Vanessa Hudgens: Botanical Besos with Austin Butler

Vanessa Hudgens: Botanical Besos with Austin Butler

Vanessa Hudgens shares a romantic kiss with boyfriend Austin Butler as they roam around the Huntington Library Botanical Gardens on Friday (May 4) in San Marino, Calif.

The twosome spent the afternoon strolling around the gardens. Vanessa threw some rose petals in the air while Austin took pictures with his phone.

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After touring the gardens, Vanessa and Austin made it back over to Studio City where they lunched at new fave, Artisan Cheese Gallery. Yum!

10+ pics inside of Vanessa and Austin

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vanessa hudgens austin butler rose garden 01
vanessa hudgens austin butler rose garden 02
vanessa hudgens austin butler rose garden 03
vanessa hudgens austin butler rose garden 04
vanessa hudgens austin butler rose garden 05
vanessa hudgens austin butler rose garden 06
vanessa hudgens austin butler rose garden 07
vanessa hudgens austin butler rose garden 08
vanessa hudgens austin butler rose garden 09
vanessa hudgens austin butler rose garden 10
vanessa hudgens austin butler rose garden 11
vanessa hudgens austin butler rose garden 12
vanessa hudgens austin butler rose garden 13
vanessa hudgens austin butler rose garden 14

Credit: Sam Sharma, Premiere; Photos: FameFlynet, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • ehryle

    So sweet! Vanessa and Austin is a nature love!! nothing to hide or to run they just be real,affectionate and enjoying life to the fullest! YOLO!!

  • TAylordssd


  • Haters Suck!

    Now THAT is a man who knows how to treat his girlfriend. I don’t give a crap what their haters say these two make a great couple. Don’t like it well that’s just to damn bad.

  • Ok

    Kisses to you Austin , she is a great girl is that a Robin in the tree?

  • my 2 cents

    @Ok: They are a really adorable couple, they are happy and it looks like things worked out for the Win.

  • Simone

    They are trying to get a role. That’s what all the fakeness is about. Kissing and holding the door open. These two will tramp themselves out for anything. They wont get it either! No one wants to see these two make out on screen let alone off.

  • Haters Suck!

    you’re an idiot. I had more to say but I used too many big words I was afriad you wouldn’t understand.

  • Bet

    ahhh i love it. it looks like a movie!! they are cute together, look how he grab her face while they kiss, soo romantic.

  • wedontcare


    A BAD MOVIE!!!! They are working hard for it. Never gonna get it.

  • yets

    yes..vanessa loving the nature right now.
    cute pics.

  • yets

    @ Simone
    thats why your here wasting your time for our V…hah

  • muse

    Love her spirit, beauty and carefree way of life, if haters acted more like that, maybe the world wouldnt be so negative. Shes beautiful :)

  • Resistance

    It is lust, not love

  • http://google barbara

    this the last time i am coming here, i have lost respect, this whole thing is stage, even Ocean Up has blasted her for these stage pictures, paps did not take these pictures, they were told how to stand, and the pictures were close up, i use to think she was a smart women, but know more, you maybe blind to all this, but i am not, it is all about pr, i am afraid she is going to ruin, verything she worked hard for,she going to lose alot in the long run, she letting her heart rule, instead of common sense. by the the way austin, has the uglyest mouth i have ever seen, vanessa is going to get hurt by all this. she is losting alot of respect from her fans.

  • tina

    barbara, I won’t be unhappy to see you go. Quoting Ocean up, who have never had a good thing to say about Vanessa is an all time low for even you. Go with God.

  • Ok

    @my 2 cents That is a nice thing you said here. I think everybody will end up happy , including the Robin in the tree

  • Haters Suck!

    bye you will not be missed. Since you’re leaving here’s a parting shot get over zac and Vanessa. They’re never getting back together deal with it. Another thing, learn to freaking spell. I got a four year old cousin who can spell better then you do. Third oh my God oceanup said so, well if oceanup said it, it must be true. Give me a break. And you wouldn’t know what PR is if I dropped on your head. I’m sorry Vanessa isn’t with who you want her to be with but that’s life. You’ve never given Austin a chance you’ve been nothing but nasty to him from the very start. Goodbye and good riddance I’m sure Vanessa won’t miss you.

  • Ok

    @ My 2 cents I guess I should of said everybody will be the lucky one ,
    including the Robin in the tree

  • Roxy

    lovely couple! Yes, i do agree with ‘Haters Suck’ – that is a MAN who knows how to treat his girlfriend. And no they are not pretending/faking. whee it’s love you cant do that. she did NOT call the paps you’re just assuming that cuz it bothers you to see her being love with another guy who is not her ex, well people move on and fall in love again. Vanessa is known to be the same, quiet, spiritual, beautiful and sweet girl- nothing has changed with her.
    @Barbara- your comment made me so happy! talk all the crap you want about her out of here. about time for you to leave this thread, please do us a favor and hate somewhere else.
    the truth hurts but Vanessa is not the kind of celebrity to see attention, shes famous and paps follow her everywhere, it is not a sin to be in love. she is young and livng her life. Vanessa and Austin are so cute together! wish them the best in every step.

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    They look like they’re in a movie..

  • mykamicks

    If a person is in love with someone and wants to be in free spirited everyday, PR has nothing to do with it. We attested & seen in fact that she was been a victim of a PR thing when she decided to broke up a person who made secure and protect oneself for future thing purposes.

    Vanessa chosen another man in her life to become more happier than it was. I would rather chose a person who has a big mouth than a person who shows disloyalty because of some unreasonable decisions.

    Not everyday of our lifves God will give us the most beautiful thing in life. But having a rare , precious & sincere love by another person or to love someone that’s the most genuine gift ever.

  • tammy

    doesn’t anyone realise that that two of them pictures look straight of the lucky one

  • maria

    @mykamicks: That was lovely, and so true.

    Shame on people like Barbara, who think life is all about dating ONE person. (Even though that happens sometimes.) Life is a journey. As you go on your way, you learn and experience things, that form the person you become. So Vanessa is not allowed to experience life? She is not allowed to find someone who truly has her heart and soul in his heart at ALL times and not just when it suits him? She is destined to spend her life with a guy who clearly only held onto her cause it “served him” at the time? What is wrong with you, barbara?? How do you respect a jerk like that, and yet trash a young woman who just wants to love and be loved, without everyone interfering? She deserves to be happy, and it is NOT with the ex. She loved him to death, and it wasn’t enough. Get over it.

    And for the record, it’s not her fault that paps with LONG lenses get these pics of her living her EVERYday life. These pics WERE from long distance. There is nothing wrong with kissing your BF ONCE in a beautiful, romantic garden.

  • mykamicks


    I appreciate Vanessa’s fans who still stood by her side since day one. And you are one of those who extend her that rare, precious & sincere love not only as a fan but as person. Same with Boji & Haters Sucks and to rest who remains as loyal as ever..

  • maria

    @mykamicks: Same to you! I used to post as go sox way back, but now just post as myself. Been proud to be a fan. I’ve admired the way she dealt with adversity, the way she’s fought to live her dream as an actress, and even the way she dealt with her breakup, keeping it private. People may hate that she just lives her life freely, but I admire that too. She knows what makes her happy, and being with the ones she loves keeps life real. Being an actress (which is a JOB for her) and being followed by paps, isn’t going to stop Vanessa from just being herself. She is, who she is. Good for her!

  • maria

    Oh, and you CAN tell the photos in the garden were taken long range. In the kiss photo, you can see how the ground and the tree appear to be large and close up, yet they are far behind it.

  • dani

    Vanessa ?

  • Barbar Halburnt

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