Vanessa Marano Talks 'Switched At Birth' Second Season

Vanessa Marano Talks 'Switched At Birth' Second Season

There’s just one more day until the second season premiere of Switched At Birth.

Star Vanessa Marano chatted with TVLine about the return of the hit ABC Family series and what will be going down. Check it:

On the relationship between Daphne and Bay: “We were so happy, Katie and I, because last season, it was pretty strong. We were friends, and that had never happened before! The last 10 episodes were like a big friendship. That may not be the case as this season continues. There’s definitely a bit of tension between them.”

On still preferring Daphne and Emmett together: “That’s 100 percent still the case. I don’t know how Katie can still like Bay and Emmett together. I’m like the only person in America who shares this belief that Bay and Emmett should not get back together, because he cheated on her and that’s awful. But I’m the only one – cast [and] crew included and people who watch the show. So I stand alone pretty much.”

On Bay and Angelo’s relationship: “Yeah. It’s kind of all over the map, specifically because of that baby-mama drama. And Regina’s relationship with him [is] even more unstable. In fact, I’d say Regina’s actually the most unstable this season… Because of all the things going on with Regina – and there’s a lot of things going on with Regina – she’s having a difficult time with everybody, Bay included.”

On Bay leaving her rebel-ness behind: “Weirdly enough, Bay’s not the rebellious one this [season] at all, which is very different because Bay, as you know, is usually the more difficult of all the Switched at Birth characters. [Laughs] She and John Kennish probably are the most stubborn and set in their ways and don’t bend on anything, ironically enough. But she’s totally over it now… She’s studying. She’s listening to her parents. She’s being a good kid this season. But we’ll see how long that lasts.”

Switched at Birth
premieres TOMORROW, Monday, January 7th @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC Family.

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