Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Disneyland Day!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Disneyland Day!

Vanessa Hudgens laughs out loud as her and her boyfriend Austin Butler ride on a fast roller coaster on Thursday (December 22) at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif.

The 23-year-old actress and her guy spent the day riding rides and checking out the sites. How cute does Vanessa look with those Mickey Mouse ears??

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Vanessa recently revealed a favorite way to start her morning!

“Mmmm I love a good coconut in the morning!” Vanessa wrote on her blog.

Also pictured inside: Vanessa leaving a yoga studio the next day.

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Tini @ 5:24 pm on 12/23/2011

first! so adorable!! <3

Diamond @ 5:29 pm on 12/23/2011

Aww , she looks so happy ! I bet she had such a great time there with Austin , and lots of fun : ) Also she does look cute and adorable in those Mickey Mouse Ears lol ♥

Viv @ 5:37 pm on 12/23/2011

Bulter just ruins my day. Seeing his ugly face.

ella @ 5:45 pm on 12/23/2011


Your life must suck if seeing a celebrity’s picture ruins your day.

amtfan @ 5:53 pm on 12/23/2011

@Viv: wow. what a life you have.

anyway, they look cute! And I love Vanessa’s.. everything lol shes adorable. :)

sky10 @ 5:56 pm on 12/23/2011

They are adorable!!who can be agains and doubt about this relationship with that smile of their faces?…. LOVELY COUPLE.

gummybear @ 6:15 pm on 12/23/2011

love Vanessa’s clothes in both of them ,but really Austin get rid of the hat and buy some new clothes maybe Vanessa can give you some style advise or take you shopping

sophie @ 7:00 pm on 12/23/2011

does anyone else realize that they make sure to get papped everytime they go out.. what a relationship…

ella @ 7:22 pm on 12/23/2011


And the vacation they took? Where are the pictures of those? Think before you speak, please.

eat me @ 7:23 pm on 12/23/2011

@sophie i notice that since they came out as a couple.. but she’s also like that before with zac they always get notice by a pap the only thing that she really do now that i find her now more open is thier PDA so i don’t know do you think is a good thing or too much?

Viv @ 8:09 pm on 12/23/2011

@ Ella why do you have to criticize everyone huh? All our opinions are valid. Well, that is,except yours.

zevh @ 8:37 pm on 12/23/2011

in my opinion this pics r not cute AT ALL, I love nessa so much but this relationship is so fake, and that austin guy is too young for her; miss zanessa </3 ):

maria @ 8:54 pm on 12/23/2011

@Viv: You’re just plain mean. That’s why you just piss people off. If you would grow up, and learn some respect, you might be able to let go of this senseless hate. Zac and Vanessa are no longer together, not friends, nada. Let it go.

eat me @ 9:36 pm on 12/23/2011

@viv i agree every ones comment is valid and have a right to say what they think the only problem is they can’t take it ? One advice i could give to them learn from our hateful comment cuz you don’t know we maybe right too…. Maria what do you mean respect do you realize that before when your being mean too not just you some other fan of hers too so think before you comment like that…

ella @ 9:56 pm on 12/23/2011


You make me laugh. Criticize everyone? I responded to 2 comments that were criticizing Vanessa and Austin. And you’re the one contradicting yourself in your response to me. But to not “criticize” anyone, I won’t point it out. Like I said, think before you speak, please.

Xo @ 10:12 pm on 12/23/2011

@sophie: We get more twitter sightings and blurbs of them out in public than we do pics and like someone else said before, there isnt a single pic from their vacation. So, there goes your assumption. He has a twitter and she has her own website, if they wanted it to be public they easily could.

maria @ 10:18 pm on 12/23/2011

@eat me: I don’t say people have ugly faces or that they are ruining my day. That’s totally mean. You just think I’m mean cause I no longer like Zac nor support him in any way. It’s not mean just because I have a different opinion.

amy @ 10:27 pm on 12/23/2011

@eat me: The posts here belong to Vanessa

You should go to Zac’s posting board

Haters Suck! @ 10:38 pm on 12/23/2011

Why do I get the felling Vanessa and Austin could get married have kids Get a dog set up the white picket fence and all that good stuff and people will still say “it’s just pr” or “he’s just using her for fame”. And no I’m not saying that’s what’s going to happen just trying to make a point.

eat me @ 12:16 am on 12/24/2011

@maria i have no problem with that if your not a fan of zac i’m not his fan either that’s not the issue…. maybe you don’t say those words but saying bad things to others is mean too i think it’s worst than being mean it’s ”judgemental” so that’s not acceptable at all so don’t praise your self cuz you don’t say those words to others cuz cuz your the same as the others too….

florence2 @ 12:25 am on 12/24/2011

Anyone can clearly see that these two will get married and have a long and very happy life together as they look so good together, and she finally has a guy who is’nt afraid to show her pda in public and for her to show him some without looking digusted by it and backing away.

I for one can’t wait for her preimiers next year and to see Austin attend those what georgous photo’s they will be. They make a very lovely couple and will have a good life togther and I for one am very happy for her.

Serena @ 12:27 am on 12/24/2011

I hope that people just leave him alone.

eat me @ 1:47 am on 12/24/2011

@florence2 that would be great if that happen but now it’s too early to say that anything can happen this relationship is too fresh to predict…. Yeah i can see thier enjoying now how happy they are but i really have a doubt on him i don’t know hope i’m wrong though…..

eat me @ 1:49 am on 12/24/2011

@amy thank you amy……..

eat me @ 1:52 am on 12/24/2011

merry christmas to every one… Hope you’ll have a wonderful new year…. Peace

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