Miley Cyrus - Billboard Music Awards 2012

Miley Cyrus - Billboard Music Awards 2012

Miley Cyrus is wonderful in white as she arrives at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Sunday (May 20) in Las Vegas.

The 19-year-old actress/singer wore a Gaultier dress with Christian Louboutin heels and Jacqui Aiche jewelry.

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Miley will be taking the stage tonight to present an award! “Viva Las Vegas” she tweeted.

Earlier in the week, Miley took a girls weekend with mom Tish, puppy Happy and sister Brandi.

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Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • lauren

    you can see her boobs,

  • Tia

    Looking hot Chica. Beautiful Miley.

  • Tori

    No. This is actually disgusting. I’m 18 and I don’t wear stuff this revealing. WEAR A SHIRT AND PANTS!

  •!/joezminegrlz Michelle

    ew. miley please put some clothes on THEN i will stop calling you a hoe. kkkkkkkk? oye

  • arco

    please, you have to admit she look too skinny, look at her bones
    even her amazing legs are thin

  • MR. MRS

    Have a good time. Don’t flub your lines!

  • javi

    mmmmmm wow i have to admit she looks hot but i think that should be wore for the mtv movie awards not the billboards.

  • arco

    I don’t like the outfit but If she likes to show her boobs she can, at least she is 19

  • Jay

    Miley is gorgeous!

  • http://none maria

    miley look bontia.that miley i want to see attend awards show,

  • Whatever

    She looks ridiculous. She’s 19, not 30. Miley, it’s sexier to leave a little to the imagination.

  • vf4ever

    lol it looks like her hair exploded lol

  • Goose

    I love the hair and make-up but it’s a big no no to show off both legs and chest. You either show off your legs or you just show off the chest. Doing both is over doing it and comes off as trashy. :/

  • Marielle

    She’s crazy and I love her! It’s her body and if she feels comfortable wearing a revealing outfit then so be it. We have no control over it and we shouldn’t have a say in it.

  • Tim

    Are you all freaking serious?! She looks gorgeous!! Literally goregeous!! Her hair and make up are flawlees!! Plus that dress and those shoes are really stylish!! You’re all probably lame 12 year old haters who obviosuly envy her hotness!! That or you’re all freaking blind!! ¬¬

  • Jenn

    Dress is ok. Her hair is horrible!!!! And her legs are really skinny, she use to have amazing legs. She need to start eating. She is getting to skinny

  • Nicole

    I’m asking myself if she was wearing panties. =O!

  • Karen

    She is so ugly… not ofense. Is my opinion.

  • amy

    Miley is NOT ugly – she is beautiful. I am however starting to think she is getting too thin. Miley please do not get any thinner.

  • aprille_marpa

    WoW Miley Looks very Fab…Luv it

  • amanda leigh

    Lol, the right half of the picture is inappropriate.

  • Mari

    She’s perfect. Totally perfect

  • Cutecare

    @Goose: Completely agree with you girl. She should’ve only showed one asset. It looks like she’s trying sooo hard.

  • Warren

    Miley looks great at the awards. I like her hair and her face is so beautiful. Miley is so sexy and hot. Wish I could kiss her hot lips.

  • Warren

    Miley looks great at the awards. I like her hair and her face is so beautiful. Miley is so sexy and hot. Wish I could kiss her hot lips. I love my dream girl, Miley!

  • seby

    i love her always

  • wen

    stunning miley! shes hot:) love her hair and everything:) heheh love her love u girl:)

  • annie


  • izzy

    outfit is horrible and tacky

  • prak

    the best one!nice…

  • niley06

    Shut up! you’re just jealous ..
    she is she is a WOMAN!!

  • michelle

    she looks like she’s wearing a cardigan. with shoulder pads.

  • jessica

    Aw, look! Miley was so kind as to crawl out of bed with her boyfriend and show up on national tv. Because I just love staring at her exposed boobs!

  • hala

    she is so beautiful :) and hot but I think she dont have to be more thin!! wow i love you smiley miley

  • http://jaylianomore lulu

    she’s looks stunning no one can fake the face that she’s hot
    she’s perfect & i don’t know why u all keep talkin about how she dress
    the thing that only matters is she’s a good singer\actress AND hot !!!

  • ics

    @Tori: there’s nothing disgusting about miley… ask any normal guy! :-)

    @Whatever: there’s a lot left to the imagination, she isn’t completely naked…

    @amy: no, she’s not too thin, she’s perfectly normal… unfortunately obesity has become so common that many people simply don’t know what normal, healthy wight is…

  • silvanadelucci

    I never thought she was appealing; she still isn’t.

  • midz

    How the hell can you say she looks nice! Look at the freaking clothes she’s wearing more like look at the top she is wearing!
    Her dress looks like a bloody shirt for crying out loud!
    Girl needs to realise there’s no need to grow up so quickly! Enjoy life as a teen since your only young once!
    She looks like a bloody 30 year old! Your bloody 19 for crying out loud! Wear something age appropriate!
    Obviously her parents dont care cause if they did would they allow her to wear something that makes her look so bloody slutty!
    BTW this is my opinion so if you don’t like it then i don’t really care because you don’t have to!

  • absbakjds

    Guys, seriously,
    it’s okay to show off skin
    it means she’s okay with showing off her body a bit
    It’s not like she’s naked you idiots
    I think she looks stunning & absolutely gorgeous

    Just because she’s showing off skin it doesn’t mean she’s a whore, or being trashy.
    Plus she’s 19. She’s an adult. Leave her alone for crying out loud.

  • ics

    She looks great! Her clothes are perfectly fine. Even if she were 16, her clothes would still be fine.

    If there’s a problem with anything, that’s people’s mentality and their ideas about morality and appropriateness , which are based on stupid religious crap. People need to grow up and abandon these backwards and stupid ideas.

  • sam

    why does she do that annoying thing with her mouth? And Miley I’m pretty sure you can afford braces so you’d better get on that asap!!

  • amy


    I don’t think Miley is too thin yet – but she is getting thinner & thinner and at some point she will be too thin.

    I have never beeen on the “Miley’s fat or Miley’s too skinny” band wagons, but as a fan I am concerned for her health.

  • V

    I love Miley, and her most of her red carpet styles. I’m also a fashion major so I’m all about fashion risks and trying new things, BUT this does not suit Miley AT ALL. This makes her look 10 years older. Everything from the hair to the outfit is a big no go. It looks horrendous.

  • Elle

    Does anyone know where to get the crescent moon necklace? Please leave a link or the same/similar style. Thanks!

  • krystal

    she’s not to skinny, UR JUST USED TO SEEING FAT AND OVERWEIGHT PEOPLE!!! shes a normal wight. if u think shes anorexic ur a fat ass. LOOK UP A B.M.I. CHART. im 5’5″ and 120 and as skinny as miley its normal

  • http://facebook funmi

    u look pretty ignore the haters

  • Cassy

    You weirdo 15 year olds actually think that wearing nothing more than a baggy blazer is appropriate? Besides that, she looks like a 30 year old prostitute.

  • Whatever

    @ics: People’s mentality? Are you screwed up in the head? This has NOTHING to do with religion. It’s about being appropriate and classy for your AGE, and not needing to show the world your boobs. This is what is wrong with YOUR mentality; you’re the epitomy of the trashing down of society. This does NOT look good on a 19 yr old, and her hair looks like a retro-60′s hair sprayed do. Tacky, tacky.

  • ics

    @Whatever: YEAH, people’s mentality! like yours! There’s no such a thing like “appropriate for you age”

    ps. she didn’t “show” any boobs

  • AnonymousGuy08

    I agree with you and @Tim. She looks nice like this.

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