Vanessa Hudgens: How is 2013 Treating You?

Vanessa Hudgens: How is 2013 Treating You?

Vanessa Hudgens carries her yoga mat into class for a workout session on Wednesday (January 2) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actress was accompanied for her session by her beau Austin Butler.

Vanessa recently updated her blog with a new year book recommendation.

“The New Year is a time for adventures and this book Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D. and Howard Rheingold is sooo good.” Vanessa wrote.

“P.s. How is 2013 treating you???” she added at the end.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Koolaburra “Dakota Deluxe” boots.

HOW IS 2013 treating you so far????

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  • sunny

    this probably started out as an act to make zac jelous… no suprise considering she went running to the first guy ashley tisdale set her up with… no previous connection at all. the pda that they showed when they first started “dating” was appalling and whats even more, they are aware that cameras are watching them. i still think that he’s using her to be put in the spotlight, and she’s using him to “just have a boyfriend” and make zac jelous. she was much better off with zac. this isn’t true love, just forced love because she was set up with him by a friend. i dont see how they could have any connection at all. and im not saying i dislike either of them as and individual, i just dont like them together. but like they say, some things need to get lost before they are found again……….

  • Anybody

    @ sunny Nice LONG unnecessary comment.

  • Emma

    @sunny: Shut up
    Please stop repeating the same comments.
    Why do the people leave her alone?
    Zac and she don’t have anything to do now and she has already moved
    You better face up to the reality.

  • Lawrence

    Ummm Austin has such nice biceps!, Van’s one lucky girl!. Haters need to leave these two kids alone and let them enjoy each other even if it doesn’t last.

    Sunny- GET OVER IT!, Zac and Van have moved on. Do the same honey.

  • Lawrence

    Awww he opened the door for her too, I didn’t notice that the first time. He’s such a prince.

  • Zane


  • caroline

    Awww so cute Austin opening the door for her ?
    Wish i could find men like that …
    I loved Zanessa but well, if she is happing with him nothing to do with that.
    Plus, Austin is not that bad girls come on!

  • Phliss

    Why is people still no over Zanessa? Is been now more than two years!! Jesus!! please stop already!

    They look great! But I hope they go back to New york soon, it seems there are less paparazzi and can move around more than in here