    Yes I know she has younger fans (due to her comfort zone), but if she doesn’t branch out she will never get any older fans nor will she ever have a great career because she would be limiting herself to one thing only. There is a way Selena can keep her younger fans and gain older ones, she can still do kiddie films if she wants and at the same time she can take on more adult roles that way she will be gaining a new older fan base and can still keep her younger fan base at the same time.

  • maylynn

    yeahh totally !!!!!!! :D she would be perfect for it :]

  • Patworx

    Miley + Selena = Awesome Movie!

  • javi

    @Patworx: a movie about what? comedy,drama both making out like in wild things don’t judge me im a dreamer.

  • Amber

    It’s a prequel, which means that the movie is set in the characters’ teenage years. So obviously, it’s gonna be appropriate.

  • Chantal

    Bravo Selena!
    I agree, I wouldn’t mind her being in the SATC prequel.
    She’s fashionable, good sense of humor, and has a personality.
    Who cares if she’s mexican? EVEN BETTER!
    Standing up for the latin community! Love it.
    Quit with the hate & “she’s not up for mature roles”, that just shows that alot of you are ignorant.

  • mbart

    please don’t ruin SATC for me

  • Candice

    I can see Selena playing that role. It’s not like they asked her yet… I think but if they did I wonder if she would take the role. Haters can hate. There’s always something wrong in what Selena does huh haters? People are bitching already that if she takes the role she is “fake” (an idiot said that on here) and all this other shit. She can do whatever she wants it’s her career not yours! I will continue to support her.

  • Candice

    Selena can act and this character would be good for her but she won’t take it because she has younger fans. She won’t dissapoint her young audience, I want her to take it though.

  • Eli

    NO.HECK NO. She looks NOTHING like Charlotte (plus her acting isn’t top notch yet). I could see Victoria Justice though…definitely not selena.

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