Selena Gomez: Studio Time with Justin Bieber!

Selena Gomez: Studio Time with Justin Bieber!

Selena Gomez gets a surprise visit by boyfriend Justin Bieber at the studio in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (July 20).

The 18-year-old actress/musician recently tweeted, “What a great morning….just found out I was nominated for three more teen choice awards. You guys are the best,” after hearing about her additional nominations.

Selena‘s new nominations: Choice Summer Movie Star: Female, Choice Summer Music Star: Female plus Monte Carlo also got a Choice Summer Movie nom!

10+ pics inside of Selena and Justin out by the catering tent…

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Photos: GSI Media
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  • andy

    Selena looking cute as always. Thye’re a cute couple but I can’t help thinking that Sel is just too hot for him BUT if she’s happy.. ALL GOOD.

  • Lol

    Lol andy u r so wrong HE is too sexy for Selena

  • Amy

    umm…who cares?these two are overexposed

  • andy

    @Lol: LOL He looks like he’s 12 and I honestly don’t see how girls (that are not 10/14) will find him other than “CUTE”

  • mmbop

    Selena looks adorable. But yeah, she needs to dump Bieber. She’s physically and mentally superior to him in every way possible.

  • laurent

    @mmbop complety agree!

  • laurent

    sel is absolutely gorgeous! her face is flawless! love her hair so pretty ;)

  • adwoa

    Selena is just such a well brought up young lady. Just as soon as i started taking a liking to Bieber after his movie, his fans obsessiveness sent me right back to square 1 with him. I hope she is happy with him though. I might be older than her but i look up to her like crazy!! P>S Word of advice Bieber, stick up for your girl before she realises its douchebaggy not to, and leaves you for someone…anyone…better. Don’t advocate anti-bullying campaigns and stay mute on the oh-so-real topic of your fans’ virtual abuse of ANY female you are associated with. Keep up the good work Selena. My little cousins love you! Greetings from Africa!

  • sam

    Selena is such a well brought up lady, classy and well put together. Age appropriate. i might be older than her (by like, a year) but i look up to her so much! And as for Bieber, just as soon as i started taking a liking to him cos of his movie, his overzealous fans took me back to square 1. Oh and a word to the wise Bieber, (not that he will see this but still worth saying) don’t advocate anti-bullying campaigns ad then stay mute on the oh-so-real topic of your fans being the main offenders, subjecting any female you are seen with to their horrible (and mostly grammatically incorrect) insults. And you should stick up for this one before she leaves you for someone…anyone better, and all you will have are your crazy fans who ill allso one day grow out of thier fanatsies of being with you. Just saying. Good job selena!!! Greetings from Africa!

  • jess

    i don’t like justin…blame his crazy fans =( they are buylling selena so much ¬¬

    she’s cute but i feel bad for her, the papz are always around..

  • elanadorable@puppylove04

    dump justin quckily she needs 2 they r not the right type 4 each other selena is so adorable,cute,smart, and justin is justin he should stick 2 what he likes so should she they r so different. I agee with mmbop very much ,i’m not saying this because i love or hate them they should just break up make it easy on every one and better

  • Bobby

    @Sam Please do not right a paragraph no one cares for your lezbo crush on Selena Gomez. She is unnatractive along with her boyfriend

  • soughtful

    he too hot for her, what is he doing with a stick? I thought he like girl with curves? not looking like a kid girl.

  • jess


    Sel should dump her right now…

  • headstrong

    @soughtful: he’s not hot, he looks like a 10 years old, She’s wearing a loose shirt.

  • becky


  • Cristina

    She’s cute. The shirt she is wearing is from her clothing line, Dream Out Loud from Kmart. I want to go buy one now! lol

  • nicole

    @Cristina: I noticed that too! I want to go out and get one!

  • laurent

    @soughtful i almost feel sooo sorry for someone as pathetic and stupid like you, it must be suck to be like you

  • laurent

    @soughtful i almost feel sooo sorry for someone as pathetic and stupid like you, it must be suck to be like you, biggest loser with zero social life!

  • ashley

    heyy im so glad justin bieber shaprized selena gomezs that he is going to see her and im so happy that they are to gether and i love them both and they are so so cool and so cute and i’m happy for them :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Candice

    I HATE 90% of Justin’s fans. They’re mentally psychotic. It’s so stupid how they think he is their property and go ape-shit crazy. I like Jelena they’re cute together and I truly hope Selena is happy with him.

  • faith

    Selena gomez is very pretty so what of they are together leave it the hell alone

  • RL

    @Amy: totally. agree. with. you.

  • Chantal

    Always a fashionista yet always casual. Just love her, Happy birthday Selena!

  • http://@@sdgsrdhsgdsf@@ JUSTIN BIMBER IS STUPID

    justin you are dull and dumb

  • Eva

    you do realize he was imitating the comment above him…

  • anteneh atrisse

    selena I want to do every thing with you if it is possible so help me any thig that as much as you can

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