Zac Efron: Palm Restaurant Run

Zac Efron: Palm Restaurant Run

Zac Efron ventures out of Palm restaurant on Tuesday (November 1) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 24-year-old actor left the restaurant in blue stripes, shades, and a toothpick in his mouth.

The day before, Zac spent his Halloween hanging out with pals Aly and AJ Michalka. Zac was dressed as a cop from Reno 911.

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You can catch Zac next in the animated film, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax opposite Taylor Swift.

The Lorax follows the journey of a 12-year-old boy (Efron) as he searches for the one thing that will enable him to win the affection of the girl of his dreams (Swift).

FYI: Zac is wearing DieselThavar 8X2” slim distressed jeans.

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  • justine

    I MISSSED ZAC <3 looking good.. as always

  • http://none its me

    aww im so glad zac is not with Vanessa anymore he looks so sexy like always .
    btw there is a new rumor Vanessa died in car accident last night (i hope its true) i hate her to death .

  • Miranda

    I missed seeing him (:

    He’s looking good, and I can’t wait for his movie in December, March, Apriil, etc (:

  • lola14

    ohhhhh mennnnnn i was hoping he was in alaska with vanessa as some people said … why lifes soo cruel!!
    but by the way he looks hot!! :)

  • niiiiick

    He is so handsome. His life will be much easier once he comes out of the closet. Ladies you can’t deny a good looking guy like Zac can’t be straight. Just looking at his Halloween picture you can tell he likes it up the butt every now and then. I’m not being offensive here because I’m a Zac Efron fan myself. I’m just not one of those delusional fan girls who refuse to believe it.

  • eat me

    @lola14 pls don’t start i know it’s just your opinion and i understand how you feel but face the reality that this two are over and don’t believe on those people who say they’re back cuz that’s not true unless we see a proof hope you understand what i’m saying… Let just be happy for him,we see him happy and relax living his life that’s all that matters…

  • andrea

    he looks so hot as always, i can’t wait for all his upcoming projects next year. I’m glad he’s taking a break from work cause he’s been doing such a hard job since a couple months, i’m proud of being a fan of him =)

  • claudia

    Looove him!!!, i hope he takes a looooooooooong break after working so much this year, he deserves it!!!, then i think we’ll see him more when New Year’s Eve is about to come out, so i’ll just wait..

    Loooove u Zac♥

  • cutie

    I really missed him!!!.aside from the mustache I think he looks cute..
    I love his sunglasses..

  • pita

    I really hope it was a business lunch!!!
    he always look amazing!!

  • lola14

    @lola14: im not trying to start anything, u know i was just hoping, praying that he was there with her but i get it now they wont get together again well at least for now :p …. but im really happy for them…

  • lola14

    @eat me: shooot my comment was meant for u :p this confuse me…

  • eat me

    @lola14 hahha no worries yeah i know but i’m not wishing that anymore sorry to say but i’m thankful they broke up but i was shock at first but times go on i was able to accept the fact that it’s really over and reading all this bad comments againt’s him made me angry for me he did his best as a good boyfriend to her and vise versa same as vanessa but for now i really thankful thier over and seeing him happy and enjoying himself i hink that all that matters same as vanessa atleast they move on on thier life i just wish they both find some one who can really love them.

  • Ivana

    Lookin good @eat me so true.

  • Sarah

    So hot as ever…hope he’ll be back with vanessa …lovely couple ,love them

  • http://facebook me

    eat me thank you thats what i am talking about i dont care if zac was a bad boyfriend or vanessa a bad girlfriend i mean why its the past its over theymoved on so why insluting them yes i dont like zac like i like vanessa but i dont have a problem wityh him i just love to see her happy and zac too ofcourse like i said zac and vanessa dont give a fuck about what the fans or the media or even the familly do what the fuck you want because life is too sort

  • eat me

    @me your right exactly what my point sometimes when i’m commenting there in v thread they don’t care people say againt’s them…. That’s right life is too short to focus on one thing that not supposed to put so much attention on it… Yeah it’s really hard to move on when some one you adore is not together anymore but you have to accept the fact that people has diff. Future and destiny we just have to move on and not to judge in any one of them…. @me iwas vanessa’s fan since the beginning not zac but reading all this un acceptable comment’s againts him made so mad cuz as a fan we know that this two made every each other happy , and they respect, love each other and not in 5 years of thier relationship have a big issue… That’s why there more and more of people love them(including me) adore them cuz they show us that at a young age they handle thier relationship so well considering thier both in show bussiness but now they broke up for me in my opinion i pity zac from the judgement of vanessa’s fan it’s really not acceptable @me sorry to say this but some of v fans are too judgemental and so rude so mean and so immature sorry ..and just to let you know until now i’m not an avid fan of zac i’m just defending him he doesn’t deserve all this judgement cuz for me he was a good boy friend to her.

  • eat me

    @me yes i insulted v i was just so mad thatmade me hate her cuz of her fans but i didn’t mean all of it… it’s just so frustrating reading all those comment wich is not true againt’s him hope you understand and if you read my reply to you at the last post of jjj i apologize to you yeah i realize i’m over the limit sorry again…

  • amtfan

    hes so hot as always ;) @eat me
    I insulted Vanessa once.. but just because I was angry at her fans always putting down ashley and zac and getting angry when vanessa moves on and changes her hair for a movie but ya know, vanessa is pretty amazing to me. Just her fans can drive me crazy sometimes. :)

  • http://facebook me

    eat me i do that all the time when i get mad so apologize accepted yes i guesse some vanessas fans are bitches and everything but like i said i was never really a zanessa fan i was more vanessa fan yes i agree they were cute together yes like no other couple seeker attention kissing all the time on the red carpet and other stupid things witch i hate by the way hahaha yes zac has said really sweet things but he said some stupid things idmit it serving me , it was a pleasure to make sex with that chick i dont remember her name you dont talk about your girlfriend of five years like that but we dont know what was happening behind closed doors maybe he was the sweetest right but vanessa loved him too i dont know what happened between them and i really dont want to learn because its their personal life and they can do what they want so why judge them we are not better than them at least i am no better than them i can be a bitch an evil bitch but i can be a good girl when i want too hahaha but let just leave it to the past because to zac and vanessa are just the past and the fans of zanessa shouldnt be just fan of them because this two people were dating and now they are not anymore and they choose sides i was always vanessa fan i had no problem with zac but you know what i mean i am fan of vanessa so when people are insluting her i am going to do the same with them always because i really believe that vanessa has haters for no reason why because she dated again its not a crime , because some asshole leaked her photos who where private she had nothing to do with that . so why hating on vanessa she never said one bad thing about efron all she has said is that they are good and that he kepted her grounded she respect her past relationship not like kim kardasian witch by the way i loose the bet damm it because i said she would divorse in one year damm it hahahah some zac fans do that all the time insluting vanessa but i dont hate him because he have some stupid little girl i like him i believe he is an okay looking guy good actor and everything i have no problem with him really and ofcourse he is goning clubing thats what 24 yearsold people do okay not all the time but a lot of time i am 21 and i cant wait to go clubing hahaha

  • xoxo

    mustache not for you bro

  • eat me

    @me he is a joker maybe that wasn’t meant for vanessa but i agree he shouldn’t say that and i think vanessa doesn’t mind it we don’t know maybe they fight after he said that word he just human he can make mistakes too… In my opinion that’s not how i see zac disrespecting vanessa he love’s her he show it and we see that and i admire him when he settle things when they broke up he goes to her house to talk to her and going to her set to settle the situation ’till vanessa said they’re really over …Any way i’m just glad they’re over and this two deserve some one better they are good people they’ll find some one who can really love them

  • eat me

    hahahaha go ahead’s not an issue for me if they do such thing it’s thier life they know what they are doing…. me no i don’t go clubbing that’s a waste of money and time hahhahaha what i do to enjoy myself is to be with my family and sports and work….

  • http://facebook me

    i admit it i cant wait in 3 months i will be 21 so clubing time hahaha yes i agree its better to have fun with your friends and familly but you know since i was 17 i couldnt wait so it would be the first time for me as for zac and vanessa good luck to them i believe that no one is perfect so ofcourse are going to make mistakes but they are good people i want them happy if being happy means not together then i am happy for them but if means together then is ok with me as long as are happy no matter what i will support vanessa she learn me a lot of things i know i talk like a ten years old but she learn me how to be confidence about myself and positive believe me i was not a confidence girl or positive now i am happy with who i am she is strong person i dont know how she does it but she is a really strong person and no one but no one is going to change my mind about her she and my mom are my idols and like my mom vanessa will always be my favourite no matter who she is dating or everything i will always be there for her as a fan at least when people inslut her i will be there to defend her

  • Natalie

    @its me: You disgusting, pathetic excuse for a human being.