Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Rolling Stones Couple!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Rolling Stones Couple!

Vanessa Hudgens is all smiles while arriving for The Rolling Stones concert at the Staple Center on Friday (May 3) in Los Angeles.

The 24-year-old actress was seen hooking arms with her boyfriend Austin Butler.

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The day before, Vanessa was spotted showing off her natural beauty after a yoga workout in North Hollywood.

In case you missed it, check out Vanessa in the newly released video for her song “$$$ex,” featuring YLA.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Simdog tee. At the concert, Vanessa wore MINKPINK pants and an AllSaints jacket. Austin is also in AllSaints.

25+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler heading to The Rolling Stones concert…

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Photos: AKM-GSI
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  • kim

    he doesn’t even look like he wants her holding on to his arm like that. he looks like he would much rather walk alone.

  • Haryana

    To me, it seemed like after she and Zac broke up, Vanessa came across as kind of desperate. I mean Gaelan Connell? I have never seen them hang out before until sometime in early 2011 after she broke up with Zac. Josh Hutcherson? He was 18 at the time she had a fling with him (so still quite young) Yeah, she did a movie with him, so that’s how she knew him, but I think it was kind of strange how she immediately out of no where started hanging out with him. Austin Butler? Well let’s see… he worked with Ashley Tisdale on two movies, so Ashley knew him first. Vanessa is good friends with Ashley… I see it like this. She probably talked with her… complained. And of course… desperate to get to know one of Ashley’ friends. And when there were rumors about her and Austin as a couple there was a video of them at a restaurant for Ashley’s sister’s birthday. She seemed desperate there to… you could tell that she was desperate for attention from him and more into him than he was into her, and he was mostly looking at his phone. And to me, that still seems how it is. She still looks more into him than he does to her, and their relationship doesn’t seem real (like they are in love) to me (and a lot of other people too). And yeah @kim; he doesn’t even seem like he wants her linking his arm.

  • qwe

    in that pic where it looks like he is helping someone, she is like clutching his arm like he is her property or something…. comes across kind of needy and desperate for attention from him, when clearly he isn’t that into her. he looks like he is trying to break away from her. and yeah @Haryana; I agree 100%

  • http://AMBERUSA18 USA18

    they look so adorable!! i love Vanessa’s outfit!! im in love with the pants! and i love Austins outfit too!! :)x

  • Haters Suck!

    Do you people just copy and past your comments and put them on every damn post?

  • ooookkkk

    @Haryana: Yeah, I agree. She does kind of come across as desperate. You know how you mentioned that she seemed desperate for his attention at Ashley’s sister’s b day? Yeah, she did if you go back and look at the pics and videos. Also, think that it was kind of weird how they randomly started “dating” out of nowhere. When they’ve only known each other for a short while.They were first seen together in Sep. 2011, and only a few months after pda pics… And she so quick to “announce” (if you know what I mean) to the public that she had a new boyfriend. Like in December 2011, they already had a bunch of pda pics of them taken. But in Feb. 2012, in an interview when she was asked about Austin, she said they were just friends, but clearly how could they be “just friends” when she was all over him in January/December in Hawaii? When she and Zac first started dating, they kept it a secret for awhile. And I know that they liked to keep their relationship private, but still. But, I think that she is not entirely with him because she loves him…. but to show him off to the public, to show she has a boyfriend. In fact, I see no love between them whatsoever.

  • seeul8ter

    @ooookkkk: that’s what ive been saying. this seems like all just compensation… I don’t really see any connection between them and he always so unhappy. sure, she may find attraction in him (and maybe him with her a little), but they don’t seem in love. you don’t necessarily have to be in love with the person to be in a relationship. I think that she likes having him around for company, to show the public she has a boyfriend, she might find him attractive, use him as an accessory, but they just don’t look in love. and how I hate going back to this…. when she was with zac, you could tell that they loved each other… with Austin, sorry… don’t see anything. And he doesn’t even looks like he wants to be there. I mean he’s trying but….

  • teddy

    Hey! How about people stop with all the repetitive comments? It’s just annoying…

  • jadeomg95

    its times like this i wish copy & paste never existed.

  • Taylor

    People say Vanessa’s desperate but you all copy & paste your comments on EVERY post of hers. Looking for attention I see. Also, if you actually watched the videos from the concert you’d know that V was holding on to Austin because the paps were literally hounding her. Even when they were leaving the concert Oliver & Shawn were about ready to punch the paps in the face because they wouldn’t leave her alone but V held them back & was talking to them to calm them down.

    Also @Haryana, what does Gaelan have to do with anything? All they did was go to a basketball game together. It’s not like they ever dated. It’s like you’re saying she can’t hang out with friends of the opposite sex. Vanessa’s ALWAYS made friendships with her costars (Nikki, Aly, Gaelan, Ashley Benson, Selena, etc).

  • steph h

    OK well I dont like those two together at ALL but I give him kudos for at least trying to help that guy but V looks so beautiful as always…I just wish to see her smile more

  • kelly martineau

    V looks good. Big lips is gross. He looks like a nerd with his buttons all the way to the stop. And puts grease in his’s hair. V can do better.
    V pays for everything. He doesn’t. V needs to find a job. Acting jobs must be slow out in la. Because she can’t get any

  • IMO

    @Haters Suck!: Yes your right that is exactly what they are doing. Sad they aren’t mature enough to realize it’s Vanessa’s life and she had made her choice to live it with whoever and however she wants to.
    As for this post they are looking good and I love the band . I’ve seen them twice and they are incredible , I’ m sure they had an awesome night.


    maybe all the rumors are true, and Zac cheated on Vanessa with Taylor Schilling during the Lucky One. I mean, a couple of weeks before they started filming, Taylor got engaged, and during the promo tour she was not engaged anymore There were a lot of rumor when they were in New Orleans about Zac going to bars and kissing some blonde woman. And if im not wrong there were a strong rumor about Taylor ex fiance finding something about her and thats why he dumped her and ended the engagement. Taylor is not married and Vanessa ended her relationship with Zac. I still remember the rumors about V finding out about Zac´s betrayal. And a couple of weeks after they broke up Zac was in turks and Caicos hooking up with random girls, then the Aussies, the Teresa Palmer, Lilly Collins and a las month he was seen with girls while he was filming (there´s a hottub story too), he is partying everyday, drunk on the floor looking for beers. IDK but I think Vanessa deserves someone better than Zac Efron, she was always too much for him.
    She is happy and according to her sister and her mom (Gina loves Austin) her boyfriend is the best thing it could ever happened to Vanessa. And almost all her fans are happy for her too.
    At the end of the day, Vanessa is the one in a 2 years stable relationship, living with her boyfriend, spending time with her boyfriend´s family… while the other guy is still living the party animal life. i dont know, but Vanessa is so much better without zac efron.

  • bella

    @kim@Haryana@seeul8ter: You should stop saying the same thing on her board. It’s really tiresome and annoying. And if you don’t like her, don’t come here.

  • yets


  • Bel Ami

    Je T’aime Vanessa and Austin.

  • Lawrence

    Same people, same crap. Its getting pretty stale people, its time to move on. The fact they’re still together despite what haters want remains a delicious slap in the face to them so let them rant all they want. :)

  • Mili

    Kim, Haryana, seeul8ter seeul even your names gives away your hate, I would like to remind you, that V likes to keep friends, she does with lay, Ashley, gaelan, josh, Alex, Selena, Aaron tveit so your point is not valid, she went with gaelan to a game, she went with Selena to the oscars, to different parties, she went with Ashley benson to dance classes, she went with Alex to Vegas, she dated with Josh yet after they broke up they are still friends, they have met couple of times at different parties too, like this years golden globes and some others, then again she also went to see Aaron tveit at broadway and so and so, so it’s not new see her hanging out with friends, including Shawn pyfrom and Oliver trevena. Now lets face it too that zac also dropped his friends altogether, and the fact that even bubba Lewis old friend of zac keeps friends with her speaks high, she doesn’t need to hide her relationship with Austin, and I have seen lots of times where he has been protective of her, and even her friends, for one Venice and Toronto last year, have you seen how he helped even Selena and Ashley get away from papa and protected them? While z said he didn’t like the wild life, yet we see him partying with different girls, one of them not even 3 days after zanessa broke up? Then the whole drinking at 8am, or going publicly just like vanessa and Austin but this time lily and zac for one of his movies screening? Or ajogia bday, or well the men’s club, or the “don’t you know who I am” at bootsy bellows, or he saying me and Taylor swift like to hango out, she teaches me to play guitar, when they hung out ONLY ONE time? Or he holding hands with Taylor schilling in London and Berlin, or how he flirts with Maika but only in promo time? I could go on forever, but meanwhile all that people can say about V is about her with friends, and her boyfriend… Isn’t like she went with 4 different guys in the same week, as zac did, Palmer, palmier I, Tonkin… So point not valid there!

  • laura

    @THE TRUTH: There were also rumors that Vanessa cheated on Zac with Josh Hutcherson during “Journey 2″. That could have very well been true considering that immediately started hanging out. We don’t know what happened. We can’t just make assumptions, we don’t know why they broke up. As far as Vanessa deserving someone better than Zac… well that person surely isn’t Austin. Austin seems so arrogant, and it seems like Vanessa has too big of a personality to be with him. Sorry, but I think that Zac was a better fit for her.

  • JSYK

    Vanessa being better off without Zac? Ummmm…. no offense, but it kind of seems like Zac and Vanessa both have kind of gone downhill after they split.

  • michelle
  • michelle
  • tina

    @laura: I think Vanessa was really hurt and she and Josh were friends on the set. She actually didn’t start dating him until after Zac went to visti her in NC I believe that was the final goodbye because he came home and went wild and hooked up with Teresa Palmer not 4 days later.
    Vanessa definately rebounded with Josh but I think at first he was a sholder to cry on and I’m sure he had a crush on her and said the right things so she felt comfortable with him. It was a mess just an instance of people goin thier separate ways and technically it was not cheatinf on anyone’s side it just put nail sin the coffin. S***happens in relays .

  • Geez

    @michelle: Geez it was an accident. Hater! It could happen to anyone. They are so cute together!!!!!!

  • sky

    @THE TRUTH@Mili: Yes, she looks much better and happier without Zac…..Why do they say about her ex-boyfreind obstinately? They are through with each other, and he no loger exists in her life…She looks happy together with his present boyfriend..!!!

  • Geez

    @sky: It’s been almost three years since the break up. Wish them both happiness and let them be.


    People shouldn’t be talking badly about Zac. There is no proof that he did any of that stuff. And Zac is much too busy with his career to do any of that. All those rumors, there are no pictures or videos, or any sort of confirmation that he did any of that. And Zac has even said that he doesn’t party. Gosh, if he did all of that, I don’t think that Vanessa would have stayed with him for 5 years do you? Obviously, he’s not a bad guy. And further more, people shouldn’t be talking bad about anyone because seriously? What do we know…. all the stuff we know comes from rumors, magazines, etc. We don’t know these people personally, so stop trying to act like you talk to them on a daily basis.

  • Haters Suck!

    The stuff people say
    Yet it’s ok for his fans to come here and say rotten things about Vanessa and rotten things about Austin that’s all fine and good. Well at least the rules are clear and fair. Bull$hit.

  • Geez

    @THE STUFF PEOPLE SAY…: Bottom line they are done . Each one’s post should only be for that person and exes should not be even mentioned . Come on they are over almost 3 years ago. I read both and I will say the Hate on Vanessa’s post is ridiculous and to pick on Austin is sick . have to say it’s much worse on Just Jared for both of them but now it’s coming here so I guess it people want a war there will be a war. Which is sad. Knowing Vanessa she would be very upset hers fans would stoop to the level that certain Zac fans have.
    She is so loving and peaceful no matter the reason they broke up she doesn’t hate anyone. I hope her fans take that into consideration.

  • scarjo

    Poor Austin gets so much hate and it’s obvious that he seems like a nice guy who treats her well. If he didn’t I doubt she would be with him. But you know Vanessa and Zac were probably one of the most beautiful young couples to walk the earth. It’s a shame it didn’t work because I think that he is a complicated guy but she understood him and got him. Seems to me like he went from his mom taking care of him to Vanessa taking care of him and let’s face it she did. When they split he had to grow up fast and she had to forge her own identity. People seem to want to make it out that both cheated or there were sordid reasons for the break up. No one knows that at all. Only they know what happened. Arguing and pointing fingers almost three years later isn’t going to help.

  • Hihi

    Stupid loser hudgens fan club hangs out on the jr side too its so pathetic

  • scarjo

    @Hihi: Oh the irony…Vanessa’s fans posting on HER threads. The only thing pathetic is losers like you coming here to insult V’s fans on V’s threads. You morons are brain dead..

  • hihi


  • Emma

    @Hihi: Why are her fans pathetic? It’s you who are really pathetic

  • lala

    who cares who shes dating? i mean its her life she can do what she wants.

  • Lesley

    @tina: The way I see, Josh surely was interested in her, but she rather seemed to consider him as just a little brother. And what’s sure is that she hurt Josh’s feelings. Josh said that she hurt his feelings.

  • tina

    @Lesley: I can see that but her coming off a long term relationship the timing was just bad and thery should not have gone there. I’m sure they both undertand it was a mistake and just forgive one another . they did that because they remained friends and decided that it’s best for them that they make better friends that a romantic couple.

  • Sheena

    totally agree with @THE TRUTH & @Mili :]

  • ontd

    Glad she’s happy but to be honest..this guy is just so dull. Like watching paint dry dull. Like if he were an ice cream flavor he would be vanilla. She always had the best chemistry with Zac.

  • ontd

    Vanessa has such personality and is so bubbly this guy just fades into the background.

  • Sally

    some zac efron fans are really annoying and rude to austin!!! they need to shut up!


    @Haters Suck!: No, I never said that it was okay to talk badly about Vanessa. Obviously, you didn’t read and comprehend my comment… “And further more, people shouldn’t be talking bad about anyone”. The words are clearly in the comment

  • JJJ

    @Haryana: Yes, I remember when they first started dating. She was all over him…. If Vanessa was so in love with Austin — they wouldn’t so public about it, one expert says.

    “People who are really happy and in love don’t have to go flaunting it,” Dr. Gilda Carle,’s 30 Second Therapist

  • sunny

    @JJJ: :)

  • jill
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