Colton Haynes Leaves 'Teen Wolf'

Colton Haynes Leaves 'Teen Wolf'

Colton Haynes will not be returning to MTV’s Teen Wolf, US Weekly reports.

The 24-year-old actor tweeted to his fans after the announcement, “These past few yrs have been the best of my life. I’m sad that this chapter has ended, but excited for a new one to begin. Thx for the love.”

A source told the mag that, “It’s not that he didn’t want to return because he did. It’s that the heads of the show wanted to limit him to only appearing on half the season — 12 episodes, not 24.”

“If he did the 12 episodes, he would not be able to work on anything else during the 12 episodes he’s not on,” the source added.

We’ll miss you Colton!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Colton leaving the show?

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Credit: Bob Mahoney; Photos: MTV
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  • Neesh

    I think it f*cking sucks.. Being he JUST became a werewolf after two whole season I wanted to see that all play out.. idk but I’ll still watch..

  • itziar

    WHAT? WHY?

  • fruity

    OMG. WHAT THE HELL. TEEN WOLF U ARE SO STUPID. WHY?!!?!? OH GOD :-( I LOVE him and Holland together on the show and off the show <3 Aaaaahhhh NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS SUCKS so much. :'(

  • Like

    Don’t you just love show contracts….. tbf he would have been paid rather well for the twelve eps he didn’t do. But then again if you want to act then the money doesn’t matter. If he truly wants to act then he has done the right thing by leaving.

  • midz


    I totally agree 2 seasons we had to wait and now we won’t see how it all fully plays! Plus i love his character and even though i like him and Holland together in the show i guess it means that now Dylan might have a chance with Holland!
    Will miss you Colton!

  • Stupid

    Cheers for being selfish and ruining the storyline Colton i wasexcitedto se him as a werewolf but nope his fans are not important enough

  • OMG

    NOOOOOOOO! How could this happen? He is a just turned werewolf, I mean who is going to be his caracter on the show? And what about Lydia…? Well, that leaves her to Derek, xoxo…XDDD But still…it’s stupid!

  • eternalozzie

    its no big deal .. he was the center of all of season 2 and his story line was tied up very well.

    i do see his point … it would suck to only be in 12 episodes while everyone else is in the 24. i hope he finds a new roll. jackson isn’t that important of a character to the show.

    keep in mind i think they are adding daniel sharman as a regular character this season so the hottie is being replaced with an incredible brittish hottie.

  • Kevin

    I really don’t think his acting was all that, im fine with him leaving. Though im not fine with seeing a replacement from now on. It will take some getting used to.

  • Max

    Jared, that’s total bull, don’t report unreliable sources. He was offered a 24 episodes contract. Jeff Davis, the shows creator confirmed that at New York Comic Con himself.

  • Christina

    Sad. A show always needs a bad guy and i just dont know anyone who can replace him.

  • Ally g

    WTF this is the lamest thing ever >:(
    I refuse because I love Colton!! <3
    But still support everyone of course

  • Addie

    FUCK this. seriously this feels like a bad dream im not gonna wake up from. Dx he wasnt my favorite character but HOW will the show go on?!?!?!??!?!?! </3 fuck this.