Mindless Behavior: 'Girls Talkin' Bout' --New Music Video!

Mindless Behavior: 'Girls Talkin' Bout' --New Music Video!

Check out the new music video from Mindless Behavior, “Girls Talkin’ About”!

The guys ” Princeton, Prodigy, Ray Ray, and Roc Royal ” danced and sang up a storm for the video, released officially on Halloween.

Mindless Behavior chatted with GossipOnThis.com about how the original King of Pop, Michael Jackson influences them.

Ray Ray answered, “When we perform, we like to give presents just like Michael did.”

“He has great work ethics, which makes us want to work harder,” Roc Royal added.

Mindless Behavior — ‘Girls Talkin’ Bout’ Music Video
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  • Evonne

    prodigy is soooooooo sexy

  • mona johnson

    i love u princeton ray ray prodigy

  • anyssa

    I loved it the dance moves were sooo kool I just loved it lol

  • http://twitter kyra

    they are so hot i love mb roc is the cutest whoa roc is hot

  • Allyssa duke

    O………my………gosh that video was so cool.roc and Princeton look so cute and the dancing was a.w.a.s.o.m.e

  • Alexis luker

    The video was cool and yhall I know who mrs right is she is my sister I’m not lie’in she is yhall age and she got a crush on ray ray yhall will find her if yhall came to harrisburg roc rayal is sexy and I like him

  • Reina

    Mindless behavior is so awesome and so is all Of their videos there all so cute and special .!!!i know I be talkin bout them.

  • Tt

    Princeton is soooo sexy and I don’t no y he put all Dat hair in that little hat but I absoutley love. Dis song and the vid is awesome 143 :) >3 Princeton I’m his mrs right we are the both the same age and I’m a model he will love mee!!!!!!!!

  • princeton’s girl

    I LOVE U mindless behavior

  • Sjohnai

    iLovee Youu Guyss …. Forever Andd Alwayss :)

  • Maya

    This song is the
    Bomb,best song i
    ever heard 4
    and their dance
    moves re so cool

  • Maya

    This song is the bomb,best
    Song i ever heard 4
    dance moves re so cool!

  • Keekee


  • Junaid

    They are too awesome to be I like the way the boys move hey

  • http://@gaby143 gaby 143

    the best song ever
    love you guyys

  • http://@gaby143 gaby 143

    princeton so sexxxxxyyyyy

  • http://winfreemindlessbehaviorcds jazmine faulk

    mindless behavior i am the biggest fan you ever had and i fell bad that you roc royal got told that one of your fans would hunt you down but i know that she would not do that all i have to say is watch you guys back
    if not you guys would get hurt because of that and i do not like to see you guys hurt p.s omg be careful

  • http://gmail prretygirl(flex)


  • Mrss.Rightt

    I lovee yhouu guyss soo muchh nott cuz ur cutee cuzz ur charminqq lovee ur musicc !!!

  • Maddie 4 MB!

    I love Girl’s talkin bout. You guys are so adorable. Keep doin what you doin and always know that your fans love and support you. So do I! I love you guys

  • Chloe

    Who’s that little girl in the pink

  • Katelyn

    You guys inspire me and I think you all are beautiful but ray ray is the cutest

  • Momo

    I love tis video ! They should make antha one sooon!tho

  • http://youtube Denisha

    i love mindlessbehavior new song all i want for christmas is my
    girl it is so sweet….yep am luvin my baby roc royal 4life

  • http://youtube Denisha

    i lve all of mindlessbehavior songs that they made so far,keep it up
    guys yall killing it……

  • chelsea

    I love MB. especially prodigy. prodigy is so hot. Oxoxoxoxoxo

  • chelsea

    i love MB. especially prodigy. I love u prodigy. prodigy u r so hot

  • chelsea

    I love u prodigy!!!!!!!!!!. Prodigy u r so hot. Oxoxoxoxoxo

  • http://facebook melissa

    i love ROC ROYAL and PRINCETON and kind of RAY RAY because his funny and PRODIGY because i love how he sings>>

  • http://facebook melissa
  • http://facebook ALLIYAHbabe

    man i so luv prodgidy proroyal princeton n`ray ray

  • http://facebook ALLIYAHbabe

    luv em all,wish i was one of em

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