Nickelodeon Doesn't Know 'How To Rock', Cancels Show

Nickelodeon Doesn't Know 'How To Rock', Cancels Show

Shed another tear for Nickelodeon.

Executive producer and creator David Israel confirmed How To Rock‘s cancellation on his Tumblr.

“Why isn’t the show coming back? There’s no one simple answer. Nickelodeon is going through a transition right now. You already know that iCarly and Victorious are not coming back. Nickelodeon has many new shows in production and development that they believe will better suit their audience. While I don’t love their decision, I have no choice other than to accept it. The Nickelodeon executives who’ve worked on the development and production of How to Rock have been incredibly supportive of the show this past year. They’re good people who want nothing more than to make the best shows for their audience. I know it wasn’t an easy decision for them – they truly do like the show – and I’m grateful for the time and energy they’ve put in to make How To Rock as good as it is. Or was.”

He continued, “There is good news. We made 26 episodes. You’ve only seen 17 of them. Meaning – quick, do the math – there are NINE new episodes still to come and Nick will be showing all of them. Seasons of British shows are often 6 episodes. So if you think British right now, you still have a season and half of new How To Rocks. Smashing.”

Star Noah Crawford tweeted to his fans, “The best episodes have yet to air so look forward to them! And I hope you have enjoyed watching Nelson as much as I have enjoyed playing him. Remember when one door closes another opens. I’ve got some exciting projects on the horizon that you’re gonna love. Love you all.”

ARE YOU SAD that How To Rock is not returning?

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  • lostnfound

    wow that kinda sucks for them (the cast) they just got started! theyre getting pushed away just because of new shows, when theyre kinda still a new show themselves! well OH WALE i barely watch nick anyways

  • maggie

    Nickelodeon is running themselves into the ground. They are canceling their best shows WAY before their time. They will lose a lot of viewers and they deserve it to see how wrong they are.

  • http://@glitterrain99 larissa

    I’m glad they cancelled this show!!

  • http://dfiregirl4 Delia E.

    Are they serious?! Why are they cancelling How To Rock. First iCarly, then Victorious and now How To Rock. Nick must REALLY not want me to watch anymore.

  • miranda

    This is sad. First iCarly then Victorious and now How To Rock, well at least Big Time Rush is still here.

  • Anonymous

    @miranda:probably not for long…

  • Krystel

    Im not watching tv any more

  • AJ

    It seems almost like Nickelodean plans to target an adult audience in the future…well adults and little kids anyway. Seems like their shifting away from tween and teen audiences, which is senseless and totally sucks.

    Anyone who thinks Victorious and iCarly weren’t funny and fantastic shows either has no sense of humor or is in a coma.

  • Danielle



  • lexbug

    I wasn’t a big fan of the show, but they shouldn’t cancel it right that. It’s brand new, that’s really stupid. I’m not bummed about iCarly, that show was on for a good five years? Victorious ended too soon, How to Rock ended way too soon.

  • kendra

    i have a daughter who is almost nine. her favorite shows…..icarly….how to rock….and victorious….i think they were great family shows as well as a good none cartoon shows for children. These shows were the only things she watched on nick…….guess when they are over….disney will be her channel of choice with the Jesse and good luck charlie and shake it up….hope the casts of these amazing shows get wonderful new shows cause they are very talented and dedicated. sad to see them go…….

  • Mike

    Icarly and victorious is an amazing show. I felt like the actors and the plot was pretty much well thought out. It is very lively and relates to plenty of viewers. Both shows discuss on talents and the lives of the characters. Now, How To Rock to me, and I don’t know about many of you, is poorly written. I love the main character and her friends. They are pretty good and I see them well as their characters, but it kinda has the same plot like victorious except instead of one mean girl there’s two. I think a few of its shows is offbeat with plot and that those two mean girls really aren’t that great but just pretty little faces.

  • Elina

    Are they serious!?! What about Zevie and Kavin and Grelson! And those are just the couples! First icarly the first nick show I’ve seen since
    I moved from Japan to Hawaii, then Victorious the second,and the best How to rock! Bye-bye till another episode of how to rock nickeodeon!

  • Brine

    NOOOOO!!!!!!! I Love this show! What about Zacey and Grelson!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to miss this amazing show so much! :(

  • Rocker

    NOOOOOOO i loved how to rock :( ugh i hate the new replacement showws– sam and cat is so stupid and wendle and vinnie isnt even appropriate nick is stupid

  • Rocker


    they are making Zolly now…. not Zacey

  • http://@ilove1D_Anne how to rocker

    Nickelodeon shoud have made more seasons i loved this show :(

  • jonathan juares

    it is verry sad to see 1 of they best shows being canceled. truly they will lose a lot of fans not the actors but the directors. i am speaking on behalf of my family and how to rocks fans. i am 23 an my sun is 7 he crys every day for a new episode