Joe Jonas & Blanda Eggenschwiler Hold Hands in NYC

Joe Jonas & Blanda Eggenschwiler Hold Hands in NYC

Joe Jonas holds hands with his girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler while out on a walk on Wednesday afternoon (May 1) in New York City.

The 23-year-old Jonas Brother carried a bike helmet with him as they strolled around the Meatpacking District and stopped at Soho House.

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“Just picked up some awesome new stuff at @armaniexchange,” he tweeted that day.

In case you missed it, watch Joe and his brothers – Nick and Kevinperform their latest single “Pom Poms” on The Today Show stage.

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  • Jillianrose

    Joe is looking good!


    Just Jared Jr, please if you will post something about Jonas (Joe, in this case), please post pictures only of Joe not this FAMEWHORE older woman next him. She is using Joe for fame and money, Joe is being manipulated by this 30 years old woman. Even a friend of her confirmed it to a media. This drug dealer is desperate to be famous and she has a lot of control over Joe and his actions.

    “She continues to brag about how she has so much control over him and she tells him when he can and cannot see his mom. To her, everything should be about her”

    They go where they know they will be photographed, nothing is coincidence or surprise, so please don’t give attention to this evil woman who doesn’t deserve it, especially after knowing all the damage she is doing to a nice family.

    Sadly, Joe has not visited his mother in a long time and he forgot about his dog too.

  • sara

    @Marie I feel sorry for you if you really believe what you just wrote.

    They look very cute together but I think Blanda should wear a different pair of shoes once in a while lol!

  • c

    I agree 100% with MARIE, 83% of the Jonas fandom was right about her. She is using Joe for fame but she will not get anything in the end

    Joe has always been known as the funny, immature and sensitive boy but what few realize is that he is a boy with low self-esteem and easy to manipulate especially by people much older than him. If you see the photos, you realize that everything is wrong there, Joe is fake smiling every time he’s with her, who seems to be like her mother, clearly someone much older than him. She is always looking at the cameras, enjoying the attention because she actually believes she’s famous now.

    But the true intentions of this bisexual woman were exposed by someone close to her. She is nothing but a fame hungry, a parasite that doesn’t work and just want fame and easy money. Joe is still with the fame whore due to the power of manipulation she has on him and because this nasty woman is his drug dealer

  • skhk

    He’s a has been. At any rate, she is way hotter than Trashley Greene

  • Katta


    LOL, are you joking? c’mon this older woman looks like a man, is ugly and too old for Joe. You cannot compare this famewhore witch with Ashely Greene. Ash isn’t my favorite girl but she is really pretty, she has a flawless and sweet face.

    You can’t compare this famewhore witch with the gorgeous Ashley. Ash is not my favorite girl but she is really pretty, one of the most beautiful girlfriends that Joe had.

    Joe’s ex girllfriends >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> this famewhore cougar

  • http://none kendra joy bethune

    are you saying joe jonas goes with fame whores why are you calling ashely greene a fame whore are u saying i am a whore i hear that every other day in oakland by or see that on sites escapilly on e news site by women who are jealous of me i been with the jonas brothers this long til 2013 from 2008 or 2006 i see women calling women whores over nothing

>>>>>>> staging1