Demi Lovato: Katy Perry Concert Cutie

Demi Lovato: Katy Perry Concert Cutie

Demi Lovato leaves Nokia Theatre L.A. Live after watching Katy Perry in concert on Friday (August 5) in Los Angeles.

The 18-year-old entertainer, rocking some silver face glitter, sipped a can of Red Bull on her way out.

“SO much fun at the @katyperry concert… She’s so talented. Every song is entertaining and LIVE!!” Demi tweeted.

“Dance party with strangers, new and old friends!!!! Woo!!” she wrote in another tweet.

In case you missed it, check out Demi‘s glam photo shoot with Elle, where she candidly opens up about her past troubles.

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Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Zahra

    Demi’s obsession with glitter NEEDS to stop already!!

  • Tim

    She’s so fresh and fierce! I love her!

  • lila

    love her so much

  • ….

    I don’t like the thing on her face :(

  • maria


    As a fan, I completely agree.

  • SeL

    Is it just me or is she losing weight again? I hope it’s in a healty way! I love her!

  • monica

    Did Ke$ha throw up on her or something ? This look doesn’t suit her at all.

  • anon

    Every time I see her wear bracelets I get suspicous now,but I’m sure she won’t go back to that :)

  • anon

    @monica: looks like she also borrowed lady gaga’s shoes

  • mrsdestinyhope

    Good Luck at the TCa’s Demi !

  • bella

    Demi shis is beautiful. Cada día se hace más una diosa admirable

  • me

    she looks disgusting

  • Darius

    Demi, you know I love ya babe, but the glitter and those shoes take away from your natural greatness. k bai.

  • marissa

    is it just me or is everyone have something negative to say about her who gives a flying donkeys ass if shes having a glitter obseession like really who gives about what she wearing come on people wonder why people are fricken depressed with their lives

  • Penélope

    Demi is so beautiful..

  • Rebecca

    She is very beautiful

  • Lara

    Demi is very beautiful and incredible and have tasteful because Katy is also great

  • Olivia

    she is very beautiful and very stylish

  • Taylor

    you are so beautiful

  • Angelina

    always beautiful and stylish Demi is incredible!

  • Jennifer

    always beautiful and stylish

  • Isabella

    Demi is very beautiful I love when she wears a hat and these shoes are GORGEOUS

  • Brenda

    she is very beautiful!

  • Emma

    she is very beautiful and I really love your style

  • Miranda

    Demi is very beautiful, is my inspiration…

  • David

    She is the most beautiful girl in in the world

  • Meghan

    She claims to have issues with how she looks but she’s always wearing shorts/skirts/dresses?

  • samy

    she is coping miley cyrus style get your own

  • kerri

    she is beautiful

  • Ariel

    i love demi, but the lady gaga thing she’s got doesn’t look that great. but i LOVE HER ANYWAY!!! <3

  • http://my_iz nouf

    @Meghan: She had those issues BEFORE treatment ..

  • http://my_iz nouf

    She looks amazing, i love her style .. Good luck at the TCAs Demi, i can’t wait to see her rocking the red carpet again ..

  • lia

    Yes, she’s back…. But it looks to me she’s more insecure than ever. Now, after her treatment she’s supposed to be stronger than ever and ppl are looking for a proof. Guess she didn’t know how to give it to them, and now I think she’s going down the wrong way, again. Let’s just hope she’s truly recovered from her insecurities. That’s all I care about.

  • angelica

    like im sorry but im so disappointed in some of you people! demi is beautiful! but um did you girls read the article with the picture or did you just go straight to looking at the picture. because clearly shes going to a katy perry concert. and you know what thats the time to be ya over the top. and ya she may still be a little self conscious about herself, but who isnt!

  • Mariana

    Demi is very beautiful and I love your new style

  • Miley

    these shoes are perfect!

  • Sophie

    so beautiful..

  • Ariane

    Demi is incredible I just loved this look

  • Gisele

    Demi is incredible and beautiful

  • Eva

    Demi is BEAUTIFUL

  • Vanessa

    she is very beautiful!

  • Jennifer

    she is beautiful and perfectly stylish

  • Ashely

    she is beautiful and so stylish

  • Isabella

    Demi is really incredible and beautiful

  • lindsay

    is really incredible

  • Sarah

    always beautiful

  • Anne

    she is very beautiful

  • Amber

    She is so AWESOME, I always love her style, and of course she’s a beauty!

  • Gabriela

    Demi is really beautiful

  • Alice

    Demi is really incredible