Vanessa Hudgens: Kiss For Austin Butler in Venice

Vanessa Hudgens: Kiss For Austin Butler in Venice

Vanessa Hudgens shares a kiss with boyfriend Austin Butler while dining out at Harry’s Dolci Restaurant on the Giudecca Island in Venice, Italy on Tuesday night (September 4).

The adorable couple were joined by Vanessa‘s Spring Breakers costars Ashley Benson and Selena Gomez.

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Selena, Ashley and Vanessa will debut their movie, directed by Harmony Korine, at the 2012 Venice Film Festival tomorrow morning.

Stay tuned for photo call and premiere pics!

10+ pics inside of Selena, Ashley, Austin and Vanessa

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Credit: La Pira / Iorio; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Kro

    say all the crap you want about Austin being there and i will just say “Vanessa and James are the most praised on the movie” so take that! love Vanessa!

  • mags

    I loved vanessa does’nt matter who she’s kissing,LOL!

  • lily

    @mags: amen to that, sista! lol

  • Ok

    There in venice that’s what you call Amore

  • lily

    she looks happy, i’m glad she’s enjoyin’ her time in venice with the cast, they seem like such a group of fun people to hang! Can’t wait to see what she’ll where to the photocall and the premiere, I bet it’s gonna be breath taking

  • javi

    with all the reviews that i read the movie looks good i know some are good some bad and some are like comparing the film to a mafia films but with tits and guns. at least its the start of a full movie career for selena and ashley benson. hope they bring the movie to american theaters.

  • Toxico


  • Haters Suck!

    If you can’t see these two are happy you’re either stupid, blind, or just in plain denial about the whole situation.

  • basilisk

    silly ! none of the other girls took their bf’s . she should learn to keep her private life separate from her work .

  • inertia

    LOL! PDA is full on ! Though I love you V , I can’t overlook the fact that this is extreme .

  • xo

    I’m so happy for V and the cast! This movie definitely acceded my expectations.

  • tina

    she looks so happy with him

  • creep

    @basilisk: none of the girl nor harmony look annoyed with austin being there, in fact, the only ppl that are annoyed with this are the zanessa fans… Guys, please, grow up! I, myself, was, am and always will be a zanessa fan, but this is extreme, trashing the guy every chance you get, zac and vanessa both clearly are happy right now, so just be happy with their happiness, will ya?

  • vhstheecoolest

    I still can not see a reason for him to be there. Like, none of the other girls brought their boyfriends (ok, they work, but..). I just think that if her schedule wasn’t so tight, I would clearly understand the reason for her to bring Austin to Venice. But right now, in this situation, I can’t. I’m not hating Austin, not even hating Vaustin, I’m a Vanessa fan and I’m being reasonable here.

  • My 2 Cents

    My goodness she’s in love, she has her best guy to support her. It’s a romantic city. So what it’s great he could go. It’s a beautiful city so they shared a kiss, I think it’s adorable. If he was a random guy I could understand the criticism but they’ve been together for a year now. they are in a serious relationship. Zac is more than happy, she is happy now too. Let them be.

  • lula

    Selena looks so pretty , so curvy .Vanessa looks like a short tree trunk , less curvy than she used to be and this PDA is getting on my nerves . Here she is ready to debut a mature movie ( or so it’s called ) and giving that childish PDA in front of the paps .So un matcho

  • Kro

    @basilisk: lol!! i seriously love Vanessa, great reviews, most people adore it and her… i can see selena and ashley laughing with austin and V, and to harmony talking with him as old mates, so i for one, not being his fan or even liking him i have no trouble with him supporting her, i have seen other bf that even when having time didnt support gf or even have gone to premieres at all, dont forget that justin will attend the vma so he couldnt go, other than that i am sure he would be there, and ash bf is on justin team so…

  • tina

    Vanessa looks great. Good she is with a REAL MAN, one who can support her without making it about him. She’s glowing. Love Ash but her dress is ill fitting.

  • garfield

    This is all that is left for her to do to remain in spotlight . Her career is going no where .Her movie didn’t get any reviews to speak of at Venice.

  • Haters Suck!

    Are you an idiot or just lazy? Reviews were all over the place about the movie. It was the largest attended movie so far of the festival. A blind man could’ve found access to the reviews of spring breakers.

  • tina

    @garfield, lol, you can bring us down. We can read, you know. One of the best movies shown, so far.

  • oscar

    @lula: Gorgeous ladies! If I were Austin, I’ll kiss my girl wherever and whenever I want! To hell what anyone say!

  • Haters Suck!

    Amen to that brother.



  • javi

    @garfield: dude you have a computer do a search there are tons of reviews about this movie some people even call it the little movie that could. because festival’s like venice are tough to show a movie like that. and i have to say vanessa,selena,ashley even rachel korine did an awesome job.

  • vanessa

    So fake ! You can’t fool anyone Vanessa .We know , your heart still belongs to Zac .

  • troy


    Actually the “The Hollywood Reporter” (one of the bibles along with Variety” of the industry) called the movie “Spring Breakers” one of the highlights of the Venice Film Festival. While not a a full review it is an indication of a positive response on the part of writer. The blog site Indiewire gave the film a B. So to say that there are “No reviews to speak of:” is inaccurate.

  • mags

    @lily: noh! i dont hate austin, what im trying to say is i dont have problem who shes dating, she wants to date a poor man, date josh, back to zac, anything, whatever, lol! for as long as shes not dating a married man with kids, im always be a vanessa fan.

  • Lawrence

    Let them enjoy each other, crimey. Thats what loves all about.

  • muse

    It really shouldnt matter if Austin is there or not. Why is so horrible that he is there supporting her. He’s not working at the moment, so any couple who work afar or have different scheduales would make the time to spend as much time as possible together before he does start working on his new CW show.
    If you’re a fan of Vanessa then accept everything about her. Not just when she’s with someone or doing something that suits you. Its her life and she wanted to share an amazing experience with her partner and friends.
    Also, Rachel and Harmony are married or together, they went together, and yes because he directed it and she’s an actress in it, fact remains, they went as a couple as well to support and promote the movie. That’s what couples do, they care and support one another.
    Vanessa is lucky to have Austin. And what an amazing experience to share together :)

  • Nicole

    I do not understand why Austin was, and no girl took her boyfriend? It seems that Vanessa is trying to give is even jealous Zac Efron. Also that he paraded on the red carpet … Austin not interpret … Kisses Vanessinha forced … it seems that Zac Efron still shakes you … kkk …

  • ARH

    bad thing about justjaredjr is there are all these little kids who dont understand that vanessa wasnt like AUSTIN YOU HAVE TO COME! he came to support her and prove he is there for her. the other girls boyfriends arent there because THEY didnt come, good for austin for being a man and traveling to support his number one girl. they are inlove and vanessa looks flawless as always.