Logan Lerman & Alexandra Daddario: Italy Twosome!

Logan Lerman & Alexandra Daddario: Italy Twosome!

Logan Lerman and Alexandra Daddario stay close together while out exploring on Saturday afternoon (July 20) in Amalfi, Italy.

The Percy Jackson co-stars also picked up gelato and stopped to take pictures with fans after being recognized on the street.

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“Tomorrow I’m going to this place called ‘Italy’ for dinner. Hope the food’s good,” Alexandra joked on Twitter before their trip.

In case you missed it, check out the latest TV spot for the upcoming Percy Jackson & The Sea of Monsters!

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Phoebe @ 6:40 pm on 07/21/2013

Alex is so beautiful, Logan is very cute. They’re cute together, but seem like brother and sister :))

kenny @ 7:17 pm on 07/21/2013

Alex needs a real man, not some boy toy. Marry me. :)

kenny @ 7:42 pm on 07/21/2013

No way are they together. He isn’t even carrying her shopping bags. That’s what real men do. Yep, real men carry shopping bags for you.

Bianca @ 7:48 pm on 07/21/2013

Apparently they are together! They’re very cute, just like Percabeth!

Danielle @ 7:56 pm on 07/21/2013

Are they together? They seem cute and lowkey.

hmm @ 8:14 pm on 07/21/2013

I do not think that they are together, she is too old for him.

em @ 11:15 pm on 07/21/2013

Is obvious that they are not together, they are only good friends, all this times years, months the gossips websites and some people are saying they are together, but never, has been one only picture they holding hands or kissing, or in loving attitude never only in friends actitud thats were they are… friends! I think people are desperate to make couples everywhere, when see two people hang out together.

Weird @ 12:48 am on 07/22/2013

It’s strange, sometimes I think they’re together and other times not. I know they spent New Years Eve for 2011 and 2012 together but never seen a display of affection. Then, they spend a week in Italy getting ready for a film festival. A week is a long time to vacation together for being platonic. Something is fishy and it’s not the Mediterranean Sea.

jamiehsu @ 1:50 am on 07/22/2013

they’re together,you can tell from their seperate interviews,and there’s lots of private pics to prove it,oh don’t forget the Vegas dancing thing.They basically went to Italy for Giffoni Film Festival,they could have come on the eve of the festival, but they didn’t,cuz they were on vacation too.

Brownelle @ 4:58 am on 07/22/2013

@kenny: WHAT? are yiu kidding me? that shopping bag is the most light thing in the world. And if you already that Logan is holding more bags than Alexandra .. you should! Are we in the XIX century were women can do stuff from themself?Alexandra is a woman, not a girl, she can do whatever she wants ith that light ******* bag

Liea @ 5:38 am on 07/22/2013

So hate comments such as “she’s too old,” “she needs a man not a boy,” crap. Immature irrational people can only think that way. I know it’s cliche but age doesn’t really matter. We don’t know anything about them to judge everything that is happening. I personally like them in the movies but I am not too sure about the real score between them. One thing I am sure, they are very good friends. Until this Rome trip happens. A week earlier than the event, strolling alone, staying in one hotel, Alex wearing Logan’s hat, sharing a camera, Alex holding Logan’s water bottle… Oh come on, guys! Admit it!

Liea @ 5:43 am on 07/22/2013

Such a cute couple if they are real, if they are real logandra shippers (including me) will die out of too much happiness. And besides, going back to the age topic, there are successfully and happily together couples around who have age gaps even bigger than their gap, like my parents. They have a 10 year age difference and until now they are very much together for 42 years! So if ever this is really true, let them be happy. They deserve it.

claudia @ 6:25 am on 07/22/2013

its funny that selena gomez says she has a crush on him around the time that he is slowly getting huge.

I am a real Logandra (FTW) shipper, and all this is so much it’s killing me. They are so beautiful together. They are so a couple, I LOVE IT!!
I agree with comment numbers 8 to 12.
LOLed at the “Something is fishy and it’s not the Mediterranean Sea.” line, GENIUS!

Also, just because they’re not being obvious with their relationship with PDA and being all lovey-dovey doesn’t mean they’re not together. Maybe they just want it to be private and not scream it to the world. The media has a habit of following couples, whether they’re together or not and they probably don’t want that. I mean some couples get broken up or have struggles in their relationship because they’re really open about their relationship.

@claudia: OMG, Yes!! How coincidental, hmmmm…

genevar @ 7:37 am on 07/22/2013

As much as I want them to be together, I think they are just friends. They still have three more Percy Jackson movies to do, and if they start dating now and break up, it will be really awkward…

Debi @ 8:27 am on 07/22/2013

Oh please the only things for people keep saying they are together is because she is holding Longan’s bottle of water or they are sharing Logan’s camera or because they are in the same hotel, you now that a same hotel has many differents room they can be in two differents rooms, I was shearing room in hotels with some boy that is only my friend and of course I share a camera and a lot of things with friends boys and never one of then was my boyfriend…if that’s the only things you have to say they are togetherness.

morris @ 8:58 am on 07/22/2013

love their clothes, so chill. european like.

Janire @ 9:23 am on 07/22/2013

Yes, a boy and a girl CAN be just friends! xD Tbh I’d love to see them like a couple (he is hot and she is hot) but only they know and I only see two friends enjoying their time together. And what’s the point if she is older than him? Good for her, you go girl!!! haha

mxxm @ 9:55 am on 07/22/2013

Selena has always been a fan of Logan even before the first Percy Jackson movie came out. She actually told a radio station he was going to be huge. Bonnie Hunt actually told Logan on her show about what Selena said.

Ryan @ 10:28 am on 07/22/2013

Boyfriend and girlfriend on vacation together, for some odd reason want to hide their relationship and very good at doing it.

Anon @ 1:42 pm on 07/22/2013

Still think she was woefully miscast in PJO and her age is showing unlike Lerman who still looks like a teenager. Plus the acting chops are simply not there imo

Jenn @ 1:53 pm on 07/22/2013

Are you for real? She’s old for him and she can’t act :/

melanie @ 2:11 pm on 07/22/2013

All you people dissing Alexandra are obviously jealous. I mean, why wouldn’t you be? She’s arguably the most beautiful woman in the wolrd, she’s a good actress and she’s dating Logan, the most beautiful boy in the world. Admit it, you wish you were her!

Tracy @ 2:30 pm on 07/22/2013


Jealous much? Logan is more man than you will ever be, Kenny! He’s mature, polite and kind hearted, obviously things you don’t grasp. And Alex is damn lucky if she’s dating Logan. He’s the most talented young actor of this generation and he’s beautiful inside and out, just like her. They would make a beautiful couple so don’t try to say he’s just a boy toy. He’s special and every woman knows it, INCLUDING Alexandra so deal with it!

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