'Pretty Little Liars' Summer Finale Recap: Is Alison Still Alive & Who Is A?

'Pretty Little Liars' Summer Finale Recap: Is Alison Still Alive & Who Is A?


Tonight’s summer finale of Pretty Little Liars was nothing short of shocking!

We finally got some answers – namely whether Alison (Sasha Pieterse) is still alive or not. Oh, and we found out who A is!!!!

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We also got a glimpse into Ravenswood as the liars – Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Hanna (Ashley Benson), Aria (Lucy Hale), and Emily (Shay Mitchell) followed the A trail once again.

Click inside to find out what else went down in tonight’s episode…

First things first – Ezra (Ian Harding) is A!!!! Or at least part of the team. Though, he looked pretty upset to find out the girls found his lair. Is he really A? We can’t believe it! He spent the first half of the episode flirting with a still-taken Aria.

Second point of business – ALISON IS STILL ALIVE!!!! The girls traveled to Ravenswood where they attended a magic show. A took Emily while the creepy magical mime made Aria disappear. Emily was locked in a box and about to become chopped up, all as Red Coat ran away – two of them!!! Aria caught up to one of them, who turned out to be CeCe (Vanessa Ray), but she seemingly fell to her death, That is, until she disappeared!

The girls then headed to the place that Spencer saw the other Red Coat and they found A’s entire system. He/She had computers, cameras, and timelines of each girl. They enlisted Caleb’s help to hack into the computers and they also found a payroll list. Not to mention, they found men’s clothes, which made them think A is a guy who hires others to do his dirty work. Well, now it makes sense – it’s Ezra!

Our minds are blown!

WHAT DID YOU THINK of the finale? Were you as shocked as us?

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  • sierra

    Excuse me while I go bawl my eyes out. How could this happen?!

  • Lia

    So blown away. But it makes sense. Ezra likes dating younger gals. He probably hooked up with Ali and then got attracted to Aria. I can’t believe he set this all up! Aria was fooled this whole time!!! :(
    An amazing finale. We are left again with another cliff hanger.

  • katenikkismith123445666

    Okay. With PLL there is ALWAYS a twist. Personally, I kinda thunk ezra was following the girls because he has shown he was suspicious of A being back after the girls (like when he asked emily about it) and he was mad because they were lying and A is back after his love. Just my thoughts because they always make it seem like 1 thing and it be completely different.

  • AngelaG

    Absolutely STUNNED!!! I literally fell off the couch, saying, “OMG, It’s EzrA!!!”

  • http://iamkach Kach olave

    I think Ezra is definitely A but Alison was also a part of those who tortured the girls but only to save them. A was against Ezra and Aria”s relationship before, that could mean Ali wanted to lead Aria away from Ezra because it’s not safe. Which would also explain why Ali as Red Coat is watching over Ezria while they kissed in the finale. Also, Mrs Grunwald said “He’s here.” after she recounted the Ali incident. Then Ezra magically appears like he just reached Ravenswood. But I dont think it’s Ezra acting alone, there is, as usual, a bigger story. IT COULD ALSO BE POSSIBLE THAT ALI STILL DOES NOT KNOW WHO WAS THREATENING HER UNTIL NOW. Mrs. Grunwald said that she hasnt seen Ali since that night.

  • pllfangirl

    I seriously can’t believe the plot twist! I definately believe that Alison is alive and its great they finally told us! I had a big WTF OMG moment when Ezra walked into A’s Lair, but I still don’t think he is A. Like someone before said, maybe he was just following the girls to see what was going on. And he wasn’t wearing the black hoodie.

    I don’t think Ezra is involved enough to be A. And I don’t think they would give us the answer just yet. Ezra may be on the A team but he is definitely not the main A.

    I found it interesting that Alison is a victim of A as well and she isn’t controlling them.

  • Mandy

    A Team.


    The Team crew isnt A, they are just involved with A but for different reasons. Mona came out of that shadow as well as Toby. So Ezra must have some reason of joining the A team. Did you see Aria’s eyes and trying to persuade the girls out of leaving Rosewood after talking to Grunwald? Aria might be in the A Team as well.

  • linn

    Make sense that Ezra is A (I HATE it though!!!!!!), I just really dosen’t hope he is board shorts!

  • map

    ezrA still cant get over

  • http://eriikasworld.blogspot.com Erika

    I don’t get that show….

  • Kenzie

    ahhhhhhh EzrA !!!!!

>>>>>>> staging1