Selena Gomez: 'Completely Honored' About Selena Quintanilla Duet

Selena Gomez: 'Completely Honored' About Selena Quintanilla Duet

Selena Gomez heads out to lunch with mom Mandy on Wednesday afternoon (April 25) in Studio City, Calif.

The mother-daughter duo dined out with a family friend at Casa del Sole for an afternoon snack.

Selena recently chatted with us about her duet with Selena Quintanilla on the tribute album.

“It was amazing!” Selena dished. “I was completely honored when they asked me to be on the tribute CD and when I went into the studio to record they actually had her vocals in the booth that she was in, so I felt like she was singing right next to me. It gave me chills! It was incredible and it was a great experience and it was a great song.”

Selena is also pictured grabbing a quick snack from McDonald’s early this week.

FYI: Selena is wearing a white Dream Out Loud scarf.

10+ pics inside…

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  • Melissa

    She’s wearing Dream Out Loud! Love it :)

  • Elizabeth g.

    If Selena were still alive, Selena Gomez is the LAST person that would deserve to duet w/ her. She doesn’t exactly sing, she denies her roots, and Selena Quintanilla loved everything about her culture, fue una voz grandiosa y muy talentosa. All they have in common is the name; Selena G. doesn’t even speak spanish or sing cumbia. IS THIS A BAD JOKE!

  • mkmille

    The family asked her to be a part of the project, I think they know what they wanted so no one should question their decision. The gentleman they are with is the guy from Disney she calls “uncle Gary” he’s the one that discovered her from her auditions.
    Maybe she’s gonna be working on another project for Disney or one of their other companies posssibly the movie company about one of the book projects she has purchased the rights too. Could be interesting.

  • cookycookie

    i know i’m gonna sound like a jerk, but i gotta say this, she only got this chance because she’s named after her. she always says that she’s named after Selena Quintanilla, and that ever since she was little she was educated on her, exposed to her music, selena’s not the best singer, she only got this because idk maybe they wanted to attract younger audience but she’s only given this opportunity because of her name, just because her name is selena. if her name was gloria for instance she would never get this chance.

  • Chosen One

    As much as I like Selena Gomez’s acting, she is a terrible singer.
    I think they only used her for publicity, as Selena singing a Selena song would draw some listeners, and plus she is in the spot light quite a bit.

  • Patworx

    Shove it up your ass, trolls! She’s singing with a major established icon! Get over it!

  • tina

    What a cutie

  • tina

    @Chosen One: Well she’s laughing all the way to the bank.

  • Po

    @Patworx: – Cosigned! :)

    As for the crybabies, please keep sulking about it for our amusement :)

  • Hope

    Selena gomez has sooooo many haters!!! the haters just mad that she has millions of fans, can sing , can act, making money and dating justin bieber!! while there hating through a computer screen. and if yall would know her, she is half mexican that mean she has latin roots

  • jennajenna

    That’s an awesome tribute to a Legend.

  • Vanessa

    They’re right. Just because she has the same name as Selena doesn’t make her qualified to sing Selena Quintanilla’s songs. This is simply a stunt to attract a larger audience.

  • Iris

    I can’t wait for all Vanessa’s movies to come out. I think her career is going great right now.

    ? Love u V ?

  • Iris

    And by this, I mean Vanessa Hudgens….!!!! Selena is still in the singing stage… She needs to get over this if she wants a career as an actress…

    If she keeps doing both, than she won’t be taken seriously in the movie business…

  • laurent

    Selena´s father was the one who wanted Selena G to be on the tribute CD, and the cover was great, sel do a great job, and Selena´s Q. family love it, soo just stfu!

  • laurent

    sel looks gorgeous as usual! love her outfits ;)

  • javi

    @Elizabeth g.: is not selena gomez fault is selena quintanillas father who still wants to make money even if his own daughter is dead. so he decided to make another tribute aka make more money for himself.

  • Elizabeth g.

    @javi OK I realize what you’re saying. Very true.

  •!/selenaofficals Selena gomez

    She can sing but you need a better chance who want to give in to everyone you know and treat you right.

  • roland

    she is really beatiful and iwwana kiss her hand

  • traxtur iran


  • Hitchens rg




    She was asked to do this for other reasons too. Please do some research before you write. Yes her name is the same but she is also a Tejana like her namesake. A Tejana is a Mexican born or growing up in Texas. Ms Gomez is very proud of her heritage and her link to Selena.

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