Ashley Tisdale: Sunday Family Dinner!

Ashley Tisdale: Sunday Family Dinner!

Ashley Tisdale makes a quick run to Trader Joe’s grocery store on Sunday evening (August 14) in Toluca Lake, Calif.

After taking a bike ride with gal pal Haylie Duff, the 26-year-old actress decided to make dinner for her whole family — which included her visiting grandfather!

“cooked dinner for my family, pops was impressed! now off to watch Real Housewives of New Jersey #guiltypleasure ;)” Ash tweeted after eating.

Big sister Jennifer also shared, “Love Sunday Family Dinner! @ashleytisdale made an amazing meal. Thanks sis! xoxo”

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Credit: Goffredo Crollalanza; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • amtfan

    I want those sunglasses :P so cute!

  • sara

    wow she’s shopping finaly she hade some time to go shopping this girl is soooooooooo busy

  • tisdalefan

    i love ashley tisdalee

  • nina
  • meghan

    @sara: Lol wow do something better with your life babe…oh wait you don’t have one. MY BAD.

  • lol

    @meghan: Are you related to Ashley> You’re attached to her beak like a barnacle.

  • sara

    well i have so much to do in my life that why i don’t hare a twitter just to talk about ashley like you do every second in your life it for her i bet you are the one who doesn’t have something to do in your life exepte talking about ashley all the time

  • sara

    no sweetie i have the best life ever well i ghess you are the one who doesn’t have a life that why all you do is talking about tisdale all the day in every second you don’t have something better to do ?



    look whos talking! lmfaoooo ur no better

  • re

    cook for me too!
    Maybe she has nothing better to do with her life right know, but you KEEP WATCHING her boring life, l o s e r!

  • iloveashley

    all the haters just stop with all that hate and tell me if u do have a life why do u go and check the news of someone u don’t like and comment on them that is just soooooooooooooo stupid and i will not tell u to go get a life cause u will never have one u will just be haters that are jealous of other people having a good life not like u.

  • Marine

    May I recall everybody (and especially people who are always hating on this girl) that paparazzi’s photographs represents… a tiny moment of her life. May I recall you that she has a production company and it needs a LOT of time. Just because you don’t see her on a set right now means she’s a loser like. For a year she’s been a set and everybody was complaining because for them it was “nothing” or anything they like –’. The girl doesn’t have a boring life and she’s definitely not a loser since she’s where she is now.

    I think some of you doesn’t even have a real reason to hate her… That’s sad! The girl just living her life…

  • whatever

    @Marine: Yeah, cartoons should keep her real busy.

  • iloveashley

    @whatever: she is not doing cartoons only cause she has been on meetings all the time and at least she is doing something with her life unlike u who doesn’t and will never have a life.

  • sara

    meetings ??????????? Since 2 years she said i have meetings

  • heartu

    awwh :(

  • Marine

    @sara: Emh… Like I said she has a production company, the meetings are certainly for it and her projects picked up for TV. I hope you know a production company needs a lot of time and attention, right?

    @whatever: There is nothing wrong doing the voice of a character on cartoons, especially when the cartoon is famous (which is the case with Phineas and Ferb) and when a lot of people (including GROWN UP persons) watch it on TV.

  • whatever

    @iloveashley: LMAO!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I have no life, cause I said all she has going on is a cartoon. That’s brilliant!!! LMAO

  • http://Justjaredjr Jen.

    Well let’s face it, there is no way that she’s considered a movie star/ major celebrity, and I think that’s why some people are still wondering why shes still getting papped… It’s a good thing she has that production company and phineas and pherb because that way she can still be considered a D lister.

  • Mara

    I love her :)

  • iloveashley

    @whatever: what if she has going on a cartoon what is wrong with that like u r doing anything better with ur sad life just go away and try to find someone else that u could hate on or try to fix ur sad life