Nick Jonas & Delta Goodrem: Los Cabos Lovebirds!

Nick Jonas & Delta Goodrem: Los Cabos Lovebirds!

Nick Jonas and Delta Goodrem enjoy some rest and relaxation on their romantic getaway on Monday (September 5) in Los Cabos, Mexico.

The 18-year-old musician and his 26-year-old sweetie arrived in Mexico earlier in the day and spent Labor Day lounging by the pool.

Nick is also spotted with his guitar by his side — perhaps he’s getting inspiration for new music?

The vacay is a much needed one for Nick, who has been busy producing music for other artists and searching for the first Quaker Chewy Superstar.

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Credit:; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • kendra

    More pictures! Good. Glad he’s having a nice vacation.

  • Lauren83

    Oh Dear!. Niley fans are going to be pulling their hair out

  • Angie

    This is so gross. Really, the age difference is too much and it will never work. She’s a grown woman and he is still a young teenage boy…must be for the sex. Cause teenage boys can go a lot longer than men her age. Their little stans can try and justify this all they want but its NOT cute or true love. Nick has changed. Not a fan any longer. He’s too young to pull this crap. Shows how immature he is…and I can’t even with those man boobies. Sticking to Joe and Kevin from now on. Had enough of Nicks crap. Delta babe what are you thinking?

  • SUE

    Hey, that’s so mean. He doesn’t actually look too healthy here. His rib is sticking out kind of. And his skin is hanging, He has diabetes. It’s harder to stay in shape. At least he’s not ashamed to go shirtless. The older chick is all covered up. You can tell she’s got some hips on her.

  • janie

    Hahaha, he has his guitar out. I wonder if he was serenading her.

    He’s hot, I don’t care. I’d date him if I were Delta’s age. I don’t think the age difference is that big of a deal… Nick seems mature anyway.

  • Nina

    I love them together they really are happy! Nick said himself he’s glad he has someone who cares about him! People can complain about the age difference all they want obviously it doesnt bother them so why should it bother u & there are people with bigger age differences than 8 years(Mariah&Nick=14 years apart) and they’re happily married with kids! And for those saying ur not a fan anymore is just childish & immature u became a fan cause of their music not who they date! Any true fan would respect Nicks happiness he’s happy and im happy for him!

  • HRH12

    Yeah. All the older woman are doing this now. Oh, how fricken cute. Introducing teenagers to all the sexual diseases an older person might have picked up along the way cause they’ve slept with alot more people. Same with an older guy with a girl teenager. I’ve never heard so many older ladies say such disgusting things about what they’d like to do to famous teenagers lately.

  • Bob morein

    Delta finally has accepted that she’s talentless, and is now trolling for a sugar daddy to pay the bills. It’s understandable that she’s picked an 18 year old American. This is the level of maturity of most Australian men, and the kind of man she’s used to pushing around.

    Delta’s a washed up loser. I hope Nick understands that.

  • Lauren


    U r sooooooooooo mean, Nick has never changed! Age difference doesn’t matter. As long as he is happy, I’m happy. He is way mature for his age. Nick’s body looks fine.

  • Jaz


    Wow, ignorant much? Judgmental, too. The two are both legal adults. 8 yr difference ,oooOOoOOooo who gives a crap… my folks are 10 yrs apart and been married 25+ yrs, so quit hating… and as for your sex comment, you’re obviously inexperienced there too. You sound like a jealous bitter former Nick stan who can’t handle your crush being happy. Guess what, sweetie, you’re never gonna be anything to him (or to Joe or Kevin either) so why not just let these men live their own lives, and you concentrate on getting a life of your own?

  • Ella

    Nicky is sooo in love! His birthday is in 10 days!! witwit. ;)

  • Unkown


    certainly but Not his fault law of naturel it is growing ((:

  • Isa

    Nick stop going out with that girl she is to old for you, I Now you want to relax because you have a tour in southamerica but why with her?

    I <3 you….

  • dawn

    @ isa
    do you really love nick? if you did you would support him. you don’t have to like his girlfriends, but hes madly in love with the girl. you have no right to be so hurtful. hes not going to end up with you

    this actually goes out to all the haters.

  • marian

    i love that Nick is happy & everything but….. i can’t stand her.
    Please someone needs to deport her back to Australia…

  • ozzie

    they seem happy … i am happy for them … people need to stop being so judgmental towards them.

  • Kiri

    Love Nick and all, but he’s got a little man-boob action going he’s still cute<33

  • riezz

    oh wow, who’s immature now?

  • riezz

    @SUE: oh wow, who’s immature now? have you seen your face in the mirror lately?

  • Patworx

    @SUE: So you think Delta should go shirtless as well?

  • Lawrence

    If some of you had lives you wouldn’t be harping on other peoples, as for the age complaints. Whether it lasts or doesn’t its Nick live, yet him enjoy it.

  • justice

    Did he gain weight if so why?

  • Maddy


    Get yourself sorry fat bum a life & butt out of Nick’s life – hell they do not even know you – loser – it takes 2 baby to tango

    So sad you haters – I hope he marries her & she has the last laugh hehehe – Tosser back to your toys & keep dreaming !!!!!

  • erin

    I’m so shocked!!!!!!!!!! well I didn’t know Delta broke up with Brian until………………………

  • sho

    people gave miley so much crab for dating an older guy and now that nick is dating a way older chick everyone wants to be understanding. like i said people love to pick on miley anyone else they always make excuses for!!!

  • Random

    Damn them for looking so cute!! (since i’m a Niley fan) Ah, well he’s happy right? : )

  • elc

    i don’t know what to say…….. but i’m sure this relationship is not gonna work, just sayin

  • Jo


    Honestly, honey, you, and the rest of the Nelta stans that are attacking others for expressing their opinions, are no better than Angie and the rest of the haters. It’s obvious that YOU have a lot of growing to do, as well.

  • paige

    Hmm I have mixed feelings about this.
    I mean I love Nick and all but at the same me it’s iffy.
    At the same time also, I don’t know much about this Delta girl.
    So I can’t really say anything bad about her per say.

    A(n) 8 year difference isn’t bad as you might think
    My aunt married a guy with a 19 year difference.
    I think I can’t rememeber.
    Anyway, I’m glad he is happy, especially with someone who knows what it’s like when you have health problems.
    Then some fakes like Miley and Selena.

    Anywho, it’s nice to see others opinions on this
    I hope they stay together for as long as they can.
    It still makes me laugh that she is taller then him.
    Good Luck Nick + Delta, I’ll be praying for both of you.