Vanessa Hudgens & Selena Gomez: Happy Birthday, Ashley Tisdale!

Vanessa Hudgens & Selena Gomez: Happy Birthday, Ashley Tisdale!

Vanessa Hudgens and her beau Austin Butler are ready to celebrate BFF Ashley Tisdale‘s birthday on Monday (July 2) at a private beach house in Malibu, Calif.

Out on the beach, Ashley soaked up the sun in a bikini alongside another good friend Selena Gomez, who hit the beach later with some male pals.

Ashley turned 27 that day. Happy birthday, Ashley!

Also at the beach bash was Ashley‘s beau Scott Speer and The Secret Life of the American Teenager actress Francia Raisa.

“Birthday party at the beach :)” Ashley tweeted.

20+ pics inside…

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  • tina

    only here for Vanessa.. and Selena <3

  • Ok

    Really happy to hear this

  • Haters Suck!

    Same but mainly Vanessa. Tisdale….well there you are.

  • javi

    why selena was covering her face with that dog? did she had a zit? i know thats a terrible thing but she doesn’t have to cover her face with a dog with a hat maybe but not the poor dog.

  • pearl

    LOVE Ashley. Happy birthday. So glad you are still friends with nessa.

  • Tiffany

    So, Zac got Ashley on her last birthday, and Vanessa gets her on this one? Haha. It’s like a divorced couple with their child. They all looked like they had a good time, though. Ashley looks gorgeous, as usual.

  • amtfan

    I love them all (except scott) I prefer last years pics tho. glad she had fun!

  • Haters Suck!

    I am so PISSED OFF!!!! I really, really want/need to go on a rant but know I can’t do it here or bad things will happen and I’ll just be the bad guy(again). I just can’t deal with certain people i really can’t.

  • Xo

    V looks gorgeous! Her abs are killer

  • muse

    As sad as it is to say out loud, it really does seem like Vanessa and Zac don’t want to be near each other, and I know it may be becuase he was busy this year and last year Vanessa may have been, but it does seem like a divorce scenario. And I know it’s awkward to be near your ex while they have a new partner and they’re happy but the day was about Ashley and celebrating her birthday.
    But like I said, no idea why he wasn’t there and why she wasn’t there last year, but it just seems like they cant be near each other.
    My point is though, is that they were great friends before dating, wish they could be again.
    And I know they were seen taking photos and talking at Ashley’s premier for “Sharpay’s Adventures”, but Vanessa wasn’t dating Austin then. I dont know, just voicing my view on it :/
    Hope they all had fun celebrating Ashley’s birthday :)

  • Meghan

    Ashley looks so perfect omg and Selena. <3 They're the hottest.

  • Xo

    @muse: Well V couldn’t have made it last year even if she wanted to. She was in New York filming Gimme Shelter. As for them hanging out, apparently they were both at Shelly’s graduation party a few weeks ago. Austin was there too.

  • Like

    @Haters Suck!: This is not a place to rant,it is a place to comment on pics of celebrities,if you want to rant get a blog or something.

    @muse: So because there are no pictures of Zac we are to assume he was not there? I have a feeling after the spectacle last year Efron was advised to stay away from cameras at Ashley’s party. After all, pics of him and Vanessa in the same vicinity would get all the Zanessa fans out,and that would takeaway from Ashley’s birthday. There teams (Z/A & V’s) know how much the fans put in to and believe(ed) in Zanessa and any sniff they get they pounce on it and come it with wild theories. And hey look on Tumblr and Twitter,all people were talking about was Zac & Vanessa. Zanessa fans are finding it hard after a year and half to let go, the fandom which was once united has become a warzone, Zac fans V Vanessa fans v Ashley fans. You are not allowed to be a fan of them all, that creates wars in itself. Fans attacking other fans, resorting to verbal bullying. It’s a sorry sight. And all this because one couple who nobody really truly knows broke up,nor do they know the reasons why. Fans like to blame the media for creating far fetched rumors, but it’s the fans who create the rumours on social networking sites. The fandom has changed it’s no longer about the projects,movies,tv shows,endorsements they do, it’s about their private lives. Fans do not need to know details of a celes life. There was a time before the internet ,before camera phones,when you used to wait to see what photos the papers,magazines would print. Times have changed and so have fans and it’s sad.

  • maria

    @muse: I have to agree. I do not believe when things don’t end well, that you can easily just be friends. It just isn’t possible. You can’t be friends with someone you loved, who didn’t want to be with you anymore, until that hurt is completely gone. And it never may be. And that’s fine.

    I am just happy to see APPROPRIATE pics from her party this year! I think Ashley may have learned a good lesson from last year, cause the disrespect she showed her BF then probably contributed to her relationship ending. See? People CAN learn from mistakes and do better. Nice that Vanessa and Austin were able to go this year, since they are both good friends of Ashley’s. I just wish I didn’t get such a “posed for the paps” vibe from these beach pics. Like LeeAnn Rhimes.

  • Tin tin

    It doesnt matter if they are ignoring each outher or not the break up was a private matter its there personel lives, and its nobodys business but theres . and we have nothing to do with it . and all and all its not our business !!!

  • muse

    @Xo: Oh, I do remember Vanessa filming a lot last year, I just didnt know it was during Ashley’s birthday last year. And do you mean Shelley Buckner Vanessa’s friend? Or someone else? Lol I sound really stalker just now Lol.
    @maria: Yes, I wasn’t a fan of how close those photos of them were either…ALTHOUGH I do know that a girl and a guy can be friends, my best friend is a guy, and I also know that Ashley and Zac are very close and great friends, and I know Ashley would never cross that line with him especially seeing as he and Vanessa dated and Ashley calls Vanessa one of her best friends, BUT those pictures did come off horribly and I’m sure when they came out Ashley could have seen how bad it looked, or I would hope so.
    I love the brother/sister friendship between Ashley and Zac, but I know that those photos made her and him look really insincere to Vanessa and not-so-innocent.
    And I agree that they look posed, but Ashley has never really been the type to call up papz and have them there intentionally. Paparazzi are just horrendous and intrusive.

  • nate

    omg ashley looks HOT HOT HOT!!!

  • Haters Suck!

    Yes but now people are pissed at Vanessa for keeping poor, poor zac from going and preventing what happend last year. The poor little “golden boy” never gets invited to anything anymore and it’s all vanessas fault apperently. It’s one of the reasons im pissed if Vanessa doesn’t go she’s a bad friend, if she does she keeps zac away, either way she’s screwed. I honestly don’t think Ashley has learned a damn thing (see rock of ages premiere) but that’s for another time.

  • Vanessa

    I hope she won’t take Austin to Teen Choice Awards .It ould be such a slap for Zac.,you know,he’s got 4 nominations and all.

  • Marina

    @Vanessa: Who said she’s going to attend the TCA’s? Up to now she’s nowhere on the published list of the celebs who will be there.
    And even though she should go, Zac would stay away from her as far as even possible. They are done and over for good, there is no way back. It would finally time for all people to get that in their heads.

  • Haters Suck!

    If Vanessa doesn’t go to the tcas I’ll blame zac and it’ll be all his fault. See I can do that to.

  • tina

    @Vanessa: Really a slap to Zac? After the way he and Ashley performed (note the word “performed” because I believe it was just an act for they cameras) last year at her birthday party? Vanessa is still the classy one in this group. She attends Ashley’s party after the way Ashley flaunts her whatever you want to call it with Zac. On and this year she (Ashley) has let poor Scott in to the act.

  • tina

    @Marina: As a fan of Vanessa’s I hop HE stays away from her. Why in the H ELL would she go up to him, never has, never will.

  • Ok

    There is no big deal here. it is also Mo Al turki ‘s birthday He financed Zac’s movie At Any Price , They both were at the wedding of one of the producers and they also saw eac other in Cannes. So Zac and some others are at his party instead , mystry solved no hate , no avoiding. just good logical sense.

  • Vanessa

    @ok what are you talking about?

  • Vanessa

    @tina I’m just trying to say that Zac might get hurt no matter to see her with Austin at TCA ,where few years ago they used to go together,I mean he is a normal human being. It’s natural to get hurt.

  • Vanessa

    @tina I’m just trying to say that Zac might get hurt no matter what to see her with Austin at TCA ,where few years ago they used to go together,I mean he is a normal human being. It’s natural to get hurt.

  • Haters Suck!

    Aren’t you the one who continues to say we’ll see zac and Vanessa at the same event soon and they’ll be friends again. Hows that prediction looking about now?

  • Ok

    @Haters Suck pretty good to me

  • Haters Suck!

    Seriously??? Well might as well go down with the ship I suppose.

  • Vanessa

    @ok I want to ask you something. I saw a comment of you about zac and vanessa meeting in some graduation party and that they talked. Is that true?Where can i find instagram photos of that party?

  • Vanessa

    @ok When are they gonna meet again and gonna be good friends?im refering to what @Haterssuck say.

  • Haters Suck!

    OK has said and continues to say how we’ll see zac and Vanessa at the same event soon and how they’ll start being friends again. I don’t buy it but that’s what she continues to say.

  • Vanessa

    @haterssuck when did she say that?

  • Riya

    Zac and vanessa has clearly moved on from each outher why do people think that one of them or both of them is stil hung on each outher, vanessa isnt going back to zac she is in love with austin and he is the guy for her. and zac isnt going back to her eather what kind of a guy would go back to chick who dry humps guys in public no guy with some class would ever get in to a mess like that let them be they are happy the way they are and zanessa is over it aint happenin again in billion year get over it .

  • Haters Suck!

    Pretty much on every post about zac and vanessa.

  • Vanessa

    @ok please answer me/when are they gonna be at the same event.i have seen you say your predictions work.

  • londonlipton

    @Haters Suck!: For once I find myself shocked to agree with you. You are right when you comment about one fan base blaming the other for their person not attending.

    Both Vanessa and Zac should in an ideal world attend the TCA as both are nominated. I sometimes wonder if they don’t go to the same events/parties to save themselves the endless fan speculation. You know as well as I do if both attend the TCA it will be fans saying they should have posed together, if she brings Austin and Zac attends people will say it’s disrespectful or whatever. If one goes but the other doesn’t they will blame the person that’s going.

    The fans will ALWAYS find something to criticize over.

  • tc

    Oh Please people. Zac got a better offer for a better birthday party. His hugely rich friend producer Mo Al Turki invited him for his birthday.
    right now Zac is on a private yacht living the life of a millionaire . So I hardly think Zac is thinking about Ashley and her birthday I’m sure she got a Text or phone call.

  • Ok

    @Vanessa , I still stand by what I said, you will see them meet. So everybody knows there is no hate or hard feelings. When? , But I hear it is planned.. If you want to see pics of the grad party they were all at it was for Shelly Buckner I believe. Early May.
    The pic. belong to Actor Shawn Pyfrom (Desparte Housewives)
    Twitter @shawn_pyfrom once there look for Hipster camera. At the same party is Zac, Ashley, Vanessa and Austin Before anybody asks, Zac did not go there with Ashely.
    @TC I wont swear to it , but I hear Zac was in Hawaii last night with Al Mo Turki For his Birthday, Mo Al Turki took friends there.

  • steph h

    @tc Tht is false he went to Tiffany Thornton’s baby shower and there is proof cuz there are pics. and I’m sure Zac called or txted her and u had mentioned it and if he did he at least he did something instead of nothing

  • Haters Suck!

    No offense but I ain’t gonna be holding my breath for this meeting to happen. You always say its going to be “soon” well when is soon going to get here? It wasn’t yesterday, it won’t be at tca as since zac is going it makes it highly unlikely Vanessa will be there. So when is soon not soon anymore?

  • http://@ashleymichell22 Vale


  • jade

    people often say that zac and vanessa will meet again but they may not. in fact they may never meet again by choice or they may meet in 2 years time. but all we know that in the present, they are no longer together for about 2 years…. and this may well be there future.
    HOWEVER, i feel the reason a lot (and i mean a lot) of people think they’ll get back together is because they saw that chemistry that many hollywood couples don’t have, especially being disney, young and together for 5 years.

  • Ok

    Tiffany Thorntons shower was Sat.

  • Unbelievable

    Am I the only one who thinks both zac and vanessa are handling this in the most immature way possible? They are both supposed to be adults but aren’t acting like it if you ask me. If joe Jonas and Taylor swift could kiss and make up as well as joe and Demi lovato i can’t see why zac and Vanessa can’t at least bite their pride and hold a civil conversation.
    And Ashley your 27 now do you really need a public beach party every year? Still think the 3 hsm alumns still have a lot of growing up to do.

  • Danielle

    Stop talking about other people!!! it’s so awkward. Vanessa looks incredible as usual

  • ella


    It was their relationship and they can handle it however they want to. If neither of them want to see each other, fine. At least they aren’t badmouthing each other to the press and drawing attention to the problem. They don’t talk about it, just like they never really spoke publicly when they were together.

    You can’t compare their relationship to any other famous relationship. Each one is different and no one knows except for the two involved.

  • xo

    @Unbelievable: Like ella said, you cant compare their break up to other famous couples. The others were teens and they didnt even date for a year. That’s kind of easier to get over and move on from than a five year commited relationship.
    Second, who says Zac didnt go because Vanessa was there? I know it’s hard for some people to believe, but his life doesnt revolve around Ashley. They’re friends, but he’s got other things going on for him at the moment that are probably more important than frolicking on the beach for the paps, especially after what happened last year.
    We dont know anything. They could have no problem hanging out with each other.

  • Unbelievable

    Ok I guess I am the only one who thinks that but I stand by it none the less.