Zac Efron: 'Hall of Game Awards' Promo Spot & Reading Across America with 'The Lorax'

Zac Efron: 'Hall of Game Awards' Promo Spot & Reading Across America with 'The Lorax'

Zac Efron and a pal sneakingly leave the This Means War premiere held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Wednesday night (February 8) in Hollywood.

The 24-year-old actor is making his rounds to promote his new movie, Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, out March 2nd.

As part of Read Across America, Zac will be the celebrity guest reader at a national reading event held at the New York Public Library on the flick’s opening day. You can check out the PSA’s on

Zac also shot a quick promo for Cartoon Network’s 2012 Hall of Game Awards. Check out that video below!

Zac Efron – CN Hall of Game Awards promo

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Zac-war zac efron war premiere 01
Zac-war zac efron war premiere 02

Credit: Mr Photoman; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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Marie @ 12:56 am on 02/10/2012

he is the best!!! he is so hot!! he is AMAZING!!

VanFan @ 12:58 am on 02/10/2012

I am really looking forward to seeing this movie.

monique @ 1:09 am on 02/10/2012

I’m really excited to see the Lorax. I think it provides a great message and I’m relieved to see an animated film with such wonderful substance. It makes me happy knowing how many children will learn from this — and have fun too! And good on Zac for being the guest reader in New York. Adorable.

Aiwen @ 1:59 am on 02/10/2012

He is so handsome!!!!!!!!!!!!

sam @ 5:02 am on 02/10/2012

What’s with that duck face in the “This Means War” pic? :)

Whatever @ 6:58 am on 02/10/2012

@sam: That’s the face he makes all the time now. So stupid.

Nicky @ 7:32 am on 02/10/2012

If he would have wanted that the paps see him, he wouldn’t have tried to sneak out. He doesn’t want to be photographed every time when he goes out. I understand that. It would be great if more people would do that.

lauren @ 8:39 am on 02/10/2012

he doesnt make a ”duck face” so stfu

Whatever @ 10:04 am on 02/10/2012

@lauren: Uh, yeah he does. Look at it, and why don’t you try to come up with something other than STFU?? He looks stupid and you know it. And he does everything “sneakingly” cause he’s such an a$$, thinking we care so damn much. This guy is just wound too tight, and thinks too damn much about his image. What a Hollywood mess. He parties with the likes of wild girl Rumer, so no wonder he NEEDS to hide. Whatever he’s hiding is not good. Doesn’t he know that caring about your precious image and partying his a$$ off will probably not end well? It usually doesn’t.

Rachel @ 10:23 am on 02/10/2012

He’s so hot:D Lorax looks pretty amazing:D
Goo Zac!!

Rachel @ 10:23 am on 02/10/2012

He’s so hot:D Lorax looks pretty amazing:D
Goo Zac!!

Celestine @ 10:48 am on 02/10/2012

@Whatever: It’s his face, if he wants to make a duck face or any other face, he shall make it! Do you know why? It ain’t your face! And if he wants to sneak out the back he will, it’s his life!

If he wants to lead a private life, let him! It’s none of our business and who are you to criticise how he lives his life?

And do you even know what a Hollywood mess even is? Lindsay Lohan is one example! Getting drunk, getting a DUI, going to jail, and having a mental break down and checking in rehab for drugs, NOW that’s a Hollywood mess!

And he can party his ass off all he wants as long as he continues to work steadily and make good movies, no one will care!

If he wants to party with Rumer, let him! Like I said as long as he works and makes good movies no one will even bat an eye!

And if you don’t care why are you even commenting here?

lauren @ 10:50 am on 02/10/2012

why are you such a hater?
clearly you know nothing about zac or his life. he hides because he hates the spotlight. yea he parites and drinks, so what? he’s 24 years old not 14. why do you care so much what he does in his own personal time.
what has zac ever done to you where you have to hate him so much/?

sam @ 11:49 am on 02/10/2012

This obsessive “Zac is perfect” Lauren is scared that Zac’s secret life will come out. You can tell from her comments. She tries way to hard to protect him. I’m assuming she is young because anyone over 14 knows that if you hang and party with Rumer Willis you ain’t innocent. Far from it. And People who keep their lives too secret do have something to hide. This is Hollywood, Dorthy, not Kansas.

lauren @ 12:14 pm on 02/10/2012

i’m 21 years old thank you very much? how old are you 15?
and what do you know about rumor? she gets so much crap from people cus of her looks or what she does or who she hangs with?
i know zac is not perfect and he has flaws, if you dont like zac or rumor why are you on here?

Just Me @ 12:49 pm on 02/10/2012

Calm down folks , he went to a premiere with someone who works for his company and two friends.
Zac doesn’t party as much as people think he does.How many times do you see Rumer and her friends out plenty , how many times with Zac few. He has been working on several projects including The Paperboy in L.A a few two weeks ago. I know this wont make any of you haters happy, but it is true.

cutie @ 1:09 pm on 02/10/2012

i can.t wait to see the Lorax movie!!!

Claudia @ 1:40 pm on 02/10/2012

Ohhh! some people are very upset because their idol is getting a lot of hate, but ok, insulting him won’t make you feel better, i think…but whatever..

I’m sooo exciting for this movie!! Can’t wait :D
Looove you Zac..?

Whatever @ 2:26 pm on 02/10/2012

@Celestine: Well, that’s how hot messes start. Running around with the wild ones in Hollywood, who have too much money, too much time, and no values. He’s totally allowed to do whatever he wants. That’s not the issue. It’s WHO he runs with that is trouble.

@lauren: Oh, BOO HOO!!!! Not everyone thinks he’s a god. Get over it, and quit yer whining over people being honest. That is a duck face.

britt @ 4:24 pm on 02/10/2012


britt @ 4:25 pm on 02/10/2012

pick. me. please. i love. you <3

Whatever @ 4:32 pm on 02/10/2012

@lauren: Oh, BOO HOO. Not everyone thinks your Zaccy is hot OR nice. Get over it. The truth hurts, and that IS a duck face. He does that all the time now. It looks stupid.

Whatever @ 4:35 pm on 02/10/2012

@Just Me: He doesn’t work at night, does he?? At night he goes to house parties, hangs with wild Rumer and I’ll bet he hides cause he is doing stuff that would ruin his precious image. He’s not the golden boy you think he is.

jamie l. @ 5:17 pm on 02/10/2012


jamie l. @ 5:18 pm on 02/10/2012


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