Vanessa Hudgens in Talks to Join 'The Kitchen Sink'

Vanessa Hudgens in Talks to Join 'The Kitchen Sink'

Vanessa Hudgens may have a new gig!

According the The Wrap, the 24-year-old actress is in negotiations to join the upcoming film The Kitchen Sink.

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The movie is reportedly a monster mash-up about a group of teens who form an unlikely alliance with vampires and zombies in order to take on an alien army.

Vanessa would play a popular teen who finds herself in danger when aliens invade her small town.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Vanessa in this role?

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  • Pam

    Not at all

  • Kim

    She needs a new manager ASAP if THIS is the only type of role they can get her.

  • OK


  • Mnauela

    Interesting… But I think she deserves and has the talent to get better roles. Anyway I’m supporting her <3

  • Mll

    That sounds like a really stupid film

  • Xo

    She’s better than this :/

  • delila

    Sounds totally original. Ha! Really depressing these films are all about the same thing. She deserves this. Another flop for her. Why is this news? She’s the new LIndsey Lohan. An accident that has to be broadcast every moment.

  • Haters Suck!

    I think vanessa has realized what some fans of hers have realized. She will always be hated no matter what she does. She could cure cancer, solve world hunger and achieve world peace she will always be hated. I have a few theories as to why but ill keep them to myself. I don’t think it’s fair but it is what it is. I think even vanessa realizes this and just does what makes her happy and not worry what people think cause she already knows what they think and that is they hate her and want her to suffer.

  • Vivien


    I think you better recheck her Frozen Ground and Spring Breakers reviews

    As for this role can’t say I’m excited or happy. I just hope she isn’t slowing down her success to accommodate her her boyfriend who is not as successful

  • Xo

    @delila: This comment is so stupid. How is she the next Lindsay? She’s getting amazing reviews for The Frozen Ground, just like she did for Spring Breakers earlier this year, Gimmie Shelter is getting great buzz and she just received an award at a film festival in Italy. If that is what you call an ‘accident’ I’d love to see what you think is successful.

  • Kim

    @Haters Suck!: You might want to re-read a lot of these comments. Most aren’t hating her, simply saying this doesn’t seem like a great role/movie. She’s been out of work for well over a year, most fans would like to think she/her team could get her a better role then THIS.

  • Haters Suck!

    I’m not just talking about this I’m talking in general. It didn’t matter what the role was these same people still wouldn’t be happy.

  • tina

    @Kim: By the same token, some of these people would find fault no matter what she does. Everything can’t be an for an Oscar nomination. If she wants diversity a comedy would be a change. You have to admit this is as far away from the seriousness of TFG and GS as you can get.

  • Haters Suck!

    Ding, ding, ding, ding!!! We have a winner.

  • Kim

    @tina: If she wanted a comedy she could of picked one where she plays an adult (i.e. like a hang over type movie). The fact that she’s playing a teenager AGAIN just doesn’t sit well with me.

  • delila

    She is not a good actress and she is not an easy person to work with. She gets the papps out when she calls them. I think she is suited for a reality show not actress.

  • Haters Suck!

    I’d like documented evidence right now from anyone she’s worked with saying she’s not easy to work with as well as something other then your word saying she calls the paps. Otherwise shut the hell up.

  • Haters Suck!

    Yeah yeah same crap different day.

  • JRdn

    I understand that there are going to be people that don’t like her, it’s ok, Vanessa can’t and will not appeal to everyone, but to post the hate or dislike you all have for this beautiful young woman it’s just unacceptable for anyone. I don’t see you all hater’s getting your behinds out there and doing what she’s doing! Either you PUT UP OR
    Vanessa is an entertainer and that’s what she loves doing, take you hate and spew it somewhere else!.

  • claudia

    @delila: if you have worked with her, then you shouldnt be on here talking bad about her since that isnt professional. if you havent worked with her i dont see how you can comment on what it truly is like to work with her. im glad that you have an opinion, just like everyone else, too bad you state it as a fact. i think vanessa is a good actress and i never used to think it before, but i personally think that this role is not good, since i think that vanessa is getting such good reviews about her acting it will slump it right back down. i know others who agree.

  • claudia

    and no im not hating on her, but it is clear that vanessa wants to find her niche and this is the way she is going about. this isnt necessarily the best timing since she is just starting to get noticed for her acting and starring in this movie could easily halt her growth. the same reason why i dont think that inner circle thing she recorded with ashley had any point to it and honestly i think it was a way of getting people to notice ashley a little more since vanessa is slowly getting noticed.

  • ARTURO94

    I’m one of her biggest fan….but she deserves better than this….the film is stupid and banal….I mean, after The Frozen Ground and Gimme Shelter, she has to do better choices. Hope that this is a joke…

  • britt

    The Kitchen Sink.. really? that doesn’t even go well with the bio of the movie…

    oh, and didn’t vanessa say that she wants to do more mature roles not too long ago…

  • evz

    When V is not filming, people are complaining. Now, that she has movie news, people still complain. As a fan, I’m just happy for her. As she said, she wouldn’t do something if she’s not in love and comfortable with it. She wants to mix it up. So it maybe a lame movie or not, I’d be excited and proud of her!

  • Liberty

    Compared to the other projects she has coming out in the near future,the premise for this sucks. I am not sure what she would hope to achieve by starring in such a tried and tired plot line? This has been many done many times before. Vanessa has some fantastic movies coming out. Frozen Ground is a brilliant movie,Vanessa should not touch this movie,it would be a bad move,career wise.

  • veritas

    I really love V is getting a variety of roles, I’m not sure about this film tough. But I think it’s a comedy or satire film so it could work, just look at spring breakers at first everyone was like, oh another teen movie but them it was an awesome movie with lots of adults themes. So let’s wait and then we can talk. GO V!!!

  • Haters Suck!

    Exactly. She’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.

  • lol @ the title

    what happens to the Kitchen Sink… does vampires and aliens come out of it? ;)

  • tina

    I’m sure the title is from the old saying “everything but the kitchen sink”. The script for this movie already won an award. It’s a comedy, exactly what she said she wanted next. I’ll just believe SHE knows what’s best for her career until proven wrong. It’s easy to second guess someones decisions while sitting behind your computer.

  • andrea

    she deserves better than this. If she want respect from the critics she needs to do more indies

  • tina

    She is doind just fine. Love how people who know nothing about the industry have such strong opinions. I remember George Clooney saying you have to do some studio movies to continue to do the ones you want. But I’m sure you sitting in bedroom in front of a computer know so much more than an Oscar winner.

  • tina

    Sorry sb doing just fine.

  • kelly martineau

    She really needs a new manager. Other actress are getting better movie rolls then she is. V is desprate for any movie rolls that come her way. Sounds like a supied movie. Most of her movies she makes are teenagers getting into trouble

  • tina

    @kelly martineau: Really getting tired of you. You are not a fan but come to every post to say the same thing. Just go away.