Vanessa Hudgens: 'Wave For Change' with Hayden Panettiere

Vanessa Hudgens: 'Wave For Change' with Hayden Panettiere

Vanessa Hudgens and Hayden Panettiere snap a pic with a young fan as they attend Neutrogena’s 2nd Annual Wave for Change By Helping Kids Make A Difference on Monday afternoon (July 18) in Los Angeles.

The two Neutrogena Brand Ambassadors both designed tote bags to raise awareness of disaster relief, education and environmental charities

Wave For Change is a charitable program that makes it easy for teens everywhere to give back in the U.S and other parts of the world where can make a huge impact before they head back to school.

Vanessa and Hayden helped make Wave for Change disaster relief kits with the kids to help a school in need in Alabama which was affected by the tornadoes. The kits will arrive in time for Back to School ‚Ä” includes school supplies and Neutrogena products.

Also, during July and August, Neutrogena¬ģ will be donating $1 for every Neutrogena¬ģ Acne, Cleansing or Cosmetics product sold and registered on their website, with a minimum of $100,000 and up to $250,000 to GlobalGiving.

FYI: Hayden is wearing J Brand‘s “910″ Low-Rise Skinny Leg in Phoebe. Vanessa wore Tiger Lily Jewelry‘s geode, shark tooth and rosary cross necklaces and the Hudson High Waist Wide Leg Jean in Maverick.

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Photos: Startraksphoto via Neutrogena
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  • vfan

    Yaaayyyy! It’s great to see vanessa again! I think she looks great! xoxo

  • jk

    Her hair looks so cute like that. I didn’t think she would be able to pull it off but she does.

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    So she is back in L.A ! :D Missed seeing her around. And no matter how short her hair is, she’s still beautiful ! I really like the short hair on her too. She looks fresh lol.

  • Ivy

    Oh my goooooooooosh
    she looks so cute!

  • kami

    ‚ô• vanessa and hayden are both beautiful.i really like vanessa’s hair short.she has such a beautiful face and no long hair to hide it. ‚ô•


    she looks gorgeous

  • Um

    Not trying to sound rude, honestly, but they look like a lesbian couple.

  • Girl

    Awe, she really cut her hair or took out her hair extensions and then cut her hair. I thought she pulled a Dakota Fanning and put on a wig. Those things are really convincing, ha.

    Anyways, she’s beautiful and Hayden’s cool, too!

  • Well

    I want her old hair back.

  • amtfan

    shes gorgeous, long hair and short hair :)

  • lauren

    her and haydeen look like twins,

  • Diamond

    Ahh , this is such an amazing foundation , and it’s great how their helping others who went through those tornadoes ! And also just trying to make a change in our communities and in this world : ) Vanessa looks absolutely stunning , I am getting used to her hair cut like this and she can really pull it off and she looks great ‚ô• I love how her and Hayden are kinda rockin the same hairstyle lol !

  • daniel

    f*ck so basiclly she can rockss on everything that she looks
    i mean it vanessa youa gonna become a real ACTRESSS¬°

  • daniel

    THIS I What i am talking about
    this campaing i¬°ts just Amzing i meann is the help for alll the kids
    she deserve’s to be involved on THIS ONE¬°¬°

  • http://none juddy

    my girl is back i missed her <333 she’s beautiful like always.

  • my2cents

    Fantastic cause, I love that these two do this every year. They are great spokespersons and I love the bags. Vanessa what can I say your just gorgeous and both girls are just so pretty.

  • Haters Suck!

    My favorite Hollywood girl is home and it’s great to see her involved on this event. That hair is gonna need some getting used to but she still looks absolutley beautiful.
    Btw congrats on getting to 3 million likes on facebook.

  • carly

    Wow vanessa is glowing. I love how she did her hair she can pull off anything. I’m glad vanessa is back in LA.

  • daniel

    You are really beautiful !!

  • daniel

    Pretty eyes
    just saying she pretty
    compliment on how she looks

  • daniel

    You are sooo beautiful! love your laugh
    haha did it hurt when u fell from heaven

  • Katty

    I can dig the hair until it grows out, it doesn’t look bad! She looks big! Well, I should say big-ger, and it’s not even that big, just bigger than we are used to seeing her. She looks great, though!

    Can’t wait to see more pix from the movie if we get them and I can’t wait until she is home!

    Love ya, V! She is done filming now, correct?

  • daniel

    Looking good, as always.
    You have beautiful eyes That shirt brings out your eyes vanessa
    Darling, you are my favorite in the world.I really respect your values about help for make Wave for Change disaster relief kits with the kids to help a school in need in Alabama which was affected by the tornadoes. .

  • troian

    Pretty lady VAnessa will you stand with me a moment because you are so pretty you make everything around you look good too
    If you would talk a minute then every guy in here would be jealous of me because you are.
    Would you believe I am without a word to say of my usual speech I use to meet new people.
    All I can think of to say is You are so beautiful I am speechless, would you care to dance so we don’t have to talk
    so I won’t make myself look foolish to you

  • !!!!????

    Love the hair and love neutrogena <3

  • troian

    @troian: well i am glad that i had to take takeout from my chest


    She’s Baaacckkkk!!!

  • kaya

    She doesn’t look bad :) At least Hayden has short hair too<3

  • Line

    Does vanessa have short hair now?

    It kinda looks like it!
    Doesnt look too bad!

  • nicci

    she look more mature…. also i am glad she have a new hair do. she really needed it

  • annii

    this girl is just flawless! her bone structure is GORGEOUS!

  • daniel

    I’m so proud of my girl! Vanessa has no idea how I missed it what good is back! by the way with hair or no hair she does not lose this guy doll ever! perfect!

  • maria

    She looks absolutely stunning, long OR short hair. You can really see her amazing face, and she is just glowing!! Such a beautiful warm smile and a genuine joy about her. I love her big heart too. Great to see you, Vanessa!!

  • annii


  • annii

    vanessa is so dedicated to her roles

  • Louise

    Wow, her hair looks gorgeous!..such a change but a good one. It’s always good to shed something people percieve to be a huge part of who you are. She’s had long hair for years and this way, people will get a chance to see her more mature, willing to take risks and eager to take on different roles.

    Even with the recent pics of her in character for Gimme Shelter, she looks like she’s taken things seriously and wants to delve into a variety of roles which is great.

  • Anibal

    Vanessa , with her new hairstyle , shows that she is professional. I love that attitude

  • sam

    You rock that short hair V. loved it. :)

  • annii


  • JUst Saying

    Vanessa rocks any hair and that;s what I love she can wear anything and pull it off, I love this hair though I’m sooo used to seeing her with long hair so it’s gonna take a little getting used to, but she still looks breathtakingly gorgeous no matter what she pulls off :]

  • annii

    she looks really good

  • Soni

    Vanessa looks GREAT!!! Take a good look Zac at what you are missing.
    You can have her back.

  • http://lala aiwen

    love it!!!!
    such a cute girl!!!<3<3
    finally she is back!!!

  • maria

    @Soni: No, he can’t. She is perfectly happy right now, finding herself, and not being shoved to the side by him and his people anymore. I really have to disagree with you, Soni. He and his career always were more important, and it’s time she finds her wings and flies.

  • laquida

    Awwww I’m so happy that Vanessa is back home in LA. I love the pics of her and hayden with the kids! I love Vanessa because she always gives back to great causes and charities,a amazing and very sweet person,down to earth, always happy,brings a smile to everyone face, and beautiful person inside. I love Vanessa outfit and hair and Hayden looks nice too! On the other hand, I voted on the neutrogena website wave for change. I love you sooo much vanessa!:):):)

  • ZANE


  • pao

    She looks gorgeous!! :) love the change!! <3

  • aly

    Like you can tell Vanessa what she can do or not…

    Soni, you can go on Zac`s posts, at least there nobody will be trashing you LIKE HERE or if you want i`ll give you a way to find the back thread where the rest of us are ^^

    P.S. Barbara asked me to do it… so if you want :-??

  • Haters Suck!

    yeah Maria really trashed soni. Honestly Maria I thought i knew you how could you be so cruel? I mean the words u used were just so harsh. I’m being sarcastic in case ya missed it
    seriously I fail to see what Maria said that was “trashing”

  • laquida

    here’s the link to vanessa hudgens two interviews with access holywood: http://VanessaAHudgensVevo.