No More Lives for Chloe King on ABC Family

No More Lives for Chloe King on ABC Family

Looks like Chloe King‘s nine lives ran out…

Deadline reports that ABC Family has decided not to renew the The Nine Lives of Chloe King starring Skyler Samuels, Grey Damon and Benjamin Stone.

Skyler recently shared in a round table interview on what she would’ve liked to see Chloe go through: “It’s hard to say. Chloe is definitely becoming a very interesting and complex young lady throughout this transformation. But I would be very curious to see if maybe Chloe falls into a bit more trouble in Season 2. Maybe Chloe will kind of team up with a villain, or goes undercover, or does something maybe a little grittier than her daily routine.”

In addition, ABC Family has also given a green light to 12 more episodes of The Lying Game, which stars Alexandra Chando and Blair Redford.

ARE YOU SAD to see Nine Lives go?

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Credit: Andrew Eccles, Bob DAmico; Photos: ABC Family
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  • http://loltayror Lauren hashima

    i’m so pissed. the finale was too juicy to not continue. i’m so disappointed.

  • Jen

    NONONO. I loved that show so much… :(

  • http://kayjxheart kayla

    Yes! I did not like this show at all… I dont know why… nothing will ever beat The Lying Game, Switched at Birth or Pretty Little Liars! <3

  • Krista

    i loved that show! season one ended with a cliffhanger and i really wanted to see what would happen next. they should have cancelled switched at birth or something else. (well not PLL or the lying game)

  • michelle

    I am very disappointed that they cancelled this show! It was actually my favorite from abc family. The story was great and it had an amazing cast! I am so sad that there won’t be a season 2! :(

  • Ashlynn

    I rele loved this show :(

  • Toni

    Ahhh come on abc family! That cliffhanger was insane!

  • http://miamigirl2013 Laura

    I loved watching the show and I wish that they would film more episodes but maybe put it on a different network… I’ve loved watching new shows and some of the good shows they have put on they pull after only 1 season which i dont like at all.

  • Midz

    I really liked the show and i totally loved benjamin Stone! Sad to say goodbye!

  • Vanessa


  • http://@meganlynch09 Megan

    I LOVED this show, well I mainly loved Grey Damon but still I really wanted to to be continued and that season finale is gonna kill me!
    Sometimes I thought the acting was a bit wooden but then it was a very new show and needed time to find it’s feet. Sad news :(

  •!/Purple_Crash Lota

    This is so stupid! There were way too many twists in the finale, not to mention that insane cliffhanger! They can’t just leave us hanging like this!

  • angie

    NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I LOVED THIS SERIES!!!!! and i really wanted to see what happens between alec and chloe!!
    I hate it when they cancel shows so soon!! .. tehy have to give it time to get a big audience!!
    aaaaaahhhsdhfjhf im so ANGRY at this!!
    We should write to ABC or something people!!!

  • Starla

    No! I loved this show so much! I’m so angry!

  • http://Vjustice4NYC Shannon Nicole

    That is MESSED UP. How could they end the show after a cliff hanger LIKE THAT ?!!! I REFUSE to watch The Lying Game.. Because it really looks stupid to me… I cant get into it… PLL & 9 Lives are the BEST <3 Switched at birth is pretty good too.. GOD I am SO ANGRY

  • niki

    im SOOOOOOO sad :,(

  • janiece

    Totally saw this coming! It just wasn’t captivating and the acting was awful. I stuck around (barely) for 3 episode before I quit watching it. The concept seemed really cool and interesting, but bad acting killed it for me. The Lying Game is 10x better and I’m glad it’s getting more episodes. Hopefully more people start to watch it so it’ doesn’t canceled too.

  • gracey

    what?! i love the show! the story is interesting and i definitely love alek with chloe!

  • cassie

    WTF im pissed! this was the best show! make it or break it sucks! and switch at birth sucks!

  • Mari

    No!! They can’t cancel!! I was bawling my eyes out over that ending!! And I disagree- the acting is fine. I was really getting involved w/the characters & story. Was excited to see what would be next. Now I’ll never know? NO!!

  • Veronika

    omg! I love this show… I am angry! Very angry!

  • mary


    i loved that show :( I’m so disappointed!


    I hate it when their cancelling a show allthough there was no real ending. I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Virginia

    Ugh! Stupid ABC Family! They are always cancelling the good shows after a cliff hanger finale. It makes me want to stop watching their new series. Because I get interested in them and they are cancelled. Not the news I wanted to hear about this show. >=*(The Lying Games are boring compared to Chloe King. Wrong choice in my opinion!

  • Vera
  • Steffy

    I’m not sad about this, I’m MAD! Everytime there’s a good show on abc (e.g. 10 things I hate about you) it gets cancelled. Why? I think the casts acting was quite good and the concept of the show too. I mean, come on, 10 more episodes! I would like to see how it will continue. Seriously, cliffhanger for the last episode? Gosh, hate you abc!

  • V

    NOOOOOOOOO! They should at least have one more episode cause the ending of season 1 was a major cliffhanger! ABC Famly, YOU SUCK!

  • SeL

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY! DAMN YOU! It was one of the best shows! Much better than Switched at Birth…. I love this show! They always cancell the best ones right at the most interesting time. F*CK YOU!

  • SeL

    I agree with Virginia’s comment!

  • samantha

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! crap!!!!!!!

  • marlovesjb

    What the hell, abc family?????????!! Come on, I loved that show!! Just because it’s not an instant hit with EVERYONE doesn’t it’s worthless! I’m done watching abc family; so stupid!!

  • ME

    NO! This was the best show abc family put out there besides gilmore girls! They are making millions of people mad and sad. The only reason they did not get a lot of viewers is because the show was on a bad time and day of the week. It was the best show out there. Guess I wont be watching anymore TV for a while

  • Ileana


  • Keep Chloe king!

    If you compare nlock with state of georgia. State of Georgia has only once gotten their ratings over 1million and sometimes the ratings dont even reach 100,000. Nine lives has only once gotten ratings below 1million. So really nine lives is not the show that has gotten the least amount of ratings. They would get more ratings if they changed the date and time of the show and put Chloe with Alyec. Bad move abc family bad move.

  • Keep Chloe king!

    I know rite!!!! Best show on abc family!

  • Cheryl

    Get out!! I LOVE that show. I’m so irritated at the networks for getting u interested in shows then dropping them! Maybe we should cancel our service providers n only use Netflix!!!

  • Don’t go !!!

    why would they take it off? it was a great show and the ending was too juicy to leave us. I really wanted to see what would happened next ! please don’t take it off or install the show to and I’ll totally watch it but you can’t just dissapoint us like this !

  • amanda leigh

    This was predicted….the summer season ended with very low ratings.

  • andrealove110

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! omg this just totaly riuned my day all the way!!!! i cant believe they canceled this show it was so great!! this i s such bad news!!!!!! :’(

  • becky

    noooo can we do something? this show was the best!!!!!!!!!!!! ABC FAMILY BRING THIS SHOW BACK!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo!!!!!! I loved this show so much. and the finale was too juicy to go away like that. I still have so many questions. This is horrible news!

  • Cindy

    boooooo!! This was a favorite show on ABC Fam :[

  • AZUL

    ABC Family makes me mad. I love the story and the cast com’on, I’m done with ABC family thank goodness fall shows kick off in the CW.

  • julie

    i only watched this show because of grey damon, he’s so beautiful and i loved him since he was on friday night lights.

  • Sarah

    So beyond angry that they cancelled Nine Lives. I’m honestly never watching ABC Family again. If they won’t give me Nine Lives as a supernatural fix, I’ll just watch The Secret Circle instead. I also love Pretty Little Liars, but if I need to watch juicy gossip scandals, I can watch a billion other shows because I only got into PLL because of Nine Lives. Without Nine Lives, why bother?

  • note

    BUMMED. I started of NOT liking this show at all– it would come on after PLL and I didn’t like it.

    Then, later episodes totally drew me in and it became my favorite, so addicting! The finale was AMAZING. I’m mad!

    For some reason shows only last on TV unless they are super soapy like Switched at Birth or The Lying Game- boring soap opera junk. Chloe King had cool action and mythology, and a hot love triangle!

  •!/Sarah9471 Sarah947

    I like this show… ;(

  • roxanne turner

    I am pissed 2 i love the nine lives of chloe king they should at east killed the people who where after her or something ya’ll left alot of people hanging like that. That’s just rude.

  • Trea

    I agree. This show had amazing acting. These people were talented! Plus, Alek made it even better with his Mai hotness! And, there aren’t words to describe how pissed I am. And the book can’t give you any answers either (But I loved the book too) cuz it was NOTHING like the show. And I AM a fan of The Lying Game, Secret Life, and Switched At Birth but, why should I get even more involved in these shows when they’re probaby gonna scratch them too? ABCF has proven that they are unreliable to continue any series so no matter how much I enjoy some of the other shows, I’m gonna cancel the station. But, I have faith that another station will pick this show up. There ARE channels that are protesting about ABCF’s decision, there are even people who used to work for ABCF that’re protesting as well. And why did they continue The Lying Game when that received even lower ratings than Nine Lives? So, Please, if you want Chloe King to ‘come back’, ask for other stations (such as MTV,FOX,TBS,NICK, etc) to pick it back up!

  • aimee

    this sucks and that stupid show the lying game took its place what the heck is wrong with these people!!!!!!!!!

  • brittany

    i just want to say that the nine lives had full potential along with well loved actors and actresses and i would hate to see the show go…i loved the nine lies and abc family doesn’t know how many times i watched it online and on tv my brothers were even inerested in the show abc dissapointed me and i really hope cw or nick picks this show up that way i can watch it NINE LIVES OF CHLOE KING FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! i <3 the nine lives of chloe king