Jennette McCurdy & Nathan Kress: Sam & Freddie are Dating?!

Jennette McCurdy & Nathan Kress: Sam & Freddie are Dating?!

Jennette McCurdy and Nathan Kress enjoy a groovy smoothie in this new still from iCarly.

In the all-new episode “iDate Sam and Freddie,” Sam (McCurdy) and Freddie (Kress) rely on Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) to referee all of their lovers’ quarrels. Now the sometimes-happy couple wants Carly’s help with every fight!

Three is most definitely a crowd.

“iDate Sam and Freddie” premieres Saturday, September 10th @ 8PM ET/PT on Nickelodeon. 10+ pics inisde…

iCarly “iDate Sam and Freddie” Clip #1

iCarly “iDate Sam and Freddie” Clip #2
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Credit: Lisa Rose; Photos: Nickelodeon
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  • Jaz

    I’m sorry, but Seddie just makes me want to vomit. Ugh. Just soooo wrong.

  • Jaz

    And the reason is that Sam and Freddie are much better being on each other’s cases, not smooching and calling each other Baby!

  • fmfigg

    Jennette McCurdy is dating Max Ehrich

  • Christine

    This was one couple that should’ve never happened. She spends 90% of her time physically abusing him in some form or the other and the rest calling him names. What kind of relationship is that? I will never understand why people think they’re a good match. Maybe this will open up their minds.

  • KIKI

    I will admit that I find it a little strange hearing Sam call Freddie “Baby”… it seems out of character for her. I’m more pro Seddie than Creddie but I honestly don’t care who’s with who as long as they are all happy with it. I think it’s a natural character progression that one of the girls would end up falling for Freddie and Carly and him had their little chance in iSave Your Life so now its Sam and Freddie’s turn. I just wish she wouldn’t have called him baby, it’s weird. I would have liked for her to still call him “Freddork” or “Fredduccini” or even “dip thong” and then just be affectionate with him. I don’t know… I’m looking forward to this episode though, I think it will be cute and I guess we’ll just have to see how things play on! Oh… and the Carly and Gibby sub plot is really weird, I hope they don’t end up together….that’s just awkward. I know Gibby has matured A LOT and hit puberty since the first few seasons but I’m not sure a Carly/Gibby fling would be good for the shows dynamic….maybe it would make for a good comedy subplot for a little while like we saw in the clip but I hope it doesn’t progress into anything more serious….that would be a little strange! Well I guess we have to see the show to find out what happens! Can’t wait, this is going to be a good one! :)

  • reese

    i wonder if this will mess up the show

  • xssie

    i had a flinch from the start would end up dating. C’mon people, i’e always thought d reason sam hits on freddie a lot is cos she had a thing for him and was trying to cover it up with physical abuse, plus they’ve kissed b4 so there’s an attraction. But it does sound weird that sam referred to him as baby.

  • Courtney

    lol they’re so cute

  • reese

    so now carly is a thirs wheel

  • Victoria

    Sam and Freddie dating????? that’s just weird:> but seriously I wish the happy couple all the best.

  • reese

    is carly gonna date gibby

  • reese

    how long is the episode is it an hour?

  • reese

    still cat believe the whole season is all bout them dating??? weird eh

  • erika

    seddie i love you =) <3

  • laura

    can you post about ‘FRED’ being on the new Supah Ninjas tonight please!!!!!

  • reese

    that puppy is so cute

  • reese

    i always preferred creddie anyway

  • marius

    Miranda looked rather fetching tonight. Especially in that lovely
    orange dress that failed to hide those delicious legs…

  • Olivia

    Cute! But I wonder if Sam and Freddie’s relationship will realy work out. I don’t know if they are right for each other :) I don’t know, but I kind of think it’s cute for the bully to fall in love with the victim :) LOL I guess it would be cute if Carly and Freddie fell in love. Just because Freddie always liked Carly. I like both! I have been there Carly! The peacmaker for two while you are only one :)

  • Olivia

    @ reese, “that puppy is so cute” I agree! I wonder what kind it is :) It seems like all baby animals cute! LOL I love that little dog’s ears! So cute that they are black and he’s white :)

  • Steffy

    I always wanted them to date and now they are but that all “Ohh.. Baby..blablabla” stuff pisses me off. I’m serious, really? This is NOT Sam! I wanted them to date because the other seasons were about how she turned his life into hell but they still liked each other and were friends even they didn’t want to admit it. And they also kissed once which made me want them to date even more. But they turned Sam’s character into a mess. I hope Carly will find someone, too, but please, not Gibby.

  • kayly

    I not much of an ICarly fan I find it all way over dramatic I more into the disney shows than Nick but anymore I have always followed ICarly’s plots and I have also wanted Sam and Freddie to be together I always love a love/hate relationship! And I think they are totally cute together maybe cause i aint a hard core fan that I dont find it weird for them to be together I mean I always thought there was something between then so I am for it and I might actually watch the show more now. lol

  • montra

    so true it made me vomit



  • Jessica young

    Although I hate to admit it, I like icarly. Been watching them for yrs, but now since Sam & Freddie are dating…I find myself squimish at the sight of Sam and Freddie kissing or that baby talk! Gross!!!! It’s just not the same! I lterally feel uncomfortable watching the show now! Carly & Freddie all the way! I mean, Sam sabotaging freddies application to that camp which was his dream! Soooo childish the way she treated him before bc she was mad at him watever! I’ve seen kindergartners treat each other better! Sam is street trash!

  • jade

    I hate this! It’s kind of awkward watching because she’s always calling him baby, and they’re always kissing. I liked it better BEFORE they started to date!

  • corona

    THEN AGAIN….if a person is being mean to the opposite gender,, its usually becoz they like them….and to hide their feelings so that no one will know.. AND I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR Sam and Freddie my whole life.. And finally they happen to make me happy…. They r so cute

  • crazy55

    :D :D :D O:) 3:)

  • http://ceejhaay ceejhaay

    I HATE Sam and Freddie together. They don’t look together at all. I never liked Sam on the show and it just got worse when she started dating Freddie. I’ll always hope for a relationship between Freddie and Carly because I know that Freddie did truly love her FROM THE VERY START. And someday I hope that Carly learns how great Freddie is.

  • Jaelynn

    In real life they are dating

  • shelby

    i think thay look so cute together.


    I wonder wha Madisen Hill thought of this…..


    I wonder what Madisen Hill thought of this…..