Selena Gomez: Mexico City Concert!

Selena Gomez: Mexico City Concert!

Selena Gomez shows off her pretty gold record plaque during a press conference in Mexico City on Thursday evening (January 26).

The 19-year-old actress/musician hit the stage later that night for her concert with The Scene.

“BTW Mexico City, that was the most intense, crazy, chaotic most beautiful show EVER.. Thank you! Te amo,” Selena tweeted.

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Selena also shared a cute Instagram pic with stepdad Brian giving her a piggy back ride.

“So every time I perform Who Says I always go barefoot (which everyone hates, but it’s fun) so that means Brian has to give me piggy back rides all the way out of the venues :)” she wrote. How cute!

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  • bella

    the people who went to that conference notice her quite rude and not very friendly most like a diva… and she say mexico was south america… could someone give her an atlas please???

  • http://christinevmsd christine

    she got an atitude probs!!!! thats what i feel to her when she was here ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Agirl

    I was watching an interview she did on She was so rude and kinda weird

  • cool

    I hope she doesn’t start getting snobby shes such a beautiful girl that was so nice to go with it hate snobby celebs

  • Markus

    I LOVE HER!!! Tonight I heard LOVE YOU LALS on a Radio Station which has not yet palyed it! Its a BIG Hit on Hit Radio (like those which host Ryan Seacrest), but some stations have held back…Well, the other somewhat Hit Station (which hosts Billy Bush) PLAYED IT!!! YEAH!!! Selly deserves so much. Shes a real beauty…INNER Beauty.

  • cookiejar21

    @bella: well, i can’t say anything about the mexico part, but i think she was probably tired so she wasn’t really in the mood, that’s why she appears snobby..i mean we all get a lil moody and cranky sometimes don’t we? and she’s a busy girl

  • cookiejar21

    @cool: i don’t think she will.. i think she has her head screwed on right :)

  • laurent

    congrats selenita! btw love her new tour outfits ;D

  • laurent

    @bella get your facts straight cause it was the press that was rude to her, they asked her if she will pose naked for playboy, like wtf?!?!

  • jason

    she been acting stuck up lately!

  • Lenka

    How do you guys know that she has been stuck up lately,i mean she is just a person, everyone has his days but i cant see anything different about her :)

  • http://@yogabbamazza Gabby Mazza

    awwww i love selena she is awesome

  • http://@yogabbamazza Gabby Mazza

    also Who Says is my fav.

  • Jenny

    The Mexican press was really acting crazy towards her. I was there and they wouldn’t stop screaming. And they asked a lot of rude inappropriate question. Like if she is ever going to pose naked

    So give her a break, even I felt offended

  • Lyla

    I thought that mexico was part of south America too. Who cares! Mexican are not even allowed in the states, so why would they be mad! And I saw video of selena conference in Mexico and they were screaming at her!! Selena was just overwhelmed

  • Warren

    Selena looks great here. Hot legs!

  • katalina

    for all the dumb*sses mexico is in north america, just like the usa/america but that doesn’t mean its in f*ucking america, wtf, usa is not a god damn continent, IT IS PART of a continent. south america is another f*cking continent

  • Alana

    OMG this is ridiculous, I’m not mexican but I know that Mexico is part of NORTH AMERICA ugh

    @Lyla that was rude.

  • jen

    she looks great in those pics :)

  • sara


    OMG you’re so stupid!!! and it’s not the states.. is UNITED STATES OF AMERICAAA!!

  • sara

    she is always saying how proud she is of being HALF MEXICAN for her father side but i never see her with his father nor speak spanish or being polite to mexican/latino people.. BS!!

  • Karen

    @Lenka: It’s not rude at all. Plus it’s been told she was asked to pose for playboy so they just wanted to know if it was true.
    It’d be rude if it wasn’t true and if she were under aged.