Glee Newbie Jacob Artist: JJJ Exclusive Interview & Portrait Session

Glee Newbie Jacob Artist: JJJ Exclusive Interview & Portrait Session

Jacob Artist suits up in this exclusive photo shoot for

The 19-year-old Glee heartthrob may be new to the acting scene, but he’s winning over audiences this Fall with his role as Jake Puckerman on the hit Fox show.

Make sure to watch Jacob on an all new episode of Glee this Thursday (September 27) at 9/8c.

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JJJ: We absolutely love you on Glee! Are you excited to be part of the show’s cast?
JA: Oh my God, yeah! It all feels totally surreal.

JJJ: Were you a Gleek before you auditioned?
JA: Yeah, I definitely was a fan of the show. That adds to how unbelievable this whole thing has been to be on a show – that you’ve actually supported in the past, you know?

JJJ: When you auditioned, which song did you perform?
JA: I actually auditioned with “Never Say Never” by The Fray, which is the song I ended up singing in the first episode. Initially, they didn’t really know what song they wanted my character to sing and then it kind of worked out that that’s the one they wanted to do, which was really cool.

JJJ: That is cool! Before you landed the role of Jake Puckerman, we heard you got accepted to Julliard for dance. Was that audition harder than Glee‘s was?
JA: You know what? To be honest, I think Glee‘s was harder! With the Julliard audition, it was all day and there was tons and tons of cuts. Dancing was something I started doing when I was really young and I think I was more comfortable with that, where on Glee, there’s obviously the acting, but then there’s a whole singing side of it where we had to bring in like five songs. So yeah, I think Glee was definitely harder (laughs).

JJJ: Last week’s episode “Britney 2.0″ was amazing! What song during the episode was your favorite?
JA: Oh, I don’t know there were so many great ones! I mean Heather Morris, had a really, really awesome dance number! There was a really cool “Womanizer” thing that they did all around the school and a song I did with Marley (Melissa Benoist), so there was a bunch of really good ones!

JJJ: Since Puck graduated from McKinley High School last season, is Jake Glee‘s new bad boy now?
JA: Yeah, I think a little bit. Jake is definitely coming in as the new resident bad boy. I think he’s a little bit different from Puck in the sense that he’s an outsider and a little bit of a lone wolf in the school where Puck already had his place in the social class, you know what I mean?

JJJ: Is there any genre of music that you’d be nervous to sing on the show?
JA: (Laughs) I would be very nervous to rap I think if it ever comes to that! I’m going to try to steer clear as long as possible.

JJJ: The members of New Directions tend to get slushies poured on them a lot. Have you been slushied on set yet?
JA: I have not yet actually. I’m sure it’s impending, but I’ve been fortunate enough to not be slushied yet (laughs).

JJJ: Which characters are Jake closest to so far on the show?
JA: I’ve been shooting a lot with Melissa Benoist and Becca Tobin who play Marley and Kitty. They’re the new students at McKinley, so there’s definitely some drama happening amongst the three of them.

JJJ: Who do you think Jake should end up dating later this season?
JA: End up dating…umm. I don’t know, it’s still very early on, but we’ve been kind of exploring a thing with Marly a little bit. They are kind of connecting on a level where their family histories are very similar and I think that’s something they can both identify with. I think she can also see who he really is, behind all of these walls that he’s putting up, which I think he needs someone like that in his life.

JJJ: Yeah, they’d be a cute couple. We had so much fun working with you at your photo shoot the other day! Did you have a favorite look?
JA: Yeah, it was fun! I had these really cool blue pants on with this salmon colored blazer and it was so funny because when I initially saw it I was like, I don’t know if I can wear that color (laughs), but then I put it on and it really brought the outfit to a new level, so that was fun to shoot!

JJJ: Well, you pulled off that look well! Besides acting and dancing, what do you like to do for fun?
JA: You know, I like a lot of outdoorsy stuff. I’m from New York where the winter is obviously freezing and now I’m in L.A. and I can go to the beach all the time and be outside all the time. Any physical activity outdoors, I’m totally there!

JJJ: Nice. Since you live in Los Angeles now, who would you say your celeb crush is?
JA: I totally have a thing for Blake Lively. I think she’s so elegant and eloquent when she speaks. I just think she’s the total package for sure.

JJJ: Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?
JA: (Laughs) There has to be one. My guilty pleasure is definitely reality TV. I think it started for me in high school with Jersey Shore and now I’m just kind of obsessed with reality shows.



Picture #1:
- Kill City destroyed black/brown raw edge t-shirt
- Wolverine Rockford black boots
- Citizens of Humanity Sid straight leg denim jeans
- Miansai bracelet

Picture #2 & #5:
- Anthony Franco dark navy suit jacket
- Anthony Franco dark navy dress pants
- Aldo black patent leather boots

Picture #3:
- G-Star Raw denim shirt
- Citizens of Humanity denim jeans

Picture #4:
- Emporio Armani white button up shirt
- Kill City shiny black denim jeans
- Aldo black patent leather ankle lace up boots

Picture #6:
- Hackett red suit jacket
- Life After Denim teal pants
- Bespoken navy suede oxford shoes


Producer: Jared Eng (@JaredEng)
Model: Jacob Artist (@JacobArtist)
Creative Director/Photographer: Mike Rosenthal (@MrMikeRosenthal)
Stylist: Sophia Banks-Coloma (@sophiabanksc)
Hair/Makeup: Angela Peralta
Interviewed by: Morgan McMurrin (@MorganMcMurrin)

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  • Sade

    Jacob is so hot haha. I want him and he’s so cute in Glee. Can’t wait to see him more as the season goes along. ;D