Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Zoo Date!

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Zoo Date!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez indulge in a little down time by visiting the Los Angeles Zoo on Wednesday afternoon (September 21).

Selena, 19, has been a bit busy since her tour wrapped up earlier this month — performing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and working on her fragrance website launch.

She wrote on Facebook, “Just got out of a long fragrance meeting, I am getting really excited for this. Website should be up and running soon so you can help me make some decisions on the scent. Be sure to register now so your the first to know when it goes live.

Also, enjoy the newest “We Own The Night” tour video below!

Selena Gomez: Middle of Nowhere
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Credit: DMac2/Rocstar2; Photos: Flynet Pictures
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  • maria

    Why so unhappy, you two???

  • amanda leigh

    It kind of bothers me when celebrities use “your” instead of “you’re”…….

  • sarah

    seriously what is she wearing?

  • Tammy

    They both look kind of…upset, I guess or mad or something. They are not their usual smiling, hand holding, all over each other selfs…It’s weird.

  • Kristy

    Probably they can never get any privacy. I know they post pictures on instagram but that’s different than being followed and stalked by people to take pics of them at a zoo. They probably want to have some time alone together without people knowing.

  • Ashley

    @sarah: apparently, justin’s polo shirt. doesn’t look flattering on her at all.

  • Loveiskind

    In some of the pics, she looks like she could kill and others she looks like she’s not quite looking like herself, like she’s older and somehow someone else…know what I mean?

  • @sarah

    lol she’s wearing his shirt!

  • Angie

    Privacy is a price to pay when being you’re famous. I’m sure they know that.

  • lelani

    Famous or not, everyone is entitied to some privacy! Laws against stalking need to be passed so that people who HAPPEN to be famous can go to a restaurant or drive a car without fear of being stalked…by professional photographers or fans. Try to treat them the way YOU would like to be treated. 50 years ago people wouldn’t have dreamed of behaving like this. We’ve come a long way, I guess, but in the wrong direction. I say God bless you both and keep your chins up, be proud, be strong. Peace to you both.

  • tracy

    gomez and beiber dont look so happy these days..

  • curious

    is she wearing his shirt?

  • blah

    ugh I’m so sick and tired of them

  • jes

    why not they break up already if their so sick of the paps taking pix of them I’m sure it’ll lessen the attention they get. I doubt they’re dare I say ‘in love’ but they seem to be dating cause its good for publicity and stuff
    you know hollywood…

  • Rafael

    Selena is so cute :)

  • laurent

    it must be really really annoying have papz all over you all the time!

  • laurent

    btw i love that they are matching polos :D

  • ….

    I love her!

  • Ali Mohamed

    I love her

    (wizard of waverly place)- the best disney show

  • JBfan101

    Sensing a breakup soon, very few public happy pictures….

  • kathy

    mejor justin bieber solo

  • Mrsvagabunda

    This “couple” always makes me LOL

  • http://Zoodatinginfo adam

    Hey people, Sel looks good in the zoo with Justin Bieber, but look at her body, Sel is currently as of 9/22/11 121 days pregnant with Justin Bieber’s baby. But, she is still enjoying herself at the zoo with her boyfriend. (Note: Sel’s pregnancy will still cause the end of the world.)


    They probably had a little argumant like every couple does its unnatural for couples not to fight

  • kaka

    He still looks like an 11 year old

  • el mexicano

    lmao chelsea handler said if he keeps datig latina girls hell end up a young dad
    any way theyll look like east la gangstas