Demi Lovato: Selena Gomez Means 'The World To Me'

Demi Lovato: Selena Gomez Means 'The World To Me'

Demi Lovato gets behind the wheel and heads home after dinner with friends at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles on Friday night (September 30).

The 19-year-old musician recently spoke to about her new album, Unbroken.

“I took a long time on this album,” Demi shares, “and I’ve been on such a journey over the past year that it just feels awesome to be able to release music that I’ve worked really hard on, and now that it’s done well [on the chart] it feels even better.”

She added of the support she’s received from fans, friends and family: “I feel like there are some people that you’re friends with that talk to you on Twitter or you text, but the people that are really there for me are the people that were there for me when I went into treatment. The people that were calling me while I was in there were Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez. Those two girls, they meant the world to me. They still do.”

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  • vee

    so was miley. she sent you a christmas present and you two talked. she said it on her interveiw on Enews.

  • Dorothy Juah

    Ummm maybe Miley lied in her interview if there is any such interivew where she says such things, and I don’t know why she would lie, but maybe she did… I don’t c why Demi would leave her out and if she did send her soft and they talked maybe things has change since then between them or Billboard left out Miley Name by mistake don’t c why they would though??? or smilpy Miley did send her soft and they still talk she just felt and is closer to Kim and Selena. After All Demi and Selena where bestfriends since childhood. Either the explanation must Miley always be mention in a topic that includes Selena Gomez or Nick Jonas??? Grow up

    Either the explanation must Miley be mention in everything that involves Selena Gomez or Nick Jonas

  • anonymous

    obviously demi shows more appreciation for selena, in like everyone of her interviews she talks so highly of her when selena hardly mentions her name.

  • vee

    @Dorothy Juah:

    demi said it on the interview..

  • dude

    @vee: Agreed – why is Miley getting dragged into this? Just for clarification purposes in her Enews interview: Demi said Miley was gracious to send her a Xmas present. She did not say she talked to Miley while in treatment center. ( BTW in the big picture isn’t it about Demi getting better not who she did or didn’t talk to her or name drop.

  • sandy

    Exactly! She said Miley sent her a gift. Nowhere did she mention that she talked to her. Demi in numerous occasions has said that Selena was there for her when she was in rehab. They may or may not talk.

    Selena went Demi’s concert in LA, she obviously supports Demi. She doesn’t have to talk to her through twitter. They do have each other’s phone number and may not be bf’s , but they are still friendly

  • samy

    I guess miley and demi are not friends anymore they don’t even tweet to each other on twitter selena tweeted to demi “SO, SO proud of @ddlovato #skyscraper Incredible beautiful and so inspiring and she tweeted unbroken so delena are the best

  • Patricia

    People, Selena & Demi have and still are close as ever, if your sooo mad she didn’t mention Miley, then SUCK IT UP.
    Prove that sometimes, Hollywood just can’t always break a REAL childhood friendship. & that’s what I’m proud of, She’s keeping that close to her, those are the relationships & sisterhood that counts.
    & About kim… hmm, well that’s her life.
    FYI @anon, Selena always shows & has shown great appreciation for Demi’s success. SG just doesn’t talk so much about her life to others, and some celebs should take a note or two on that.

  • Chantal

    Awhhh, #SEMIMOMENT. True sisters!!! Sticking it together through the GOOD & BAD! FAILS & Success!

  • alex

    selena never mentions demi name? seriously bro? demi was the one suffered so she talks about her probs and her frnds whu would selena talk about demi probs.she shouldnt do that.she is classic like that. selena tweeted about demi’s album and skyscraper song she went to her anonymous dumb head leave selena alone

  • magda tenšek

    awww so sweet , and about miley , demi alreday said it about miley to that she was also there and that she too meant the world to her <3

  • Midz

    I love that Selena and Demi are becoming close again!
    Also Miley’s name wasn’t mentioned not because they forgot but because she’s wasn’t there like how Kim and Selena were! If she was then Demi would have mentioned her but she didn’t therefore the article is right & Miley has accidently or purposely been forgotten!

  • Midz

    At the end i meant she hasn’t not has!

  • Po

    People shouldn’t read so much into things and just appreciate the good when it comes along. Good for Demi and Sely :)

  • Em

    just saying to that person who says selena underappreciates demi, Selena if widely known for never talking about personal things in her private life like friendships etc.

  • marlovesjb

    Why is everyone getting so worked up over Miley and Demi and Selena? Honestly, if they’re all friends, great, and good for them because you need friends in Hollywood. But I really don’t see the point in constantly critisizing them or their friendships when really, that’s very personal business and we have no idea what really goes on between them. Demi and Selena being good friends again is entertaining and nice to hear, but people need to stop obsessing over Demi and Selena’s lives and get some of their own.

  • Devin

    Glad they’re still friends :) they make a good pair

  • super_sel

    Anyone else think it’s strange that Selena appeared on the 1st So Random episode without Demi? She was the guest performer…doesn’t seem very supportive :/

  • Troy


    Let’s be fair here, Demi made the decision not to return to to “Sunny with a Chance,” because she wasn’t ready to get back i in front of the cameras while she was dealing with her body issues. In fact the producers seemed willing to work with her and hold off starting the new season until she felt ready to return. Then she made what she felt was the right move for her and decided to stop doing the show. Which was then retooled into “So Random.:” So once again Demi was NOT fired she decided to quit. So under those circumstances I would think she would have no objection to Selena appearing on “So Random.”

    Also for the record it wasn’t the first episode of “So Random” that Selena was on it was the third or fourth.

  • amy

    @anonymous: Selena isn’t the type of person who talks about her friends’ issues in public. Plus she said many times that Demi was really special to her and that they’d always be friends.

  • Gossip Girl

    I love how most of you are just sitting here making it appear as though Demi cares more about Selena and NOTHING about Miley. Why can’t she be friends with both in peace?! Just because she doesn’t mention Miley doesn’t mean they’re not friends or that she doesn’t care anymore. This is exactly how the Demi And Selena Fan War got started a few years a go. Just because arrogant tween heads went crazy thinking Demi was no longer friends with Selena because she was all over Miley. I just don’t find it fair how Selena can talk freely about Taylor and her other BFSS w/o mentioning Demi and the fans don’t give a damn, butif Demi doesn’t Mention Miley/Selena, it’s the end of the got damn Universe! Grow Up Kids!

  • lol


    Selena was just doing what her boss “the mouse” ordered. She was still on wizards working for the mouse and the mouse put her on So Random in an effort to save the show, which is just horrible in it’s new format – they can bring on as many guest stars as they want, but the show stinks without Demi.

  • http://@ladychatlet amina

    i really am happy that demi and selena are back together but selena nevr really talks about demi and demi speaks about selena all of the time so proud oh the #LOVATICS demi will be so proud #DELENA 4EVER

  • fanchlmin

    Sterling Knight said something about Demi and showed his concern when she was in treatment. Why she did not mention him?