Ashley Tisdale: 'Scary Movie 5' Star!

Ashley Tisdale: 'Scary Movie 5' Star!

Ashley Tisdale goes glitzy at the premiere Rock of Ages held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Friday night (June 8) in Hollywood.

The 26-year-old actress, along with beau Scott Speer, hit the carpet in support of good pal Julianne Hough.

Ashley was just cast in the fifth installment of Scary Movie, Deadline reports.

Malcolm Lee will direct the flick, set to start filming later this summer.

Ashley is also pictured at the grand opening of Mizumi Restaurant at Wynn Las Vegas on Thursday night (June 7) and heading out of Nine Zero One salon.

20+ pics inside…

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ashley tisdale roa mizumi 02
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  • mara


  • Rose

    Congrats on being cast in Scary Movie 5 Ash :)

  • somuchforash

    She looks stunning!!!! <3 Love love love that look :)
    Can't wait for Scary Moviee!

  • raquel

    i wished they’d give her more than just a spoof movie, all i want is her show/sitcom to start because at the moment i feel that will really boost her career and show she is dedicated :)

  • jane

    she had breast implants!!

  • jannet

    she looks hot, love her dress

  • selma

    @jane: LOL are you sure ?

  • http://@ashleymichell22 Vale

    SHE IS PERFECT !!! ?

  • Mischief Managed

    Isn’t that Vanessa’s Chanel bag?

  • Andy’s Girl

    I think she’s wearing Vanessa’s Chanel bag.

  • Whatever

    @selma: She definitely did. There is no doubt. She NEVER had a chest like that before. Looks so trashy on her.

  • londonlipton

    @Whatever: You do realise there are bra’s you can buy that give you cleavage.

  • Whatever

    @londonlipton: Then she would have worn one years ago. Those girls got placed a few months ago. You can see it in gym clothes too.

  • Whatever

    And there are other ways I can tell.

  • Simone

    They don’t look right on her. If she’s happy then who cares. She should keep them private. They don’t look right and she wants to show them as girls do who never had em. Sweater or zipper for you girl.

  • Meghan

    She looks fucking fabulous.
    I’m actually gonna kill all you cunts with your breast implant rumours for real. She still doesn’t have a chest and I’m a fan, lmfao. I’m sure if she was to get implants she would have got bigger implants that were actually worthwhile – think about it. You know what else? Exercise perks up your boobs and she does lots of it, so stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

  • Meghan

    @Whatever: Go fangirl over Vanessa and stop stirring shit on her bestfriend’s posts. xo

  • kami


    she got them about a year ago. i posted a link to an article with before and after pix, but jj wouldn’t let me post it. it on a site called plastic celebrities.

  • A

    She didn’t get breast implants… it’s called a push up bra. If she had gotten them it would have caused a stir, there would be photos of her leaving the surgeons, like her rhinoplasty when she had to fix her septum.

    And they don’t look trashy at all. If she DID get them, she certainly kept them tasteful.

  • kami

    there are before and after pix. both in bikini tops. a dr says she went from an a cup to a c cup. you can clearly see the im-plants.

  • A

    Different tops have different lifts. She’s always been about a C cup. Her weight and excersize regime have both fluctuated a bit over the years, understandably her chest size would a bit too. She doesn’t have implants.

  • Vic

    @A: she has NEVER been a C cup, it states that she is roughly A cup nothing more. Look at before:

    and after

    see the significant change?

  • http://@ashleymichell22 Vale

    people grow and develop their bodies ;)

  • jane

    she definitely got implants. she used to be really flat. she probably got a size b

  • A

    @jane: Yeah I agree, she DEFINITELY got implants. I remember pictures of her in a bikini in January and she was so FLAT-chested and now she has pretty big breasts, it’s obvious. She definitely strikes me as the kind who would get plastic surgery, didn’t she get a nose job for a ”deviated septum” in 2008? She’s pretty fake nowadays.

  • A

    @Vale: Girls stop growing and developing when they’re generally 18-19 years old. Ashley turns 27 years old in less than a month, she couldn’t have possibly and logically ”developed” breasts at the age of 26 in 2-4 months. 2-4 months ago she was flat-chested, she obviously had a boob job.

  • Truth


    Uh, no, she has NEVER been a c-cup in her entire life. She is firmly an A-cup, flat-chested with a boy-ish figure. No amount of weight gain nor push-up bra can make a person go from an a-cup to c-cup like she did. Not to mention she got a nose job for her ‘deviated septum’ awhile back.

    She’s not getting any jobs and no one but her Disney fans even remember she exists. At this point the only way for her to land any movies is to sell her body. I feel bad for her, but I’m not surprised. Hollywood is look-obsessed and Ashley has never been a naturally attractive girl.

  • ARH

    ummm ashley is naturally beautiful so go somewhere else with that crap.

  • ARH

    ashley deff pulled it off! the dress is amazing on her, the straight hair and bright pink lipstick is fabulous! so glad she wore black shoes and didnt outshine her dress. sooo beautiful!

  • A

    @Truth Ashley is beautiful. She has a huge fan base and she is getting work right now actually. She’s very much naturally attractive. Let me guess, you’re a jealous Vanessa fan? Why don’t you go have a look at their facebook pages and accept that Ashley has three times the fans. She’s a huge star and plenty of us love her. And I’m NOT a disney fan, btw.

    Ashley has a “boyish” figure? You’re so wrong. You’ve obviously never seen pics of her back in high school. And she was about a C cup. Seriously…

    I hate losers that have to go insult the fabulous and beautiful on the internet because they have things they never will. I don’t know why I let myself get caught up reading the comments whenever I want to read about Ash..

  • Ella

    I want her lipstick! ;)

  • sigh

    haters u can dun like her, but there’s no reason to make up stories. she DID NOT have a breast job. it’s looks the same to me… not that i’m always looking at that part of her unlike U

  • kelly martineau

    Ashley looks cute. Nice outfit for that kind of moive.

  • Kat

    I don’t believe she got a boob job at all there would of be so many photos and rumors she would never of been able to keep it a secret. Im not sure why she is must bigger she deff looks like a C cup. I reckon the dress may boost her, I have a dress that makes me look like a D cup and Im only a C so it could be the dress and a boosting bra. x

  • Darkwolf

    There are gel packs you can put in bras as well. But seriously, who cares, do you realize that millions of women get breast implants across the world? Some of them are professional types, with high end jobs that want them for their own reasons. Is every single women who gets them trashy?

  • http://@ashleymichell22 Vale

    Latin America Loves Ashley ! :)

  •!/hotmesswithu eugenia

    Could you please just stop for a moment and THINK WHAT YOU’RE SAYING? We, Tizzies, know every movement Ashley makes. We know where she goes, when, with whom. We’re stalkers, I mean… lol. We’d know if Ashley got implants. But she didn’t. She works her a** off at the gym, her body changed not because she just hit puberty, it changed because she exercises. And no, her b**bs didn’t grow magically now. While filming ‘Hellcats’ she already had not only bigger b**bs but her a** was getting better and better. Just deal with that.

  • miley

    She definitely did get a boob job though, it’s sad.

  • B

    I’m a fan, and I think she did the surgery FOR SURE! But I see nothing bad on that, I would do that myself if I trought I needed to, and felt like it! The same for her! She wanted to,if she did it, no problem, she looks GREAT!!! And if she feels that way, that’s all that matters! Stop being so imature haters, I bet you all would change something about yourselves if you had the chance!

  • Truth


    Oops, did I hurt your feelings?

    Perhaps you need to look at some old pictures of her to jog your memory. She’s skinny and shapeless, square and boxy with man shoulders. Still is, but now she’s got the added padding to her chest to help her look more like a woman.

    What has Ashley done since HSM? Sharpay’s Greatest Adventures, a straight to DVD movie. A show on CW, that was cancelled after one season. Some Aliens movie that no one even remembers. A role on a Disney show watched by kids 20 years younger than her. A production company that has yet to produce a single memorable project. Two failed CDs. Oh yeah and that new comedy that probably won’t get picked up past it’s initial order.

    No one’s watching her. No one cares. It’s especially funny because she was supposed to be the big breakout star, and now she’s getting crap like Scary Movie. She’s no better than a D-list actor. She’s a nobody. And it’s been awesome watching her fall from the pedestal you fans put her up on so many years ago. I’m loving it.

  • Milla

    She looks Gorgeous, and congrats for the movie :)

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