Vanessa Hudgens: Let's Have An Amazing 2013!

Vanessa Hudgens: Let's Have An Amazing 2013!

Vanessa Hudgens walks side-by-side with her boyfriend Austin Butler as they head out to lunch together on Tuesday (January 1) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actress looked super cute in her boho chic outfit!

On New Year’s Eve, Vanessa updated her blog with a post about 2013.

“Tonight we start a new year!” Vanessa wrote. “Cheers to you all for an amazing year and let’s hope 2013 is just as amazing. A new year is a chance to start new adventures and have new goals. What are some of your favorite memories of 2012 and annyyy goals for 2013 lovebugs?”

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    I received an email stating I won a Xmas CD from your site. I never received the CD. Was this contest from your site or was it a hoax?

  • Liberty

    If she hadn’t wore the hat then this outfit would have worked a lot better.

  • Liberty

    I also look forward to 2013 for posts about Vanessa Hudgens work rather than coming on here to see people gossip about her private life.

  • Tiffany

    She’s just so gorgeous!

  • Milli

    perfect, she looks so cute… and happy with austin

  • pika

    @Liberty: i agree everyone is just obsessed with her social life and not her work/projects. im looking forward to spring breakers not just for the cast but for harmony’s amazing work

  • Skylar

    @DOUGLAS HAGEN: I’ve won a contest from here before, you do get the prize but it takes a while.

  • sofronia sheehan

    Hi zac and vanessa hope you two will get togethere very soon. Forgive and forget. The two of are good together.

  • OK

    Austin WOW you look HOT !!!! Vanessa you are beautiful as usual.
    Fantastic looking couple here.

  • sunny

    this probably started out as an act to make zac jelous… no suprise considering she went running to the first guy ashley tisdale set her up with… no previous connection at all. the pda that they showed when they first started “dating” was appalling and whats even more, they are aware that cameras are watching them. i still think that he’s using her to be put in the spotlight, and she’s using him to “just have a boyfriend” and make zac jelous. and once again, he’s looking at the camera. she was much better off with zac.

  • Anybody


  • JK

    Happy New Year everyone!! 2013

  • OK

    If you split I’ll date you. Either one !!! Or both !!!

  • Jessica

    It’s a sad day when Austin dresses and looks better than Vanessa. Love Vanessa, but who let her out of the house looking like that? I think I like the red sleeping bag she wore the other day better…

  • Whitney

    @sunny: You have said the same words before.
    She and Zac was broke up 2 years ago.
    Now she is happy with her boyfriend.
    Leave her alone.

  • OK

    @Jessica You made me LOL. Normally I love the way she dresses, but the last to outings , What the heck was she thinking? Yes both times Austin looked better.

  • sunny

    happy in front of the cameras that is………

  • Lawrence

    I see the usual assortment of comments, fans, haters, wackos. Lol.

  • tatum

    This look is so sloppy but she said she loves the boho look so it works

  • dylara

    hate austin and just cant make myself belive that this relationship is real… still cant believe zac is not in the picture..

  • Kris…no at her outfits -.-