Emblem3 Interview - JJJ Exclusive!

Emblem3 Interview  - JJJ Exclusive!

Check out this brand new interview with Emblem3!

The guys – brothers Wesley, 19, and Keaton Stromberg, 16, and Drew Chadwick, 20 – recently hit the stage to perform for a sold-out crowd at Irving Plaza in New York City.

JJJ was in the house and caught up with the X Factor finalists before the show to talk about their upcoming debut album, what they look for in girls, and more!

Be sure to pick up the guys’ brand new upcoming single “Chloe,” which drops April 16th!

Click inside to check out our interview with Emblem3…

Emblem3 – JustJaredJr.com Exclusive Interview

JustJaredJr.com: Hey guys! So how’s it being on the East Coast?

Keaton: It’s cold.

Drew: Everyone dresses really fancy here.

Keaton: Everyone’s kind of mean.

Wesley: I feel like Biggie Smalls. I feel like Alicia Keys.

[insert impromptu "Empire State of Mind" jam session]

JJJ: So are you guys working on your debut album. How’s that going?

Drew: We’ve just been grinding and working our butts off for the past months. The album has honestly been one of the coolest processes ever. We’ve been in the studio working with big producers, like the guys from Good Charlotte and Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic.

JJJ: How would you describe the sound?

Drew: It’s like a blend between Maroon 5, Sublime and kind of that 1D pop. It’s really dope. We’re really excited about the album. We love the songs. Part of us is bummed that none of our old songs are going to be on the album, but they’re still there. The album’s awesome. We can’t wait.

JJJ: You guys seem to know exactly what you want when it comes to what kind of music you want to make. Do you have a lot of say in terms of what the record will sound like?

Wes: That’s the coolest part is that they give us a lot of freedom and a lot of the say.

Drew: It’s a mutual respect where they help guide our creative vision.

Wes: Into the mold of the pop mainstream.

Drew: Yeah. We understand it’s our first record and we do need to have pop hits. We do need to get out there and get as much exposure as we can. We’re doing that while still making music that we’re proud of.

JJJ: Any more plans to tour soon?

Wes: These venues have sold out so far, so we definitely want to keep that going. And then this summer, we’re just going to keep touring. We don’t have anything officially done yet, but we want to.

Keaton: We’re hoping once new music comes out that it will blow up even more.

JJJ: Anyone you’re dying to tour with?

Drew: Sublime. Back in ’93.

Wes: That would be rad.

JJJ: Soooo, let’s talk about girls.

Wes: We honestly love girls.

Drew: We’re obsessed with girls. It’s almost like we have this instinctive, natural drive toward women.

Wes: It’s almost like we’re men!

JJJ: What are some of your dating dealbreakers?

Drew: Fakeness. Too much makeup. Trying too hard. Not being real.

Wes: If a girl is overly flirtatious with everyone around her.

JJJ: Not that you’ve had some success, how do you know if they’re being real with you?

Wes: We don’t. That’s the scariest part.

Keaton: Sometimes you can tell.

Wes: You know what it is? If you can hang out with her at the house and not do anything flashy. Not go out, not doing anything flashy.

Drew: Also, if they are confident around you.

JJJ: Have you Googled yourself recently?

Keaton: I have.

Drew: I read stuff like, “Why is he so cocky?” It’s so dumb. It’s usually a sarcastic joke. I’m not like that at all. In fact, I study the ego. [Shows us a book he's reading.]

JJJ: Any negatives so far when it comes to being in this industry? Anything you miss?

Wes: I love it.

Keaton: I have no concerns.

Wes: I guess not being able to participate in normal lifestyle things, but we make the best out and just try to be normal anyway. I guess the lamest thing is we don’t get to hang out with our friends every weekend and all that stuff, but in the end, we’ll be able to do whatever we want, you know?

Drew: We experienced the whole high school thing. We had a blast and we took it to the max and we’re over it. Now, we’re here to work and do something cool.

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