Who Was Killed Off 'The Vampire Diaries'?

Who Was Killed Off 'The Vampire Diaries'?

Tonight’s Vampire Diaries was one of the most emotional in recent memory as we were forced to say goodbye to one of our favorite lead characters.

As the Mystic Falls group of frenemies hunted for the cure, complications arose and lines were drawn in the sand.

In addition to the major death, the episode also saw the departure of one other character as well as a long-anticipated return of another!

Click inside to find out who was killed off, who left town, and who returned…


Poor Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen) was fed to Silas by none other than Katherine (Nina Dobrev) herself, and he is presumably dead.

Meanwhile, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) showed Caroline (Candice Accola) some compassion by not killing Tyler, but forcing him out of town forever. So it looks like Michael Trevino is taking a long hiatus from the show as well.

And the real kicker is that it was seemingly all for nothing, as only one dose of the cure exists. So who will take it? And is Jeremy really gone forever?

Check out next week’s promo below!

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  • jessi


  • josh

    so jeremy’s ring does not work for hunters?

  • niyah

    I wanted Katherine back but did she really have to kill Jeremy ?? I cried :(

  • http://dfiregirl4 Delia E.


  • cindy

    Didn’t Jeremy have his ring on? Wonder why they had to kill him off. So many things in this episode that I am not happy about.

  • Elizabeth

    Wow. Elena really??? How the hell does she have the right to act like this when Jeremy ‘supposedly’ dies when how many deaths of siblings for other people has she been responsible for? No way in hell is she getting sympathy from me!

  • fruity

    Omg…:’( me and my friend cried and I kept on screaming the whole time. Wtf was this. BUT i have to admit this episode ws really good compare to all the other episodes they were relli boring and going nowhere…but JEREMY SERIOUSLY???? WTF. Steven R.McQueen <3 i'm going to miss him. He ws on Disney and now CW well not on CW anymore if he is LEGIT dead. So bloody pissed about that…ALL MY FAVOURITE'S DEAD!!! BUT I KNEW it was KATHERINE as soon as Elena turned around with a angry face expression it just looked like her. P.S- KLAUS STOLE MY HEART FOREVER. Not that he didn't already but OMG <3 PLEASE CAROLINE just like hug him or kiss or ugghhhh DO SOMETHING. <3 forever crying.


    If they are writing off another character why Jeremy? It makes no sense that they kill off this character in this fashion. There are so many other less appealing characters on the show and he has been killed off a couple of times now and his ring has brought him back each time. Why are all the immortals Vampires couldn’t this show come up with another immortal being that isn’t a vampire? It’s getting monotonous and repetitive.


    Actually Jeremy’s death was inevitable and helps the story.

    I think the rest s4 will be an all dark Elena who turned her humanity off!

  • Bethan


    I think the ring stopped working when Jeremy became a hunter.. It was said in a previous season that the rings do not work on the supernatural, but I could be wrong.

  • josh

    @Bethan: oh ok thanks. i never thought of hunters as supernatural for some reason =/

  • Renee

    But maybe when Bonnie took the tattoo/spell off him he stopped being a hunter and the ring can work because he’s no longer supernatural? PLEASE????? (Julie Plec- you are welcome to use this reasoning to bring Jere back, k? Just don’t take the Germ arms away from us!!!!!)

  • Whateverhappenedtogoodtvshows

    Oh God!! oh nooo!!!! why???? why??? whyyyyyyyyyy…. does this show sucks so much?

  • Serena

    noooo!!! this can’t be :’( i cried when he fell :(

  • Jei

    I stopped watching in season 2 but I recently decided to try and catch up because I wanted to understand things before I watched the current episodes. Even though he’s died so many times and come back, I really hope that trend continues (at least one more time).

    I’m still kind of sketchy on the storylines but I hope what others are saying are true. In any case, I’ve doubled the number of episodes I watch usually to catch up, because I really want to see what led to this and how it plays out regardless of what happens.

    Part of the reason I got back into the show was because of Jeremy. I really hope I do get to see more of his character when I catch up.

  • Asashi Fustazi

    @josh: yes the ring doesnt work for anyone who is suernatural only mortals, he became supernatural when he started to become a hunter and was getting the hunter’s Tatoo!