Vanessa Hudgens: People's Choice Awards Attendee!

Vanessa Hudgens: People's Choice Awards Attendee!

Vanessa Hudgens bares her legs in short shorts as she leaves the gym in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning (January 4).

The 23-year-old actress was spotted out just yesterday, doing a bit of post-holiday shopping in Beverly Hills.

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Next week, expect to see Vanessa walking the carpet at the 2012 People’s Choice Awards.

She’ll join costar Josh Hutcherson, as well as Emma Stone, Nina Dobrev, Ashley Greene and more at the award ceremony.

The 2012 People’s Choice Awards will air live from the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on Wednesday, January 11th @ 9PM ET/PT on CBS.

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Photos: GSI Media
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  • claud

    her legs <3

  • http://_aleemtz kamm04

    OMG! can’t waittttt ♥

  • jen

    glad she’s back to working out and being healthy and i can’t wait to see her on wednesday :)

  • bigfun

    she is pretty but the best part of her would be her face down an ass up hit it quiet it and send her on her way

  • maria

    Very cute! I figured she’d be getting into full work-out mode after the holidays, with filming for Spring Breakers coming up. I love that she is healthy and active, but not obsessed with herself, and enjoys good food and living. So normal!!

  • Katie

    Unmm. Can I have her legs please?

  • lol

    Why are people so obsessed with her legs? She looks like a stumpy troll.

  • kaya

    log legs

  • Haters Suck!

    She’s so damn sexy. Been looking very good.

  • maria

    @lol: Well, that’s a bi*tchy comment. We happen to think she has nice muscular toned legs, and not twigs. She’s tiny in stature. How long do you expect a petite girls legs to be? I think she’s nicely curvy for someone so tiny.

  • maria
  • http://smilemomsmile malu


    7 out of 10 hollywood personalities have stick-like legs which is very disgusting and horrifying to look at.It is such a turn off no matter how pretty the face is.This is why V’s legs stand out-so curvy and sexy.

  • Haters Suck!

    lol thanks I just saw that myself before I came here. She is gorgeous.

  • http://smilemomsmile malu

    @lol some HW personalities are even semi bow-legged with the calf muscles so tiny.legs is one of the hardest part of the human anatomy to workout and develop in the gym.I hope you now get the point why V’s legs are to die for.

  • mags

    yehey im so happy, journey 2 showing here in my country january 19, yes, i missed watching her on the big screen.

  • VanFan

    WOW! That purple color looks great on her. But I’ll never understand why women are wearing those heels. They are not comfortable. They ruin your feet. We have to stop letting the MEN shoe designers do this to us. We should boycott them. We are sacrificing our foot health so that men can gawk at our legs (the sexist bas tards). :)

  • Warren

    Hot, sexy legs. I would love to lick Vanessa between her pretty legs. I bet she smells good.

  • Xo

    She has great legs. If chicken legs are your thing, to each his own, but I think hers are more attractive and toned.

  • LoveNessa

    @Xo: Yes, she does have great legs. You can’t call her skinny, that’s for sure. She is curvy and toned all over. No ugly bones sticking out like some young actresses. And obviously healthy and in shape.

  • liz

    can i have her legs please??
    she looks so gorgeous
    cant wait to see her next week at th PCA hope she presents or womething with josh =)

  • florence2

    Can’t wait to see Vanessa and Austin on the carpet and for us to get some lovely pictures of the love birds.

    It will also be nice to see her with Josh after all the crap and insults he got after the break up. Can’t wit for all her films to come out to she certainly is mixing it up which is good.

  • muse

    I love her sunnies. I dont know why, but she always pulls off the Sunglasses look, like every type suits her face :)
    And Im glad people love her legs. Vanessa admitted a while ago that she only just started to feel comfortable with they way they looked, but I think if you’ve got it (which she most definetely does) FLAUNT IT!!!

    Cant wait to see her at the awards :)

  • maria

    @VanFan: That’s true. Hammer toes and bunions will do in women who wear those shoes frequently! But that was just a photo shoot so not to worry! She looks amazing!

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    She is so sexy!!!!!!!!:D

  • Boji

    @Maria, love the colour purple on her. She looks ravishing.

  • Olivia

    Yay!! I cant wait to see what she wears I hope she goes with a super cue mini dress, heels, jewlery and does her hair really cool she is so gorgeous and has the best style ever! :)

  • elendur


    I doubt Vanessa and Austin will be on the red carpet together. Neither has said a word about the relationship yet and while they have been papped together many times that is beyond their control. I still think Vanessa wants to keep her personel life seperate from her career.
    In other words, no red carpet for the two, but I bet we see them both at the after party.

  • gummybear

    Why is she so effortlessly gorgous ,loving the legs

  • LoveNessa

    Does anyone know what she is nominated for?

  • troian

    she looks flawleess¡¡

  • kelly martineau

    never see ness out around down with her mom and sister anymore. She used to see them alot together.
    Nessa looks good with lipstick on.

  • VanFan

    I wish she’d wear her hair short, the way it was after she cut it for Gimme Shelter. I LOVED it that way and thought she looked really good.

  • maria

    @elendur: I agree! It will not be a repeat of her last relationship, where she was always asked about him but he was always asked about his projects. It’s going to be about her from now on, but you can bet she will have personal relationships and be happy as well. No reason you can’t have both. I can’t stand the anal actors who state they’re focusing on their careers. Happy, grounded actors always manage to have happy personal lives. And single intensely driven actors are difficult to work with. Everyone needs a life outside of work.

  • mykamicks

    I must admit as always, I really like her legs. Toned & Firmed = Sexiness. Those calves is great to see especially when she is wearing a 5 inches Heels.

  • Boji

    Vanessa has always had curvy legs. Frankly speaking, she’s put on a little weight since her HSM days. If she feels comfortable in her skin, who am I to complain. It is always harder being petite to maintain a right body weight esp. with the serving portions in the states(western countries) I’m a good 2ins taller than her but I could only eat 1/2 a meal each time. The portions are so huge. I’ve already figured Austin loves her just the way she is. Good for him.

  • Haters Suck!

    I don’t know i wouldn’t have a problem if Austin walked the red carpet with vanessa at the pcas. I mean what’s the media really going to do? Everyone knows they are together so what are they really going to ask? I mean he’s going to be there anyway I’m guessing and vanessas gonna need a date so I don’t think it would matter much if he walked with her.
    I always thought you were american. Where are you from if you don’t mind me asking?

  • Boji

    @Haters Suck, I’m from Malaysia and of Asian origin, thank you. My English is more British than American if you can’t tell.

  • MariaTyler_

    I don’t think Austin & Vanessa are gonna go to the PCA together because I think Vanessa is going for promo for Journey 2 so she’s either gonna go by herself or go with Josh since he is going!

  • maria

    @Boji: I think it’s more that she’s grown up, Boji. Girls bodies change from their teen years into their mid twenties. She was very young during the HSM days, just a girl. She now has more of a woman’s body than a girl’s. And remember, she gained weight for Gimme Shelter and that has gradually come off.

  • Boji

    @Maria, you have a point there. And she still hasn’t resorted to plastic surgery or any form of cosmetic surgery as yet. If she succumbs to it, I will not condemn her for it. Like it or not the movie Industry has always had more roles for youthful, wrinkle free, good looking and curvy actresses. It is very much a visual thing. I guess it is not something you’d want to discuss or talk about. Lying about it is what I’m up against. Sorry, I’m off on a tangent here.
    It doesn’t matter whether Austin turns up for the red carpet or whether he escorts Vanessa, I personally think Vanessa’s pairing with Josh is more of a marketing agenda for their upcoming movie”Journey 2″. It would be good to see them together, though.

  • claud


  • Caio

    Vanessa is perfect ! I love her sooo much ! My idol


    Been so long since we’ve seen Vanessa on the red carpet can’t wait she is going to look amazing.

  • Maria

    @claud: Very!

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