Vanessa Hudgens: Coffee Cutie!

Vanessa Hudgens: Coffee Cutie!

Vanessa Hudgens wears a long floral skirt while taking a sip of her iced coffee on Friday (July 22) in Venice, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress showed off her new shorter ‘do while hanging out with some of her gal pals.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Vanessa will be a co-host at the 2011 Hurley Walk The Walk National Championship at the Nike U.S. Open of Surfing, the summer’s biggest youth culture festival.

Vanessa also attended the Captain America: The First Avenger premiere this week!

10+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens

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Credit: Sam Sharma; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • annii


  • Anibal


  • annii

    i love her hair like that <3

  • annii

    she is with Laura and Kim <3
    BTW i’m so in love with her new car LOLA <3

  • doill

    on here i can tell she gained lots of weight..she is still gorgeous

  • ehryle

    Totally Gorgeous!!! she love audi and she upgrade the model same with Zac car brand and her old car.. xoxo V

  • annii

    she said she had to gain weight for her role.. yeah she looks soo gorgeous here
    i personally love real womens with curves and not thin women who look really sick

  • jk

    wow She gained weight. She still looks good but I hope she can go back to her previous body

  • Natoya

    Beautiful as always :)

  • Maha

    She’s gorgeous.
    I like that she’s confident enough to be doing whatever she wants to do in the public even though she’s getting the hang of her new haircut and body.
    She’s loooking great :D

  • alexa

    My Gosh… She’s gorgeous! I really love her style, is awesome!

  • My2cents

    @doill: It takes time to take the weight off healthy. She will do it my goodness she just stopped filming on the 15th or 16th. I don’t understand the impatience her hair will grow, she will lose the weight. BTW she she looks great and all these negative comments don’t help. Right now she just got back home and is reconnecting with friends and family. I wish the paps wouldn’t follow her every move and give her some peace.

  • doill

    she still looks pretty…but she looks chubby

  • jk

    I love her skirt

  • Lubarus

    So UGLY!!!

  • kerri

    Very pretty :)
    @Lubarus: Really? you must need glasses because she is gorgeous.

  • Melody

    Honestly, people calling her “ugly” chubby” or whatever, I’d LOVE to see what you look like… seriously, and then we wonder why girls are so insecure about their bodies, it’s because of people like you.
    Vanessa looks gorgeous, as she always does. She’s REAL, and she doesn’t try to hide it, or hide from the world. I love her and I love how she embraces the positive and ignores the negative. She’s truly my inspiration, a real role model, who shows us to be confident and happy with who we are. But all that aside, her hair looks adorable! I love her outfit and it looks like she’s having fun, so happy for her!! :D

  • lerner

    How did she gain weight so fast?

  • kASSIE

    She NEEDS hair. Some girls can’t do it all.

  • Lubarus

    @kerri: Well…. can be, but it is not pleasant to me

  • yets

    i just want to see her smilling.

  • Mariatyler_

    @yets: She is smiling in a lot of the pictures!

  • book_fan23

    Wow she looks fab!!! ;)

  • kerri
  • http://Justjaredjr Jen.

    wow, with the way some of you say that she needs to lose weight soon, no wonder some celebrities feel the need to stay stick thin! Give her a break, she gained the weight and cut her hair for the movie, and like someone else said, the hair will grow back and the weight will be lost in due time! I personally think that she still looks beautiful, she had curves back then and still has curves now, and I think that is far better than having no curves at all.

  • Dianne

    she look so ugly..

  • Roselovezanessa

    Vanessa hudgens you are amazing…I like her short hair it shown her beautiful face…

  • gracemarie

    Oh for heavens sake she only gained ten pounds – it will fall off and her hair will grow back. I think the hair style makes the weight a bit more noticeable that’s all.

    Give her a minute to catch her breath.

  • gracemarie

    Oh for heavens sake she only gained ten pounds – it will fall off and her hair will grow back. I think the hair style makes the weight a bit more noticeable that’s all.

    Give her a minute to catch her breath.

  • Proudofzacnessa

    Green, blue, fat, skinny, without hair, with a beautiful hair, I DONT CARE…whatever, in all forms Vanessa is GORGEOUS!

  • Haters Suck!

    when Vanessa was asked what would happend if someone attacked her about her weight. Vanessa said would say f**k you, you piece of crap. Ok she didn’t say the piece of crap part I just added that myself but the first two words are true. Vanessa still is and will forever be one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

  • sarra

    omg. baby v is so beautiful no matter what .i am really happy that her best friend is no more famewhore xxahley .vanessa know that her reall bff is laura new and brittany snow.lovvve u nessa

  • ZanessaTogetherForever

    H E R M O S A ! =) creo que ella está bien y es una completa profesional, SU cabello crecera y podrá Bajar su Peso, Muchas personas dicen que esta en depresion? xD informense, ojalá termine de grabar luego su peli y pueda volver a ser la morena encantadora de siempre, ademas, prefiero que sea asi a que sea una anorexica.

  • maria

    @Haters Suck!: I agree. She is just not a shallow, vain person, and cutting off her signature locks tells us that. She wants to be seen as something more than her hair and sex appeal. I so admire that. She could have pigeon-holed herself into sexy action roles after Sucker Punch, but she wants to learn and grow as an actress. Do I like the hair? NO. But I DO respect her grit and determination to bring realism to her role in GImme Shelter. Let’s remember, all you Zac lovers, that he came home from NO 20 lbs heavier with a marine buzz. Yeah, men can pull that off easier than women, but I’m not going to talk crap about her decision to cut it for her role. She will probably get extensions as soon as she is able, and can drop the 10 lbs in no time. I’m not worried. Instead, she continues to show us what she’s really made of.

  • Ha ha

    Normally, Vanessa is very tiny. I’m sure she does not look as heavy in person. Pictures add about 10 pounds to pictures. So I think she still looks beautiful as ever and the hair is just as beautiful. I’m sure that when Vanessa gets extensions, there will be some of you who will still not like it. She can never be skinny enough or have the perfect hair for everyone. In other words, I’m glad she doesn’t live her life to please people. If she did she would be like a lot of other actresses who are starving themselves to death to fit in. This society is so messed up.

  • Ha ha

    I’m also glad that Vanessa is experimenting with different color extensions and hairstyles…..although many of you dislike it. If she didn’t change her hairstyle, many of you would complain about that. I’m glad she doesn’t look like High School Musical’s Gabriella and I hope she keeps her hair different for awhile. Maybe people will stop looking at her as just the next Disney kid and see her as a true character actress. I believe that with her determination, she will be able to survive Hollywood and all its demons.

  • Ha ha

    Maybe she can eventually go for older roles. At least this look will offer her more opportunities.

  • http://none juddy

    Gorgeous! so proud of you baby V

  • annii


  • 333

    so cute

  • Telle

    she loookkk FINEEE¡¡¡

  • Telle


  • Telle

    Whats goin on lovers? In honor of Sucker Punch being released on DVD, I thought I’d share this rad clip from the film with you where I got to do cray cray things like fly around in a plane and try to take down a dragon!… No big ;-) Who’s going to grab a copy? I actually want one. Lol Xx V

  • Telle

    ”hi vanessa I send you greetings from Ecuador ….. very pretty … and your songs are great …. I’m your fan number 1 ”

  • Telle

    your so pretty, vanessa!!! (:You very very beavtiful. are beautifull You aré beautifulvanessa you are the best i love your outifuts wow super

  • Telle

    Cuevas Cavazos Priscila says:
    hey hi vanessa and saw your new look for the movie gimme shelter this crazy jejeje and I’m dying to see the movie kisses from mexico

  • Telle

    Suellen Gonçalves says :
    hahaha, Vanessaaaaaaaaaaa, you are a diva without a doubt, you continue with this beautiful new look, your hair is still perfect, loved his car, “Lola” ha *-* I loved the name, I am Brazilian, and on behalf of all its Brazilian fans, which are many, “I say: you are an idol in Brazil. Kisses

  • Telle

    Kyle James Vertoch says :
    Hey Vanessa what’s up
    Mariah Torres says :
    i love you you are so beatifull
    Nichola Disneychick Isaac says:
    LUV YAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Telle

    Sis Sitis Sikelis says :
    hugs and kisses vanessa love you if can fine me .a hotboy
    Patricia Pastor Natividad says :
    vanessA YOU ARE THE BEST
    Sibel Cuhadar says :
    I love you too ♥ please come to Turkey

  • Telle

    Sis Sitis Sikelis says :
    hugs and kisses vanessa love you if can fine me .a hotboy
    Patricia Pastor Natividad says :
    vanessA YOU ARE THE BEST
    Sibel Cuhadar says :
    I love you too ♥ please come to Turkey

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