Carly Rose Sonenclar Tops 'X Factor' Leaderboard!

Carly Rose Sonenclar Tops 'X Factor' Leaderboard!

Carly Rose Sonenclar sings it out on Wednesday night’s (November 21) X Factor USA in Los Angeles.

The 13-year-old singer performed a version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” which earned more than praise from judges Britney Spears, L.A. Reid, Simon Cowell and Demi Lovato.

On the results show on Thursday night (November 22), Carly Rose topped the leaderboard, coming in at number 1!

“Thankful for so many things on this #Thanksgiving! My family, friends, their health, my #CarlyAngels, my voice, and this great experience!” she tweeted in thanks.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Carly Rose’s performance?

Carly Rose Sonenclar – “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”
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Credit: Ray Mickshaw; Photos: Fox
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  • Woo

    AMAZIING GIRL what an awesome voice she deserves to win hands down

  • Andrew McAllister

    She has by far the most talent of anyone in the competition. I think we’re looking at the eventual (and deserved) winner.

  • JJ

    She’s got the voice, but no charisma. It surprises me each week how she stays so high on the leader board. But, I guess if Susan Boyle can sell records, so can Carly Sonenclar.

  • Kristin

    I happen to find Carly very charismatic. She is not your typical bubbly air-headed teenager. She is mature and sophisticated. Her talent for her age is unprecedented; even the other contestants on the show respect her vocal skills tremendously (ex. Tate and Vino). I also think that people need to remember that this is a singing competition. The singing is the deciding factor. Charisma only gets you so far; just look at politicians.

  • JJ

    I honestly see no personality there at all. It isn’t that she is mature or sophisticated. She is just dull.

    The contest is not just about singing. It has to be a complete package, and I just don’t see Carly being able to sell herself. If she does win, Pepsi will have to find a song that will sell their product, and the style of Carly just won’t fit with making money.

    If she can sell records, more power to her. But, how many people will buy torch song albums sung by a 13 year old? We already have Jackie Evancho, and I don’t think the world is ready for 2 tweeners singing songs way above their age group.

  • Mandy

    I am personally hoping for Tate to win but I think Carly did a remarkable job wednesday night and deserved her #1 this week….My 3 faves are Tate Vino and Carly so as long as they keep top 3 I am happy anyway

  • RM

    Here in Europe (Portugal) we will buy her album and I know in Brazil also !!!
    But JJ if you don’t think she is next American top singer ,you can send her to Europe we don’t mind!!!! Because she is world wide Diva!!


    Boring… boring… boring.. Rachel Berry´s copy!

  • RM

    Sorry but I forget to say that I see both X-factor Us and UK and I love your contest its mush better than UK (only have 2 real good singers now,Ella Henderson was out past weekend)

  • JG


    Torch songs? Like Feeling Good by Nina Simone? That’s hardly a torch song. What she has, besides great control of a song and the ability to hit many different notes, is an ability to add a soulful touch to any song. Both Feeling Good and Brokenhearted were better than the original songs.

    She is simply more talented and more accomplished than any other singer left in the competition. The judges see this and now that the number of contestants has narrowed down (lessening the block voting of South/Midwest states for Tate Stevens), so do the majority of fans.

    Pepsi won’t have to look very hard for a song for Carly. In fact, it will be much easier to find a song for her than for any other contestant since she has a much wider vocal range.

    Ultimately, talent sells and artifice is exposed for what it is.

  • ml

    Soo u guys prefer to ear someone with more charisma in ur car instead of that incredible voice… and actualy u think celine dion as a face of billions dollars lady when she started long time ago when she was actualy 13 years old, even celine wsnt that good at her age …. and look at her now shes the most respected and rich singer !!! w/e haters

  • RM

    Do you want charisma??? UK can send you Rylan Clark and you send Carly what you think!!please see what you are saying ,she isn’t boring…Carly Rose is a “force of nature”!!!

  • LOS


  • jo

    She’s the winner to me.

  • Alex

    Carly by far has the best voice in the competition and she is who I vote for each week. My only thoughts are, even if she somehow looses this competition she is going to get picked up by someone. There will be a line of offers waiting for her.
    Now my dilemma is Tate, I’m not a county music fan but he is a truly humble person with an awesome attitude and a very nice voice that could use this break. At his age there is no guarantee someone will pick him up if he doesn’t win.
    Closing remarks, Please stop voting for Cece, I don’t know what it is about her I dislike so much but I hate listening to her sing.

  • tehe

    she was on boardway

  • tehe


  • Don


    Are You on Crack??

  • francny

    What are you talking about “no charisma”? She is a 13 yr old child! What is amazing about Carly is her amazing talent at such a young age. Charisma you gain by maturing. JJ does not know what he/she is talking about. You can’t equate charisma in a 13 yr old and a 20 something singing star. It’s just not possible. What IS possible is knowing when you hear her sing is that you are hearing somethign quite remarkable for such a young girl. As Will.I.Am said, she is off the charts! Her ability to phrase a song and to never miss a note is sorely missing in the current crop of young singers on the scene today. With the right coaching and direction, the performance/charisma will come with maturity. Carly is amazing.

  • Don

    It shouldn’t be JJ, it should be JA for Jack Ass, She’s got more charisma than any 13 yr old singer I’ve ever seen, It would be criminal if she doesn’t win. I voted for her for 2 straight hours because when she sings, her charisma and vocals give me goose bumps, Tate’s ok at best, likeable guy but boring, he just stands there like a lump and sings. He really needs to hit the gym, he’s very very pudgey. Part of being a country star is making the female followers swoon. My wife loves Luke Bryan, Jake Owen, Blake Shelton, etc. Don’t care how good he sings, he’ll never make it as a country star unless his first purchase is P90X.

  • Haphazardkat

    No charisma? I guess you mean she doesn’t grab her crotch and gyrate her body in sex moves on the stage. I for one am tired of the dime a dozen pop singers who do more dance routines then singing. Carly is a blues/jazz singer who will become a legend. With true talent you don’t need the dance routine to help people endure your singing. I suppose you think Adele has no charisma and is “boring” ?
    I listen to Carly sing and close my eyes to savor every note. It’s pure, clean and brilliant.
    Keep it up Carly! I’m going to enjoy watching your career. :)

  • dls

    For JJ@JJ: JJ, One of two things would only cause you to say something like this… either you’re a hater because your favorite singer was eliminated or you don’t know Carly that well. She is very charismatic. I suggest you do your research before saying this rather than just basing it on what you want to see through the X-Factor.

  • stephanie Groza

    Carly Rose is hands-down the best in the competition. She is also a great singer in her own right. Check out her singing on youtube- difficult songs like the National Anthem, America The Beautiful, as well as sophisticated jazz numbers. Carly Rose has an ear that is far beyond her years. Her voice is great now and it will get even better as she gets older. America has a new STAR in Carly Rose Sonenclar.

  • Stephane kovacs

    Here in France since her first performance when she sung “I’m feeling good” each time somebody listen to Carly I notice two types of reactions. Firstly reactions of people being caught by her talent, secondly people that instantly fall in love with Carly because of her incredible and tremendeous charisma.

    There is likely to be a third kind of reaction with the ones like myself that are both caught by her outstanding singing skills and seduced by her magnetic charisma. I guess I became a Carly’s fan or as she call us, a Carly Rose’s angel which I find to be a very delightfull experience. And I’m very glad to notice we are so many growing all over the world : Portugal, Brazil, Canada, South Africa, etc.

  • JJ

    I have to horse in this race. It doesn’t matter to me who wins. I am also not on crack or a jackass. I guess it is ok to make personal slurs about someone’s opinion. Whatever–my opinion isn’t changed by the nastiness. She has a voice, but not the X Factor.

  • Jimpa

    JJ here is the proof you are wrong. Who is atop of the leader board? Who got a standing ovation from all four judges and the audience? I guess we are all fooled and you are not.
    Just because you have an opinion doesn’t make you right.

  • JJ

    Jimpa: I never said my opinion was right and yours wrong. . Mine is just different from yours. My opinion still stands: she has a great voice, but not the charisma to be the entire X Factor package.

  • Dmarie :)

    OMG carly ur sooo amazing and so talented. with a voice like yours at your age just blows my mind! i love you :)

  • dls

    JJ, LA Reid said Carly had the X Factor the morning after her first audition. If you don’t want to take our word for it… then take one of the X Factor judge’s at Also, I see you still havn’t done your research… here, I’ll get you started with the definition of charisma:

    Personal magnetism

    1. the ability to inspire enthusiasm, interest, or affection in others by means of personal charm or influence.

    By nearly all the responses to your previous posts on this page… I think it is safe to say, “SHE HAS DONE THAT!”

    Also, there are many other qualities that qualify her as having the X Factor, too many to include in here. Like another poster said, you are entitled to your own opinion… but I do think the vast majority would say your dead wrong.

  • mack

    send her to Asia as well…we in Asia are glued to Carly’s performances since watching Feeling Good which for me rates as the best audition performance in any singing contest since AI started way back.She will sell albums like hot cakes in ASIA probably on par with Gangnam man.

  • Warren

    Pretty and sexy!

>>>>>>> staging1