Selena Gomez: Daybreak Darlin'

Selena Gomez: Daybreak Darlin'

Selena Gomez picks up her step as she heads to the ITV Studios for her appearance on Daybreak in London on Thursday morning (July 8).

The 18-year-old singer/actress, wearing an AllSaints Embellished Loro Top, chatted with the hosts about fans presents.

“I got a bunch of scrapbooks,” Selena shared. “There were tons. Fans from around the world will send stuff in and then other fans will put it in a book. I love those.”

Check out the rest of Selena‘s interview, plus her performance of “Love you Like A Love Song” too!

Selena Gomez – Daybreak – 07/08

Selena Gomez – Daybreak – “Love You Like A Love Song” – 07/08

Selena Gomez – Daybreak Rapid Question
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  • andy

    Get some rest girl!!! You been working non stop. She looks tired/sick.

  • leela

    wow she is so sick! poor selena! what happened to her?

    she is great for doing her duties (interview, performance) even if she is so ill.

    her fans were happy^^


  • me

    Worst performance ever. she sounds SOOO bad. =/

  • gabby

    thats justin’s plad shirt she has on!

  • Zara

    She’s wearing Justin’s plaid shirt. :] I love her.

  • kate

    she looks sooo tired and during the interview she was like absent. btw she is singing out of tune

  • juliet

    she threw up before she went on daybreak

  • sam


  • Amanda

    Does she look awful or like something’s not right in the interview or is that just me?

  • chloe

    she look mad when te repertors said pepole usualy go for older men. she looks tired and sad :( bien Je ne sais pas comment le dire en anglais, donc, Selena est le plus fatigué de likley tellement de travail et d’être posées à propos de Justin. Je ne suis pas vraiment un fan mais je me sens mal pour elle <333: (

  • Lucile

    She doesn’t look good. I love her, but she looks sad or bored. Not like she is usually

  • http://justjaredjr sunshine

    i dont know it me or the pic, she is really pregnant??? i know heard that she isnt thought?.

  • http://justjaredjr sunshine

    again, she is def putting more weight, she was skinny when she left the hospital remember?

  • jbzbiggestfaneva

    shez really lost her energy in her job. it might be really hard even harder ever since she started dating justin cuz of the paparazzi and attention and annoyance she really duznt smile like she did wen she was 16. actually justin duznt either. they both were more energetic and smiling and plain happy wen thy were yunger.i really feel sry. i seriously do.

  • sam


  • http://justjaredjr sunshine

    sam, i am not saying that she is pregnant but if you look at the pic she is gaining weight around her tummy area that all.

  • Pati

    she looks so tireeed! i feel bad for her, she needs to take a couple of days off

  • samantha

    dude, the winds blowing the shirt up. she’s not even putting on any weight.

  • http://justjaredjr sunshine

    maybe some of you guys are right but in my opinion, she have put on some weight, last post about this.

  • Gwen

    Just came from seeing Horrible Bosses tonight. Selena was sitting behind me. MAN! SHE IS SO TINY!

  • headstrong

    You can barely hear her

  • David

    I usually like her style, but WTF is she wearing.

    I know I’ll get a lot of heaters for this but IMHO in the 9th pic she looks kind of trashy.

    I used to love Selena that was before she hooked up with beaver, I guess he change her and not for better.

  • Chantal

    Oh gosh, She looks rather sick :/
    Probably the weather in london didn’t do her well, ugh & i’m not a big fan of her outfit here, but casual as always she’s marvelous!

    P.S to the people that believe rumors: SHE IS NOT PREGNANT!!! Okay!
    She looks rather too slim & sick, not gaining weight, god you people in america believe now that there is a possibility that every teenager in the world will get pregnant, well NO, there is actually some smart people out there ya know! Hope she get’s better though, we love you sel.

  • Amber

    Super stylish as always, but I agree with others, I hope she is putting her health first and getting some much needed rest!

  • soughtful

    she definately not a singer, she really weak vocally and she really average. why on earth will anyone give her a contract go to glee club and give a contract to them they sing so much better than this. Not for nothing but she look like a 13 year old girl.

  • jessica

    selena is a amazing girl , 1 of my role models and i support her and justin’s relationship. but i do think she is working to damn hard , she does look sick and very tired. she is 1000000% nor pregnant that is such bs how people would say that . just let selena grow up and enjoy her career and life, all u low life’s try 2 tear her down and it only hurts u. nobody has a perfect voice , but i think selena has a great voice, she is very pretty and i hope she stays around for a long time. on the other hand , lets all be happy she is not a slut like miley cyrus, now that girl has issues. smoking salvia, several tattoo’s ,parents divorced. etc. i just hope miley cyrus gets some help b4 she end’s up on dr. drew’s rehab . seriously people i’m so happy selena gomez is not like miley cyrus.

  • lalala

    lol “selina gomez”

  • SeL

    she looks normal like this and I like that. I mean the clothes and hair and make up. she looks like a normal girl

  • lulu

    Once again, she’s “sick” before a live performance…

  • Felicia

    Oh, she looks so bad, it was like she wasn’t even there, they were asking questions, and Selena was like, yeah, mmh. Is she having some kind of problem like Demi?

  • http://facebook Unh!


  • HARPION4ever

    she looked horrible. That’s probably i’ve ever seen seen and heard her