What Happened on 'The Lying Game's Spring Finale?

What Happened on 'The Lying Game's Spring Finale?

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!

Who else watched the spring finale of The Lying Game tonight?

Were you surprised? Or shocked at all? JJJ was!

“Congrats to everyone involved in making #TheLyingGame happen! Great show, great finale, and hopefully more to come! Fingers crossed!” Christian Alexander, who plays Thayer, tweeted afterwards.

Click inside for all the spoilers…

Emma (Alexandra Chando) finally chose between Ethan and Thayer and it was…Ethan (Blair Redford)! From there, things got even more complicated. Even though it had “always” been him for her, Ethan said things between their families were too complicated and that they couldn’t be together. Why not Ethan? We’re crying!

After Emma chose Ethan, Thayer was none too happy. He magically pulled out a crowbar out of his couch and smashed everything in his bedroom, including a shattered picture of Emma. Wait, is that the same crowbar that Derek was killed with?

What about Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter)? After a tip-off from Alec (Adrian Pasdar), she disappeared and met up with Jordan (Ryan Rottman) at the airport to skip out of town. But when Jordan refused to go, she pulled out the threats of his past — he killed his brother?! What?

Season Three now please!

TELL JJJ: What did you think of the episode? What were you most shocked over? What do you want to see happen in the new season?

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  • alima

    OMG what in the world

  • afra

    hahahah KNEW IT. CALLED IT. THAYER. :-D hahaha TEAM THAYER STILL. Oh YES I WANT 10 MORE EPISODES NOW. Uuummm they need 10 more episodes THEN they go to season 3. Not NOW. IT WAS MID- SEASON FINALE.

  • MD

    It was the missing item from the scene where Teresa was killed not the crowbar from Derek. And if Ethan and Sutton get together I will scream! If he can forgive Sutton then he needs to forgive Emma and take her back!!!

  • MichelleMartineau

    The crowbar wasn’t from Derek’s murder case, It was from the scene where Teresa was murdered. It had the green lime on it and is not even a crowbar to begin with haha….Just wanted to comment on that!!!!

  • laylay22allday

    i wonder y thayer killed teresa tho y did he have to kill her

  • Danielle

    The last three episodes I really started to suspect Thayer was the killer. I should have seen it sooner, he was too sweet, too perfect..In a show like that, He had to be the killer. I’m not sure if Alec knew all along..Or he started putting it together in jail, But once he did know who it was, he did everything he could to protect his son. I think somewhere, deep down Alec knew what Thayer was capable of..But he loves him. He had to protect him, and when the opportunity to frame Rebecca came up, he took it. Thayer wanted Emma all to himself, that’s why he killed Derek, and Theresa..They both knew the secret, and he couldn’t let it get out, then Emma wouldn’t have to hide, and Ethan and her could be together. It was all about Emma. All in all, great episode.

  • uhh..hi

    10 more episodes…RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! I mean seriously? All the other shows have summer premieres why not TLG? Oh my gosh..if they cancel the lying game i will try my hardest to sue ABC family

>>>>>>> staging1