Vanessa Hudgens Shops at Chanel

Vanessa Hudgens Shops at Chanel

Vanessa Hudgens straightens her ebony hair as she stops by Chanel in Paris, France on Tuesday afternoon (February 14).

The 23-year-old actress is in Europe to promote her new movie, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. London is next!

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Vanessa recently caught up with Access Hollywood and dished that she and gal pal Miley Cyrus have the same tattoo!

“We found out that we have the same tattoo!” Vanessa shared, showing her’s off. “It’s an om [symbol].”

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Samantha Wills‘ “Melrose Memoirs” ring and the “Chateau at Midnight Petite” necklace. She also carried the Patricia Nash Barcelona saddle bag.

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  • annii


  • annii

    and thats her real hair!!! she looks adorable <3

  • sarra

    wow just wow real beauty <3

  • http://GOOGLE barbara

    She looks great,i;m glad she is having a great time!

  • tarah

    Is there going to be a Journey 2 London premiere?

  • Rebecca

    I really want those Chanel earrings she’s wearing!!

  • kami

    omg, i love love love love her hair like this. please vanessa, wear it like this all the time and don’t put in extensions. be different from all the other extension chicks in hollywood.

  • amy

    @tarah: its already out so i dont see them having one?

  • muse

    Love that her style has emerged with an old classic glamour appeal. She looks beautiful :)

  • clare

    Stupid bitch, she shouldnt be allowed to shop there, it’s way too good for her.

  • Haters Suck!

    She looks really beautiful. i like what she did to her hair it looks really nice.
    go to hell.

  • Deb

    I agree. When she first cut her hair, I thought that it looked great. It did make her look older, but not in a bad way at all. It brought a maturity to her looks. She lost that “teenager” look. It was really very classy.

  • Katty

    I like the hair length and style like this.

  • katalina

    ebony hair? do you mean brunette? i thought you guys meant afro hair, there is nothing black about her or her hair lol

  • merlin’s mum

    @tarah: Don’t think so. Liecester Square is still all dug up!!!

  • tina

    @katalina: ebony is a color, is english your second language? It that’s nothing to do with being black or “afro.” She looks great.

  • jen

    she looks amazing :)

  • mags

    i love yr short hair vanessa you look fresh and classy.

  • mykamicks

    Same here love what she did to her hair. I like also the tops.

    As long as you have money, you can enter branded stores & shop til you drop.

  • maria

    Cute look for Vanessa. She looks sassy and chic.

  • bella

    Where is Austin now?

    Vanessa hopes that you will have a wonderful day today along with Austin

  • bella

    @clare: shut up and linger on your favorite Zac`s bulletin board

  • Tsquared

    She looks so great!

  • eat me

    finally now she looks better….. @bella i don’t think he’ll do anything just to be with her on valentines day…. sigh that sad!!!!

  • eat me

    unless he’s in london!

  • Haters Suck!

    Damn y’all complain when he went to Hawaii with her and when he showed up at her premiere now u complain that he’s not with her now. Make up your minds.

  • Haters Suck!

    On a more important note it may not be #1 in America but it’s the #1 movie in the world.
    up 76% from where the first journey was at this time and made more here then the first journey did. Congrats to the whole cast especially my two favorite people Vanessa and The Rock and someone I’ll keep an eye on from now on Josh. Great job.

  • bella

    @eat me: oh You don’t know anything about him

    Just shut up and remain quiet

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    Love it :D

  • katalina

    I’ve never heard anyone referring to hair colour as ebony, and PLEEAASSEE show me where i said anything negative about the way she looks, I’m actually dying to know……

  • eat me

    @hater suck can you think before you bark? Hawaii and premiere is totaly diff than valentines day…This the most special day for a couple like them this is the time theyshould be together celebrating like every one else…. This is the time he should make an effort to make something special for her…. If he really love her he should be there with her how busy he is, how far she is, he’ll do something just to be with her got it?

  • eat me

    but i have a feeling his going to london for her but i i’ll be dis appointed if he’s not …. Cuz really it’s really suck if your bf not with you on valentines day….just cross your finger people she’s lonely unless her ex (josh) will bring her somewhere to celebrate….

  • maria

    @eat me: You know, life is full of times when things just can’t happen the way you want. Tuesday is a work day, in case you didn’t know that. Many couples are separated by distance when they are business travelling, etc. That doesn’t mean that flowers, phone calls, etc. weren’t made. It’s not that simple to pick up and fly to the other side of the world for a day. He works too, you know, and Valentine’s Day is not a holiday anywhere. Just sayin’.

    And also, she’s not going to London. We think she’s going to Rome, but not sure. I think she is officially done with promo for this movie, but I could be wrong.

  • maria

    @Haters Suck!: Isn’t that great? I read today that it’s up to $112 million worldwide and still going.

  • eat me

    @maria i agree….Yeah valentines is not a holiday but it’s a special day for every one especially for couple’s like them…and this is thier first valentines together isn’t it speacial? well hopefully he’ll make it up to her when she come’s home….

  • Haters Suck!

    To be perfectly honest I’m one of those people who don’t much like valintines day that much. You can see why here with people saying Austin isn’t there for her on, v day. No they aren’t there for each other. In a majority of cases all the preassure is on the guy to do something special on valintines and if he doesn’t he’s in trouble where as there’s really not that much preassure on the girl to do something for her guy. It’s a one sided holiday. It’s a good concept but if it’s really about love it should be about both sides showing their love not just one. That’s the way I see it anyway. Sorry just my little V day rant

  • italian mom

    She is beautiful and charming like nobody else.
    Seeing her interviews was a great pleasure for me.
    She brings joy, is very entertaining, as Ashley said a long time ago.
    This is a quality she was born with. But also she seems very committed to her job and this committment will always pay off.
    The whole cast is great. A sequel is needed a:s:a:p:

  • druevalentine

    what a babe…i realize she’s alone on valentines day ohhhh she must feel horrible ¡¡¡¡ but her boy doesn’t worth a dime so she should be thankful

  • druevalentine

    but whatever valentines day = merchandize day

  • tina

    @katalina: Well,you learn something new everyday. I never said anything about you not liking her look, only the fact you don’t know ebony is used to describe a color. Feel free to use a dictionary.

  • ZANE

    love her hair! pretty girl woman!!!!

  • maeli


  • druevalentine

    very gorgeous but strong?

  • lei

    we give all our support and prayers for you Vanessa..

  • V-loyalist

    I am so happy that even though Journey2 may not be the numero uno in the states but at least outside it is doing really it! I myself saw it with my nephews and we had fun watching it!. Im glad people from around the globe are too. Good job to the cast especially to my babe Vanessa and Josh..oh man, u impressed me!

  • mags

    me too i want Journey3, i want vanessa to work with josh hutcherson again, he impressed me too, im planning to watch hunger games

  • lei

    yes i love Journey 3 w/ Josh and Vanessa again.

  • Nicky
  • elendur


    That’s one lucky guy!Let he PDA begin!

  • maria

    @Haters Suck!: I agree with you, Haters. It is definitely more pressure on the guy. But a great girl will make it more about just being together. We always just have a lovely dinner together, sometimes we cook, sometimes we go out. We never make it about gifts. But when you’re 22, you do put a lot of pressure on yourself to get the perfect gift. Don’t stress so much! You won’t dread it so much next time!