Liam Hemsworth: LA Errands Run!

Liam Hemsworth: LA Errands Run!

Liam Hemsworth hands over his car keys to a valet as he runs some errands on Thursday (February 28) in Los Angeles.

The 23-year-old actor sported a full beard that day. He carried with him his sunglasses and iPhone as he headed out of the parking garage.

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“‘Snuggle’ the bear gives me nightmares,” his fiance Miley Cyrus recently tweeted.

A week earlier, Liam stepped out for a Pre-Oscar Party held at the Chateau Marmont in LA.

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  • adrndd

    I’m no miley cyrus fan but cmon she can do better he looks like a fu*king monkey and hes a fu*king cheater as well

  • wow


    I hate to say it but now I agree with you on the part about he’s a cheater & Miley could & should do better. What a dirt bag he is & after all the magazine articles where Miley does nothing but praise him & if you notice he hardly ever says anything about her in interviews & only if asked he gives a one line response. No one would have even heard of him if it were not for his relationship with Miley which opened doors for him.

    If she goes through with a marriage to him she better have an IRON clad pre-nup so he can’t screw her out of her money too.

  • abc

    You say that JUST BECAUSE you heard one stupid rumor? And after one rumor you are so sure he’s cheating and say he’s the worst in the world? Do you even know him? Do yuo belive in every gossip you hear?
    Not to be mean, but there were also rumors that MILEY cheated on him. Where were you then?

  • cam

    When Miley is supposedly cheating she always seems to be with friends of her’s or their’s but this is NOT the first cheating rumor about Liam & when these happen he is always out at some hollywood thing & it always seems to be with a blond – heck he & Jaylaw were a rumor & she hangs all over him when they do a award show or red carpet for their films. If he were an honorable man he would not allow the females to hang all over him since he is supposed to be an engaged man. He has not been seen out with Miley anywhere since their Jan. vacation – seems odd.

  • Kris

    Gosh everyone! He is NOT a cheater!!!!!!!!

  • LMAO

    bahahahahaha I am laughing so much on people who believe in each rumor on the internet xD
    MIAM are going on strong…Noone cheated….So yea..Get over it! They were born for each other.
    Besides why is Liam going to marry her, if he doesn’t want and love her? He has no reason to cheat.

  • lol


    I hope you are right, but many Hollywood people get engaged and break up & no wedding. It seems abnormal to never see them together or even holding hands anymore. You would think an engaged couple would be together as much as possible and not always out without each other. That does not seem normal.

  • wow


    How do you know? He’s been called out in the media a few times before for suspected cheating. Most of the time where there is smoke there is fire, or where there are rumours there is some truth.

  • Eva

    The blonde he was with in October looked alot like January. I saw her picture on twitter. She posted a picture of her and Liam.
    She was very pretty just like January. Liam obviously like sexy blondes which Miley is not. I don’t blame Liam for cheating on her. She is fugly and nasty. He should be with somebody pretty.

  • amy

    Miley is Not ugly. Your comments show how shallow you are. I really hope that Miley & Liam are OK and all is well with them. I really love them as a couple and am encouraged to see a young couple so in love and dedicated to each other, especially in Hollywood. I really hope that Liam did not cheat beacujse that is the ultimate betrayal and hurt. And before it is implied let me say I do not believe Miley cheated on Liam ever – she is always praising him and building him up – it is obvious she really loves him. I hope all that praise did not give Liam a big head.

  • Eva


    I don’t think Miley cheated on Liam either. If you look at gossipcop you’ll see the stories about Miley cheating are shot down as being untrue and the stories about Liam cheating are not.

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