Miley Cyrus: Engaged to Liam Hemsworth!

Miley Cyrus: Engaged to Liam Hemsworth!

Miley Cyrus is set to marry boyfriend Liam Hemsworth !

“I’m so happy to be engaged and look forward to a life of happiness with Liam,” the 19-year-old singer and actress told People, which first reported the happy news.

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“Life is beautiful,” Miley tweeted on Wednesday (June 6).

Liam, 22, reportedly proposed with a 3.5-carat Neil Lane diamond ring on Thursday (May 31).

Miley and Liam first met on their film The Last Song in 2009.

Congrats to the happy couple!!

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  • nina


  • azalea

    tho I think its too soon, hehe

  • Ella

    WOW! She’s too young to get engaged. But well, it’s her happiness so best wishes for the both of them. I hope that their marriage life will last forever. :)

  • amy

    Yeah! Party in The USA ! So happy for Miley & LIam ! Good good news.

  • midz

    They are too young to get married! Its not even gonna last long! And these 2 things are what Chris Hemsworth said himself! He said about them being young in an interview at the premiere of avengers and how its not gonna last in a magazine interview! Which is hilarious Liam’s own brother doesnt have faith that it will last! lol
    Also she’s pretty much using him since he’s becoming so big and look at her! Her recent film was limited release which practically tells you that it bombed! If anything it tells you that she needs him cause of his fame which is getting bigger then hers!
    And you can all hate me for what i have to say but its true!

  • sa

    congratulation to miley and liam they both gorgeous.

    as for the dumb person on top, miley movie was not her doing or her fault liongate didn’t have the money to promoted and miley career is not flopped she choose to step back for a while to live her life there is a huge difference.

    miley is bigger than liam and they know her more I think she tired of the media picking on her and she just want to live life, she worked her entired teenage years and became a millionare she don’t need to work if she don’t want to, but i hope she does because she really good.

  • http://Justjared Amna

    Oh my.its too early miley.u should do focus on ur career.if u married,it will end soon,bec in hollywood,couples engaged,marry,but it endswithin 2 ,3 years.u r teenager still…i dont thinks so u should marry at that age.if robsten marry it woud be great.ok.but i can wish u best 4 ur happy.

  • lovemiley

    I think they are too young to get married
    c’mon ! #yolo miley :)

  • javi

    knowing how celebrity marriages end i have hopes that they will last. its sounds strange coming from a non fan but unfortunately some celebs don’t take marriage seriously they think is a joke. but i think they will last more than 72 days.

  • Vanessa


  • lovemiley

    I’m happy for miley but i think they are too young to get married .
    Like c’mon ! YOLO ;)

  • Simone


    oh boy, I agree!!! This sounds desperate on Mileys part pregnant or not. It feels like he may be pressured by her and her mom. Being that its Mileys house and so far bulk of the money. But they feel a strong shift in the wind and theyre trying to secure Miley. Scary move.Poor Liam.
    I don’t think it wont last. Hollywood marriages last longer these days because it’s too expensive to divorce and the split could affect careers so more marriages are open. Thats what I see.

  • peggy


  • amy


    You are so off base! Miley & Liam love each other – no one using anyone. As far as speculation on their ages and how long this will last – NONE of your business. Were you never taught that if you can’t say something nice – don’t say anything?

    No negativity from me – just love and best wishes and blessings for Liam & Miley.

  • wow


    HA ha ha – you act like you really know them and have inside information & to that I say you are delusional !!!!!!

  • lol


    Yes! someone with a brain – thank you!

  • cam


    She is not Kim Kardashiah & this is NOT a fake wedding for publicity – you should stop wathsing “reality” TV.

  • londonlipton

    People are saying she is young but she isn’t really, if you base this as a couple who are completely in love then it isn’t. I know couples who have been married for going on 30/35 years and they got married at 19/20/21. And they are still happily married.

    Also being engaged does not automatically mean marriage, people can have long engagements. It is just another sign of commitment.

    Some of the comments here are immature,and shows you have never been in a serious relationship nor do you see Miley & Liam as human beings.

    Congratulations to both of them.

  • Marielle

    If this isn’t another false alarm in the “Miley&Liam are engaged” saga then I’m happy for them. I wish them all the best but honestly guys… THERE IS SOMETHING CALLED A LONG ENGAGEMENT! Engaged doesn’t necessarily mean married. I know people who were in engaged for 3-5 years. If they do decide to get married soon, I wish them a long and happy life.

  • Tia

    Congrats to the happy couple. Long Life and much happiness. God Bless you both. I know of couples who get engaged and wait for about 4 years to marry also couple who marry at this age and they do last. So be positive everyone and wish them the best.

    Love them both.

  • midz


    If you read my comment properly then you have seen that i’m not the only one who thinks it won’t last CHRIS HEMSWORTH aka Liam’s older brother himself said so That they’re too young and that IT WON’T LAST LONG!

  • A

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for them. But I’m not sure being engaged when you’re still a teenager is a bright idea. She isn’t even in her early 20′s yet. She’s still got a lot of growing up to do.

    But I’m not going to be a Debby downer so good for them, can’t wait to see the wedding pics.

  • mare

    im very disappointing !!! this is not ok!! for sure is not going to last, but of course shes not getting married cuz his fame that’s shit!!! i love miley but this is stupid!!:( but i wish her good luck!

  • Kat

    Im really happy for them, to the people who are saying they are to young my mum and many people i know got marriage at 18-20 and have been married for 20 or more years so just because they are young doesn’t mean it won’t last. :-)

  • aly

    @Kat: i agree! love has no age. and love is a decision.

  • K

    Wow Miley is too young to be getting engaged. I am 19 years old just like Miley Cyrus. I cannot imagine being engaged at 19. 19 is all about figuring out who you are and what you want in life. Planning a wedding at 19 is the last thing I would want to do.

  • Jade


    You need to realize that it was a different time period for those people you were talking about. 30 or so years ago, many people (especially women) who got married that young was common. College wasn’t stressed out as much as it is today.

  • tin2x


  • diopatra

    arent they too young to get married? with the industry they are in, even older couples dont last, i wonder how long they’ll be together.

    congratulations though and wish them luck :)

  • jayann09

    i guess there goes my “miley and nick getting married” dream /: oh well im still happy for her

  • an

    thats soo cuteee. i love them!!

  • em

    good luck to them. tho i think it won’t last. just another hollywood artist drama.

  • a


  • chloe

    congratulations wish the best of luck and happiness

  • http://luzcaquintana vanessa

    congratulations miley and liam!!
    much love and happiness for both
    I want this ring!!!

  • Mischief Managed

    Honesty, I think she’s doing it for the publicity. She said herself that she is jealous of Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato because their careers took off after Disney and hers didn’t. It’s a desperate attempt to stay relevant in the media. To a degree, I think she and Liam do love each other but marriages this early rarely ever last more than a couple of years. So good luck, Miley.

  • Kathie

    i love it, a few weeks ago she shot down that rumor and now she “is sooo happy to be engaged” haha
    oh well, congrats miley and liam :)

  • mac

    too young plus hollywood. yep, not gonna last.

  • amy


    Chris was asked a question about Liam & Miley marring when he was on a red carpet & if you remember the whole thing he also said ask them. And BTW Chris Hemsworth tweeted his congratulations to his brother Liam & his sonn to be sister-in-law, Miley!

    People really should stop pretending they know them & what they are thinking, etc and rely on what Miley & Liam actually say or tweet.

  • rebecca

    @midz: I believe everything you say Midz! It is totally true! Liam is using Miley for fame!

  • rebecca

    @mac: totally agree with u, it’s not gonna last. I see it as a publicity stunt

  • rebecca

    @midz: totally agree with you! AT LEAST CHRIS IS WISING UP AND MAKING SENSE

  • Georgia

    Congradulations !! You are both amazing actors and people and will make a gorgeous couple xxx Don’t bother about what others say because you’re careers can wait xxxxx I don’t know if you will read this Liam but you were fabulous as Gale and the hunger games is a great movie x

  • chloe

    Cant last.

    And judging from the number of celebrities’ divorce cases, I can predict their divorce within 2 years.