Carly Rose Sonenclar Covers One Direction's 'Stole My Heart'

Carly Rose Sonenclar Covers One Direction's 'Stole My Heart'

Carly Rose Sonenclar gets emotional while performing One Direction‘s “Stole My Heart” in her new video.

The 13-year-old former X Factor finalist dedicated the cover to her cousins, who recently lost their father.

In a recent interview with USA Today, Carly Rose about prepping for her debut album.

“I’m writing all the time, just by myself,” she shared. “It doesn’t necessarily have to be me with somebody else in the room. I have a piano in my house. I can always go down to the piano and play, and write by myself. So when I do have a session set up with somebody, I can come in with stuff.”

Carly Rose Sonenclar Covers One Direction’s “Stole My Heart”
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  • Sarah Thomas

    She’s talented. But she has a lot to work on. Like interacting with people, developing social skills. She can stay a classy girl, but she just needs to not be so reserved, people misinterpret that as stuck up.

  • Elizabeth

    Great talent at 14 being able to arrange music and make it your own. Several things though: too much pedal usage on the piano. Piano drowns your voice, get a better microphone. Enunciate better, at times I can’t understand what you’re singing. And Carly, you tend to scream or shout when you’re belting for effect-when you should be using head notes there like a G5 or above. I cringed at the 3:32 mark on the song. That should’ve been a head note.

  • Joe

    Yeah, it is quite sad sometimes when people misinterpret her being quiet as her being stuck up. That’s something that’ll happen over time though, so its bound to come.

    This song did seem like there were some parts where her voice just wasn’t capable (or ready) of doing yet. That being said it still is an enjoyable cover, and she can only get better and better from here on out. :]

  • Oleo

    Joe – couldn’t agree more. I’ve never met Carly personally but those who know her are very adament that she is not “stuck up”. …and yes, there are parts of the song that seem to be a bit too much for her right now. I suspect she chose it more for impact on her cousins rather than its “do-ability”.
    Elizabeth – You are right on with some of your comments – I know it’s difficult for the die hard fans to hear -but it is spot on. Again, I don’t really know Carly, but I rthink she is aware and will continue to do what it takes to improve. Thank you both for your postive constructive comments..

  • Michael staub

    A studio version would have been naturally more of a balanced and perfected way – but it was a personal message from a 14 year old. I don’t know, if it was a Bösendorfer or a Yamaha,…but as Elisabeth noticed the Mic was to close to the bass part of the piano(pedal work) and sometimes a voice trainer will help to make the difference to real perfection. Watching other artist, they won’t let a song get out unless
    hundred times cross checked for balance. Carly fans are happy, and I am too. She is a very natural 14 year old. Very vulnerable – and I am very surprised, her parents let her get so close to the public on her own. Some people could be less well meaning then all the constructive critics.

  • Vivian

    Do you know where I could get this piano music?

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