Ashley Tisdale: Hair Salon Sweetie!

Ashley Tisdale: Hair Salon Sweetie!

Ashley Tisdale shows off her freshly retouched hair after a visit to Byron & Tracey Salon on Tuesday (August 9) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 26-year-old actress kept her hands full carrying both a giant black Balenciaga “Classic Weekender” bag and a cream Chanel purse.

Ashley has been trying her hand at cooking lately!

“Made dinner for Nessa last night. i think im getting really good at this cooking thing lol. @HaylieK you have to teach me some more stuff ha,” Ash tweeted.

Thanks to our pals at Miss Tisdale, we found out that Ashley will be hosting the Milk Teen Event on August 30th in Los Angeles! More deets to come later!

15+ pics of Ashley

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Photos: GSI Media
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  • amtfan

    vashley tweet! yay!

  • Lubarus

    Her hair looks so cool!!:)

  • vpfan

    her look is SO VANESSA HUDGENS

  • menna

    And the point of carrying two purses….

  • amtfan

    @menna: dude, cant she NOT get hate for once? ever since she hung out with her FRIEND on her BIRTHDAY shes getting hate from bitches like you.

  • tisdalefan

    ashley is so beautiful like always

  • ryme

    that’s vanessa’s boot

  • ben

    love her friendshipe with v. true friends 6 years now with all the hate from their fans .wow that’s real freindship

  • Meghan

    OMG she looks so flawless, everything about her is just beautiful. Lmao at the Vanessa fans still hating on her even though her and V are still good friends. I can’t wait to see her hosting the Teen Milk event woohoo. :) @menna Btw on her Twitter she tweeted her friend that she left her bag at her house so she was probably going to drop it over to her house after the salon so yeah that’s the point!

  • Meghan

    gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

  • ryan

    damn ashley be lookin’ good

  • sarahhh

    ashley’s so pretty…diva

  • http://justjaredjr Wicked

    not to sound mean or anything…but im wondering why she’s still getting followed by the paps?

  • Davisg

    Dude, what the heck is up with all the Ashley Tisdale posts? For every ‘article’ published you have at least one Tisdale posting following… Kinda like this is becoming her own little home page. Just saying there are other folks out there that you can report on than this gal who isn’t even working other than as a voice actress on a cartoon.

  • Brian

    Future HIV patient.

  • Mara

    She looks gorgeous & and her hair is just perfect here!

  • wicked! :)

    dont want to sound mean or anything…im just really curious as to why she is still getting followed and papped?

  • Lucy

    @vpfan WHAT?
    OMG!! Vanessa’s fans are so pathetic…
    ‘her look is SO VANESSA HUDGENS’
    I’m not here for that….

  • Lucy

    I love her style and different from what they say on here..
    Ashley has her own style and don’t need to copy the clothes of vanessa!

  • Lucy

    if you knew the severity of a patient with HIV
    don’t play with such a serious matter…

  • MR.


  • MR.

    she is soo beautiful and sexy blonde !!

  • Lubarus

    I love Ashley!!*

  • Lubarus

    She looks so cute=*

  • menna

    @amtfan: I don’t exactly care for her or any of them, it was a question….what is the point in ANYONE carrying 2 bags?

  •!/Tauang Tauang

    I lover her BLONDE HAIR! *———*

  • Lucy

    so beautiful :)

  • Mara

    @menna She’s carrying 2 bags because one of them is for the gym.
    And, even if not, what’s the problem?

  • Sandy

    she looks cute ;)


    beautiful :D

  • re

    gosh, are you guys really fighting over the fact that she is carrying 2 purses! GET A FU CK ING LIFE!