Ashley Tisdale: Back at the Gym!

Ashley Tisdale: Back at the Gym!

Ashley Tisdale sports red hot Ray Bans as she hits the gym on Monday morning (July 18) in Los Angeles.

The 26-year-old actress partied it up in Las Vegas over the weekend — celebrating her birthday with a group of girlfriends. Ashley‘s entourage was spotted at Pure nightclub and the Venus Pool Club.

Ashley laughed at press when they said that she and best friend Zac Efron would make a good couple. “Oh, well, that’s nice but I’m best friends with Vanessa, so that’s a little weird and plus he’s like my brother. We’ve always had the same relationship. We’ve always been this way and he’s one of my best friends and family. So is Vanessa.”

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Credit: Miguel Aguilar / Juan Sharma; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • kerri

    Love the blonde hair :) and i already knew that her and Zac are just friends.

  • adela

    ashley is so her so much

  • hello

    What does she mean my “this way”…
    Does she mean flirty? If so then no wonder why Vanessa dumped his but. Its not like anything special since he’s known to be like that with all women. I guess she’ll take what she can get. Seems a little desperate to me.

  • Mara



    wait are you calling vanessa desperate or ashley?

  • Gonzalo

    Cool! =)

  • chantal


    soooo true!!

  • tizlover04

    @hello: and u seem so desperate since you are here being jealous and hating her because just that she have a great life and u clearly don’t so pls stop hating on other people life just to make ur bad life better.

  • just sayin

    fabulous bitch and see she would never get in a relationship with her bestfriends ex she is not like that so you haters can stfu now.

  • craig stairs

    I dunno if you stuck Ashley, Scott, and Zac in a picture someone would have to nudge Scott off to the side to go finish waiting on the tables.

    I don’t know many girls getting piggy-back rides with guys while they are in relationships. None of that seemed right & I never seen the reason as to why Zac and Vanessa broke up to begin with.

    I think the reason is apparent. Scott must just be sticking around for the ride.

  • Karen

    “That’s nice”? Rly? No it’s not, Ashley. It’s not…

  • thereafter

    I think Ashley has really blossomed and gotten more gorgeous with time. She was great at a brunette but the blonde hair really suits her. Must have missed all the fan wars over the beach pics with Zac but gotta admit, they look really good together. I’ve noticed that a lot of stars try and pass off like they are siblings with their then revealed partner; Nina Dobrev and Ian Sommerhalder were adamant they were like brother and sister. Look at them now. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber said the same thing. Look at them now. And now Ashley is saying Zac is like her brother? Sorry, I like the girl but I don’t believe her one bit. She’s right about one thing though, she and Zac have always been like that with each other. I was always surprised Vanessa put up with how obvious they were. Now there’s no Vanessa so who knows?

  • florence

    Who’s she trying to kid herself or the world for all the shit that she and Zac for acting like a couple. And suddenly Vanessa is now family and yes the 3 of them used to hang out but she and Zac never behaved like that in public on a beach.

    And once again with the brother comment be honest Ashley if that’s what you think brother’s are like towards their sister’s giving them rides on their shoulders when only wearing a biknin, kissing the neck, giving them loving looks and holding the back of their head to give them a kiss then you seriously need to go and see someone.

    So it does make you wonder just what her and Zac got up to behind closed door’s when Vanessa was sway working.

    And if it is so weird for her to think of Zac in a romantic way then she certainly did’nt seem to let it bother her in any way on her birthday.

    She deserves anything that the press say to her about Zac they both brought it on themselves. Maybe she’ll post another picture of her and Scott and in big letters remind herself and him that HE is her bf and not Zac and that maybe those kind of action’s she should be doing with her bf and not her so called brother.

  • Nana

    She’s gorgeous hahaha

  • thereafter

    @florence: Are you suggesting Zac and Ashley got up to no good behind Vanessa’s back? Hmmm. As much as i think there’s nothing sisterly/brotherly about their interactions now, I don’t believe that’s what happened. I think Zac simply outgrew Vanessa and their relationship. They were not going to remain teenagers forever and they clearly didn’t grow together. I remember seeing pics of them at the airport just before they broke up. Vanessa was all over him, cuddling and holding him and Zac seemed aloof and distant. She was oblivious but sometimes pictures tell more of the story than one realises. She clearly didn’t realise he was done, even then. It happens in relationships all the time. Doesn’t mean anybody has to be the fall guy or the bad guy in the break up. I dislike people trying to portray Zac as some womaniser when that is clearly not the case and certainly not while he was with Vanessa for five years.

  • Christine


    And I dislike people trying to portray Vanessa as the clingy, unsuspecting, stupid girlfriend. If he was so done with her then why did he follow her to Hawaii in the first place? And then North Carolina in January? Out of pity? If that’s what you’re suggesting, then leading her on for all that time doesn’t make him look any better than being a womanizer.

    As for Ashley and Zac, I’m suspicious of their relationship. Since before HSM she’s refered to him as a brother, I get that. But after HSM they seemed to lose touch. For the last five years you can probably count on one hand the number of times they’ve been spotted together, and usually Vanessa was with them every time. Granted we don’t see all of their lives, but considering how Ashley is photographed simply for walking out of a gym, you’d think you would have seen them together more often.

    But now all of a sudden they’re super close. No, not all of a sudden I guess because aparently they’ve always been this way. Somehow over the past five years they’ve just been hiding it really well. I don’t think they’re dating. I just think they got involved in a publicity stunt and then were forced to backtrack when it blew up in their faces.

  • Lubarus

    omg! Ashley it is much better Vanessa!!!

  • Lubarus


  • florence

    @thereafter: Funny how Zac kept saying that it was grat having someone to grow with when he was with Vanessa and how she was the ONLY one that understood him so well, so it would seem that as usual he was just saying what his fan’s wanted to hear.

    I get that they was’nt going to be teenagers forever and yes it does happen with some that the relactionship ends but as it’s been said why did he bother to go to Hawaii to visit her then why not just finish it then if he wanted out of the relactionship so bad, and if she was holding him back from being a typical guy then again he should have finished it before.

    Even with this film he’s of drinking and clubbing seem’s like even away from LA. which so many have said is to blame that he still can’t stay out of bar’s and club’s, he’s got the lifestyle he’s wanted if he tell’s the truth for year’s, drinking, clubbing and everything else he seems to think ‘ cool’ guy’s do without having a girlfriend.

    And if Vanessa did’nt realize that he was done with her or wanting to stay in a relaction ship then HE should have had the guts to finish it before he did and not keep visiting her, she was even still wearing the ring in January so she obvioulsy thought they were working things out, then the TP incident happened and next minute their over.

    It would’nt suprise me if Ashley and Zac do hook up before long, I would say I feel sorry for Scott but I don’the seem’s quite happy to let his gf behave like she did with Zac and keep insiting that he is like a ‘ brother’ to her. Sorry I will say it again NO brother acts like that towards a sister. Ashley loved it and loved rubbing it into Vanessa’s face like she always has done. Maybe that’s why we did’nt see many pictures of all 3 of them togther just maybe Vanessa did notice and they had words.

    It certainly did blow up in their face’s but they both knew what they were doing and what reaction it would cause which show’s just how desperate they BOTH are to get back in the limelight.

  • storyteller

    What has blown up in their faces? Other than a few fangirls getting their knickers in a twist on the internet, absolutely nothing else has “blown up”. Sure the media is writing a few more stories but that’s not a biggie. Part and parcel of the business they’re in. I don’t get the accusations of them being desperate to be in the limelight, Ashley gets photographed going to the gym for goodness sake! She may not be a superstar but in the Disneyworld, she’s right up there with the best of them. And Zac is Zac, even if he’s lying low, he’s always going to be news. Let’s not pretend these two are irrelevant nobodies who had to pull a stunt to get noticed. That’s just wishful thinking.

  • storyteller

    And sorry but why are you guys acting like you’ve never been in a relationship that’s ended? Or haven’t you? It happens to ALL of us, the difference here is we don’t get photographed all the time. Otherwise there’d probably be pictures of either you/us or our significant other looking bored/disinterested/over it in the dying stages of a relationship. It’s a process and the fact that Zac didn’t end it immediately on the morning he started feeling off is perfectly normal. There’s nothing nefarious or sleazy about any of it nor does it make Zac an unscrupulous good for nothing. When he was ready to end it, he ended it. Doesn’t mean everything was hunky dory right up to the minute he broke up with her. It might rankle that Zac did the dumping (as far we can tell, he might be the dumpee) but that’s just the way it goes.