AnnaSophia Robb & Austin Butler: Lovers Spat on 'Carrie Diaries' Set

AnnaSophia Robb & Austin Butler: Lovers Spat on 'Carrie Diaries' Set

AnnaSophia Robb, in a chic houndstooth coat, and Austin Butler have a little lovers spat in the middle of the street while filming The Carrie Diaries in New York City on Thursday night (February 21).

The two actors were seen coming out of the Plaza Hotel before getting into a fight. In between scenes, AnnaSophia, 19, covered up her fun-printed tights with warm leggings and boots.

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Earlier in the day, AnnaSophia was spotted in the city with a beautiful bow in her hair.

10+ pics inside of AnnaSophia and Austin

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Credit: Christopher Peterson; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • going….

    Gosh, he looks more comfortable with her than he does with Vanessa Hudgens.

  • Luvly

    This isn’t a bad show… it’s actually really good, but no one gives it a chance. If you like sterotypical high school shows, this is a show for you but better because you can vizualize what it was like in the 1980?s. Right now, it’s actually pretty interesting… so why not watch it? You can find episodes on the CW website or Hulu (those work best for me)

  • Luvly
  • Luvly
  • Luvly

    Link to find episodes from the CW website!

  • Missy

    They should go out. He doesn’t seem that into Vanessa anyways..

  • Steph

    You ppl r crazy shut up about him and vanessa already

  • Phliss

    You know that even If Vanessa and Austin break up, doesn’t mean she is going to be back with Efron right? In fact the odds are very low. So stop hating on the poor guy. Is not gonna happen. Go dream elsewhere.

  • teddy

    Yet people feel the need to even come on posts about Austin and discuss this stuff. People are just trying so hard to convince themselves that Austin doesn’t like Vanessa, or Vanessa will break up with Austin… it’s just sad

  • so much better

    If she and Austin were to break up. She probably wouldn’t go back to Zac, but I wouldn’t be suprised if she did. It isn’t uncommon for people to get back together…

  • Alexandra

    Seems like strange casting. They look like brother and sister.

  • march

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I think that Austin liked Ashley Tisdale when they worked together. Austin knew Ashley before Vanessa so I think he had a crush on her. Of course, Ashley had a boyfriend, but it’s kind of obvious. They would do things like go out to lunch and workout together. They would have conversations on Twitter… And then Ashley introduced Austin to Vanessa and I bet he thought it would be kind of awkward to say no. Because it seems like to me that, Austin enjoys Ashley’s company more than Vanessa’s. He always looks so bored with Vanessa.

  • march

    Okay, sorry if that didn’t completely make sense. Correction: Austin knew Ashley before he knew Vanessa.

  • xo

    These two are really good on the show <3

  • mary had a little lamb

    all i have to say, this guy needs to take acting lessons asap. for real.

  • kristen

    Of course, Vanessa can do much better than Austin.
    She deserves a man better than Austin.
    I just hope that they will break up soon

  • hahah

    when is this show going to be cancelled?
    and amen (not that im religious) to the acting lessons @ mary had a little lamb!!

  • Liberty

    1) Hudgens fans hate on whoever she dates that isn’t efron.
    2)hell they even hate on efron now.

  • lee

    @Liberty I agree with you there… they also hate on everyone who they see as “competition..”

  • Daisy

    @Liberty: no. They are Zanessa’s fans, not Vanessa’s!!


    Here’s a Producer’s Preview of the Carrie Diaries Episode 7

  • KIAN

    Zanessa fans hates whoever Vanessa dates or is friends with that is not Zac Efron. Can be Austin,because is the new boyfriend, Ashley because she was the one who got Austin and Vanessa together, hell! even Stella because she spends time with Austin and takes photos with him.

    Vanessa fans like her not matter what she does, who she dates, or with who she spends her time with. Not all Vanessa fans are Zanessa fans. At all.

  • YETS

    ok people do you read Austin twitter, its obvious that he miss Vanessa so much.

  • Kelly

    @YETS: How can you know he misses Vanessa?

  • march
    This totally goes with what I previously said. That he enjoys her company more.

  • corine

    There is no indication at all on his Twitter that he misses Vanessa…

  • blah blah blah

    @Kelly; Because he doesn’t. If you look at his Twitter, none of the stuff he tweets about is relevant to Vanessa or even gives the slightest indication that he misses her.