Stella Hudgens & Sammi Hanratty: Bike Riding BFFs

Stella Hudgens & Sammi Hanratty: Bike Riding BFFs

Stella Hudgens and Sammi Hanratty enjoy a leisurely bike ride around the neighborhood on Saturday afternoon (October 8) in Studio City, Calif.

The twosome rode their bikes to one of their favorite eateries — Studio Cafe!

On their way back home, Sammi and Stella scored big with Coca-cola — “So a guy dropped all his cokes on the street so we helped him picked them all up and he gave us 5 bottles!” Stella posted on Twitter.

Earlier this month, Sammi and Stella attend the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party.

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  • ehryle

    The Hudgens Bike nice bonding Stell & Sammy!! beautiful girls :)

  • A

    Why are the papz following them? O_o

  • Jason

    I’m sorry, but is Stella Hudgens famous for anything other than being the sister of a celebrity? Is there any reason for her to be on this website?

  • aly

    i don’t get why this girl deserves a post. i mean yeah she’s vanessa’s sister but she really hasn’t done anything.

  • No offence

    The hudgens run the site and the papz knows jared will buy it. Jared is biased when it comes to vanessa haven’t you guys notice, anyway this one site where van’s post gets more comments than bieber, rpattz, and lautner put together even if they are unendless bickering.

  • Jordan

    The paps probably thought it was Vanessa…

  • Lisa

    Stella is so AWESOME

  • john

    y is stella being photographed? and y are you buying these pics jjj??? pathetic

  • elendur

    I think Sammy ought to get top billing here not Stella.



  • elendur

    I think Sammy should get top billing.


  • moi

    so agree with @John and @Jason ! Seeing this girl here is just silly ! (in what business is she ? is she famous ?)…I sometimes wonder if the Hudgens pay something to Just Jared Jr. in order to have more visibility…

  • monique

    I agree with everyone on this post. How is Stella Hudgens relevant in the entertainment industry? She’s the sibling of a celebrity and she simply sits on Vanessa’s shoulders to make herself look tall. She’s self-centered, vain, and fame hungry.

  • Lorena

    She can bike around if she want to, whats yr problem?

  • belle

    Sammi is the famous one here. And yes Stella is an actress & model. So haters you’re irreverent :)

  • Jason

    @Belle – can you tell me what Stella has acted in? So far, the only thing she’s modeled for are paparazzi photos like these.

    Sammi Hanratty is an actual celebrity with acting credits under her belt, and deserves more than one lousy picture here.

  • bing


    totally agree.. i mean she’s cute and all tho she dresses like a biatch sometimes but other than that, there’s nothing she really did that entitled her to be called a “celebrity”.. lol.. she’s just somebody’s sister who happened to be an actress whom i even personally think is not that great in her craft.

  • Mami

    I agree with most posts on here: Why is Stella mentioned on this site at all, other than her being Vanessa’s sister? I mean yeah Sammi is an actress and I’ve seen her in like a few movies, but I don’t think Stella is really newswortht, especially if all she’s doing is riding a bike around.

  • Merlin’s mum

    @belle: As an irrelevant hater. I’ve never been able to get the Stella thing. My god-daughter has done some adverts, and appeared in a couple of series as an extra and The Apprentice. Does that mean that she warrants pictures on here when she walks her dog? Or goes shopping? Stella is VERY good at that!
    Appologise for being bitchy, but I just don’t get it!!

  • justine

    wtf. why are people getting so hyped up, and getting mad at stella?
    did she ask to have people take pictures of her? did she ask to be up on these websites? no so stfu.

  • Sara

    I like stella but she really doesnt do anything. When she does a movie and gets some sort of recognition then you can shut me up unless she actually just follows her sister. What I REALLY dont get is how many followers she has on twitter. WTH? Its like she knows that people want to know her sister and she takes advantage of that. Also she dresses quite inappropriate for her age. Im exactly the same age as her and I do NOT dress like that especially when she is going to the gym with her sis. Seriously? Short shorts and a T?

  • Haters Suck!

    @merlins mum
    you’re 3 to 4 times stella’s age so how bout you stop being pathetic and back off her.

  • Mariatyler_

    Everyone needs to calm down. Stella was just featured in Teen Vogue & Stella has acted in quite a few things like she was in an episode of According To Jim, she was in a movie called The Memory Thief & she was in an episode of Deeply Irresponsible so it’s not like she hasn;t done anything. If you actually go on Stella’s twitter your lucky if you find 5 tweets were she’s talking about Vanessa. You can tell in the these pictures that Stella looks annoyed at the papz. Everyone needs to leave Stella alone. It’s not her fault that the papz followed her & Sammi & she didn’t ask to be on this website.

  • Jason

    To everyone that says we “need to leave Stella alone” – why? She’s on this site, and there’s an option to comment. I don’t see anyone here “hating” Stella… most people just don’t understand how she’s considered famous, including yours truly. You’re right, she didn’t ask to be on this website… and *I* never asked for her to be on this website. I can still ask why JJJ thinks she’s famous, though.

    If you’re a Stella fan, more power to you, but don’t be so defensive when someone asks why she’s relevant. To me, she’s just some little girl riding her bike. She’s blocking the real celebrity in these pics!

  • Haters Suck!

    I’ll tell you this when you run your own website you can post about anyone you please. No one forced you to come here. There are people I don’t like seeing on this site or I’m unfamiliar with so I’ll just skip them most of the time.
    btw I think people calling Stella a whore and vein and self centered qualifies as hating.

  • claud

    @Merlin’s mum:
    she is like Ashley Tisdale lol
    i love Stella

  • claud

    we pass like 3 months this year without any Vanessa picture, pretty sure she doesnt like the paparazzis like other so called stars like the tisdale girl…
    we get Vanessa´s post here and n JJ because she gt more hits… people love talk about her and everyone, like you, loves to know about her, her life and her family.

  • bella
  • lia

    uh, @claud, the hudgens girl called the paps. why the f**k else would she be photographed? paps dont care bout her or her friend, and stella was in teen vouge cuz they knew it might draw in some more readers when there’s an article about an almost-celebrity.
    she doesn’t talk about vanessa in her twitter because she knows she dont have to, anymore. she had another account before, got quite many followers writing “oh yeah by the way, im hanging w zac and nessah!!!!! umm, they like, so nice to me!”
    the sad thing is, in hollywood, you dont get recognized if you actually DO sth, only if you ACT like you know how to do sth.